I Miss Blogging With This My Cracked Laptop

Blogging Addiction Alert!

My wonderful blogging laptop in session
The feeling of not doing what you enjoy is eh? I can't wait to return fully to blogging cos I'm itching already. Eesah has really been helping us out with updates.Have really tried my best to rest and I still find myself reading other blogs and even leaving comments, If that is not blogging addiction then I don't know.
I want to start cooking myself so that I take pictures  for us. July is still so far away,  don't know if I can wait and thank you Eesah for helping out with blog posts at this time. God bless you.

 I know a lot of us would have loved to send posts too but time: Busy mothers, challenging and time consuming jobs, pregnancies and many other reasons are just the little challenges.
Blogging makes me smile unconsciously like until someone draws my attention to my smiling face while concentrating on the computer, lol.

I didn't know that when I take this break, they'll still be readers but to my surprise, you guys are always here even searching for old blog posts and recipes. I miss us all o.
I am very idle this Satyrday morning and the little oga is in deep sleep as usual so errm.... I think I'll post my edited pregnancy pictures. Edited o, I'll take off some parts cos right now not really in the mood for Sister anonymouses dem(:

miss sitting with my Android phone, Nokia Lumia, laptops or Ipad etc and writing posts lolz (some are borrowed from my girlss o, no be me get everything. I always have more than enough gadgets to blog with when schools are in session and first week of holiday which is their "All Rest no gadget week". After which I return other people's property and manage blogging with my own).

Can't wait for July but sha, whenever I can, I'll post something at least for those who still refresh to see how far.
Happy weekend and please continue to pray for Kefee and Dora Akunyili's families.
It is well.


  1. Lol! I can't laugh now.Please buy another computer naaa.

  2. We miss you too. Please come back soon :)

  3. This laptop has seen better days, lol. We miss you too.

  4. Happy to hear mother and child are doing well. Looking foward to having you back.

    But that your cracked screen laptop, they get as e be. For your information, I sell imported laptops and smartphones. Please contact me if you need a replacement. I currently have refurbished Dell laptop for N30,000 and new original Toshiba laptops in the N77,000 to N100,000 price range. Contact me at 0809 299 1739 if you are interested. Best

  5. I enjoy your blogging, and thanks for the comment over at RML. Looking forward to your posts.

    PS you should see me laughing at your laptop :)

  6. A new Laptop is coming soon........
    I'm just glad your okay.
    The Beautiful Eagle

  7. pickme6/14/2014

    hahahhahaahaha ma Eya no kill me wit laugh o!

  8. Anonymous6/14/2014

    Missed u too so much, kept going to ur blog hoping to see new update. Glad u and lil junior are doing great,can't wait till july also. Happy weekend wc and to all fathers wish u d very best of d day. Cheers!!!

  9. A new laptop is on its way.
    We miss you too...

  10. Miss you plenty Aunt Eya.

  11. Miss you plenty Aunt Eya.

  12. Chai Aunty Eya! That laptop don hear blogging nwii :D The good thing is that the crack happened on one side. Dey manage am till you can buy a new one :)
    Happy Sunday!

  13. sheamapo6/15/2014

    Smilling hard. What pentium is that laptop Anty Eya?


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