Dear Wives, Stop Doing These NOW

The simple things wife shld stop doing to their husbands:
Have you ever wondered what your words and actions say to your husband about your love for him?
It is very important for U to consider ur husband’s needs and always guard urself against the use of careless words, attitudes, and actions so that U can get the best of him. Funny yeah?
I asked some of my married friends on our group on BBM “What they think a wife should stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage" and this list is based on some of their responses.

1. Stop thinking that your way is the “right” way. If he does something differently, it does not mean that it’s wrong. When a wife insists on having her own way, she is in essence saying, “I have to be in control.”

2. Don’t put others before your husband. It's not wise when when you put your mother, a friend, or even a child before your spouse. Actually, you take a step (often unintentional) toward isolation in your marriage. If you choose, for example, to spend an afternoon shopping with your mom when your husband asked you to watch a football game with him, you may leave hubby feeling that he has second place in your heart.

3. Don’t expect your husband to be your girlfriend. Most men and women not only look different physically, but also have unique ways of processing life. One example of this is the need for conversation. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, some women R guilty of wearing out their husbands with countless conversational details that he doesn’t really care about. Now if he were a girlfriend, all of those details would definitely matter! So true... Like asking him what he thinks about the latest lipstick in town...

4. Don’t dishonor your husband. Suggestions included: Stop all nagging and don’t correct hubby in front of others. If you finish your husband’s sentences, you may be unintentionally communicating, “I don’t really care about what you have to say.”

5. Stop expecting your husband to fail you as your dad failed your mom. “I spent many years waiting for my husband to give up and walk out on me, like my dad had years earlier,” said one friend. Her unfounded fears had robbed her marriage of much joy. Really?

6. Don’t put your husband on the defensive. For example, if you are driving around a section of town looking for a restaurant and he’s obviously lost, does it really help for you to tell him that he’s been going around the same block for the fifth time? One wise wife said that she’s learned to be quiet in situations like this. Now, before she makes a comment, she weighs her words—asking herself: Are my words needed? Would they be encouraging? “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.”

7. Never use sex to bargain with your husband. Some women intentionally or unintentionally say to their husbands, “When I get what I want, you get sex.” However, husbands and wives should know dt their bodies are not their own 4rm the moment they say "I do".Do not deprive one another …

8. Stop reminding your husband about things over and over. Don’t make him feel guilty or nitpick him about small stuff. One friend said that when we constantly remind our husbands about diet, weight, medication, picking up the dry cleaning, etc., we are actually acting more like his mother than his wife.

9. Don’t make your husband earn your respect. Many women think, I’ll respect him when he earns it. “If women could learn to understand that respect is a man's native tongue, that it absolutely heals his heart and ministers to him like nothing else, it would make the biggest difference in the world.” True.

10. Stop giving your husband your long term to-do list. A colleague warns against overwhelming your husband with too much information. You may unintentionally cause him to feel like a failure, thinking that your long list means you are discontent. Or, he may incorrectly assume that you want him to do something immediately. Yes.
To be continued( :•


  1. The easy way to stop doing these things is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

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  3. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Thank you poster

  4. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Na wash jare. If a husband does not love you, relax de jolly dey go cos even if you die for him, he'll still not love ya.

  5. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Helo house. So sorry for d digression...Pls help a sis.
    I'm supposed to av my intro fiance n I av bot our attire. Den coincidentally, d colour my fiance's family chose is exactly wat my fiance n I chose..he's talked to dem on fone to pls change it buh it seems dey r bent on using it cos it appears dats wat they av....
    So my que is shud we change our attire or still go on usin d same color as theirs(my fiance's family)...
    Does it matter...its troublin me....pls who thinks its okay or otherwise...

    1. Anonymous6/11/2014

      its just introduction i dont see how its a big deal

    2. Why do people like giving themselves headache over little things. So what if the wedding proper they decide to wear white gown all through, will you change yours to purple? I beg save your strength for marriage jare. What does it even matter if the fabric and design are the same. Cool down and get married!!!

    3. @Peace well said jare. Don't kno Y pple like disturbing themselves over trivial issues. So wht if u guys wear dsame Asoebi's 4 d trado. Dz kinda shows ingratitude on ur part. Wht abt dos who don't even hv money 4 Asoebi's 4 their white wedding? They shld call off d wedding bcoz of dt abi?
      U said dy don't want 2 change it coz dt's wht they have, meaning they may not hv enuff money 2 go for another one. Y don't u jes spare them d wahala.?
      Let's learn 2 appreciate wht we hv plz!

      *lips sealed and watching*

    4. Anonymous10/02/2014

      Na wa 4 some pple o small advice una go take am as fight yes or no nei we wan hear

  6. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Food for thought for the single's


  7. Anonymous6/11/2014

    nice one poster...thanks for the tips

  8. Anonymous6/11/2014

    FGuys families bought asoebi for intro?it's just intro now,it's not even a must dat u and ur husband to be wears d same attire,well u and fiance can change ur colour if it bothers u dat much,abeg no go start trouble wey u no go fit finish o.


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