Eya Narrates Her Experience With Aliexpress Online Shopping

In November 2013, after reading all the posts and lectures by you guys, I decided to give online shopping a try. It was my first. With all the success stories, I went loading my cart with some nice goodies. Being my first attempt I took the advice of a poster Beecee that instructed first timers to start with cheap items.
I shopped, didn't know then that I needed to chat with the sellers, read their reviews before making payments.

I picked from three different sellers and paid almost immediately. Not long after, got notified that my goods have been shipped. Another mail came in stating that delivery date for my goods had been extended to around February 2014. What? Well... I consoled myself that reason could be my choice of free shipping.

I impatiently waited until February ended before going to track my goods, I guess pregnancy just made me lose interest in all the stuff I bought. From tracking, I discovered my goods were supposed to have arrived Nigeria a few weeks earlier. At some point I think I saw something like delivered on two items and I had to make enquiries to see if the apost office had my goods but there was nothing. Time was running and my case was about to  be closed. I got another mail from Aliexpress that requested I write a review.
Which review? When  I didn't receive any goods.

I tried to chat the sellers, only one was available online and he seemed to be too busy each time I chatted him. The Chinese man would say he was going to check if my goods were actually shipped but he never returned until I gave up and logged out. This happened three times and got me frustrated cos English language wasn't even easy for him at all.

By  Mid February I had filed that my money be returned cos no goods were delivered.
To be  honest
to you guys unsure of whether to take the leap of faith or shop Balogun?
Aliexpress did refund my money up to the last dime. This post should have come up before delivery but I kept postponing.
I never got my goods yes but got my money back.
With my new knowledge of Online shopping, I blame self for my goods not being delivered. Now convinced I didn't go about it the correct way.
I paid thrice and that was how the  refunds came in at three different times(: lol


  1. Very well then, this has boosted my confidence in Aliexpress.
    Thanks for for sharing and off I go to pay for the jewelry I picked long ago

  2. One thing 4 show is dt d vast majority of online stores offer prices dt R much more lower than u'd find @ d physical stores.
    While some of 'em R dubious, would take ur money, or send u old stuff, many hv recorded 100% satisfaction wid online stores like and One jes gotta shine his eyes.
    @Aunt Eya, thank God u got a refund

  3. Bebemdee6/21/2014

    i have bin shopping via aliexpress since nov 2013 for personal and business items and i am yet to be disappointed. i get very good unique stuff and the only downer is the long time it gets delivered here.
    the trick to using aliexpress is as follows:-
    1: ensure u take ur time to select the items u want the more d discount the better however, be careful purchasing wat seems too good to b true cos it just might b a scam.
    @: make sure ur seller has very good feedback ALWAYS check the feedback review, it will give u an insight of the condition of what you are buying
    3, and finally, your delivery address is VERY important, i use the post office here (am based in ilorin) and i painstakingly searched for the particular postcode to use. u can find urs by searching :
    hope this helps.
    good thing u got ur money back tho :)

    1. Anonymous6/23/2014

      Hello bebemede. I'm based in ogbomoso and I wd nid more info on hw u went abt shoping on alixpress for business. Ds is my email pls gt in touch. Thnks

  4. Pls Bebemdee how do I shop on line wt dis Alieexpress. Tried to register but to no avail. What might be d cause or is it bcos am making use of my phone?

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  6. Aliexpress anytime any day. I have bought virtually everything buyable from there.
    I started a business from there.
    I read lots of negative reviews online about aliexpress mostly from some US based shoppers and I just realized something: US folks are so patriotic hence making some of them so selfish in their ratings.
    An average American reviewer will be bent on nothing but promoting their own stuffs than rating non-US good.
    E.g. the tablet(android) am typing from now was bought from aliexpress and its a Chinese product. The amount of disheartening reviews I read in SOME sites about China was alarming. Only Asian based reviewers did well to give plain judgment on the issue. My tablet arrived Nigeria in 4days through DHL(seller gave me free dhl shipping) and it has not had any industrial fault till date. If you dash me IPad Air I will take but if its with my cash, I will always patronize Chinese products.
    You can't compare with iPad air but for what its worth, it delivers way above the price.
    Aliexpress is now like my senior partner,lol. Always on point when I follow the instructions.

    1. Golden6/22/2014

      Debbie pls can u give the name ofseller. Ve' been looking for agood tab there r too many to choose from. Ll' appreciate plss

    2. Here's the store I bought from. Golden if you're in Warri I could help you coz the seller promised me a discount if I buy again, I'll soon sow this one out but till then.

    3. Debbie my darling whr have u been? Don't mind those us pple and der wickid feedback. I've bn shopping frm ali 4 both personal and business use(yes, I started a business via ali) and I hv nt encountered issues. Maybe eya didn't follow dee's step by step procedure

  7. Aunty Eya. I'm glad u got ur money back... I have heard of many cases of people DAT their money was not refunded.

    Pls don't be discouraged o. Shopping from Aliexpress and Alibaba is awesome and profitable.

    Do u know u can from Aliexpress or Alibaba and get it down here in Nigeria less dan 24hrs?

    Aunty Eya like I said when I'm done with my lecture note I will upload it.

    Pls continue shopping on Aliexpress and always communicate with the seller before u pay for even a pin.

    Happy sunday

  8. Anonymous6/22/2014

    Seriously I do not understand why Nigerians still shop on international website! Whats wrong with shopping with places like I'm quite impressed with their new market place, you can get absolutely anything and any branded items. I have bought clothes from sellers on that platform from brands like Michael Kors, Banana Republic....just name it...its all there. And the best part if you dont like it you can return it. No stories, no shipping costs all within Nigeria. Shop Nigerian business o, lets grow our own economy.

    1. Anonymous6/22/2014

      Where do Konga get their product from? Do you know how much it cost? Are you going to help people pay if they buy from konga? The difference is clear now.. If a lie press can make profit while selling stuff cheap then what's wrong with konga? Are you telling me I can buy things at wholesale prices from konga? For your info, Konga is a retailer and aliexpress is mainly wholesale market. So the diff is clear

  9. Dee Dortiye6/22/2014

    @ Anon 9:12am

    Story dat touches d heart... Where do sellers from Konga store buy from and sell at unimaginable prices if not from d international market?

    Please let's be realistic. I know few store sellers on Konga dat buy from China Expecially wristwatches and makeup product.

    We grow our economy by collaborating with others in international trade.

    Now its getting better as PayPal has recognized nigeria in d trade system.

    1. Anonymous6/22/2014

      Has paypal really recognised Nigeria now? Good news! Tnx

    2. yes o. paypal legally entered Nigeria on the 17th June. its obvious dey now perceive Nigerians as major contribution on international trade. feel free to register and enjoy a wider range of shopping experience.

  10. Well, personally i've shopped on Aliexpress from time to time... first i was impressed with my first order which was an earring... then i later ordered bags.. which i wasn't too nice for me... but i liked the fact that i can request for my money when i am not satisfied with the orders......

  11. After all the bad reviews, it's good to hear another positive review.
    My experience with aliexpress was also good but due to the numerous bad reviews online, it took me a lot of deliberation before I decided to buy.
    But I was glad I did.

  12. Yummy Mum6/29/2014

    Hi Dee, thanks for your help. What time is best to chat with the sellers cos this is 3pm on Sunday, i tried some sellers but none is continuing after starting the conversation.


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