Can Low Sperm Motility Be Corrected? Visit Doctor Before Fertility Prayer Please

My lovely WC family. Its been awhile! Trust you are all doing well? Ok , can you recall a woman who wrote to ask about HSG sometimes ago? OK, its me and am back with my praise report.
With mixed feelings I went for the HSG! Mehn! It was a bit painful but all thanks to the radiologist who is a true believer, she was like a mother, she was really gentle and kept encouraging me. (God bless her). The result came back very good.

I saw the doctor the next day and he ask me to go for hormonal profile and my honey boo boo for sperm analysis.
With anxiety and all I wanted for cycle day 21 for the blood sample to be taken for the test. And hubby went for his sperm analysis. Hubby was diagnosed with low sperm motility and he was placed on Vitamin E. Can  low sperm motility be corrected?

For me, I waited for more than a month for my hormonal profile result to be ready. Mehn! I didn't know it will take that long. There were days I couldn't sleep, thinking and worrying for nothing!
Finally, result was ready. All hormones shooting very well expect progesterone which was within the range but not too good. I was placed on clomid and metformin.
I trust God that He will complete what He has started in us. And I know I will come to this page I share my testimony.

For someone trusting God for the fruit of the womb, abeg go see a doctor so that your prayer will be properly directed, know what you want God to correct! 
I know God is faithful to fulfil His promises He said in His words "non will be barren in the land" so you are not barren, you will sure carry your young and you won't cast them young. Shalom.  


  1. I say amen! To your prayer, one day you will come to this blog and share your testimony

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  2. Anonymous6/22/2014

    Amen thanks so much for this post im yet to do my hormonal test too,God has surely heard us cos by faith we prayed

  3. Low sperm motility is very correctable. You will soon have your testimony in Jesus name,Amen

  4. Anonymous6/23/2014

    It depends on how low the motility is. It's correctable but not that easy especially if one has STD or other stubborn infections. there are fertility known drugs that will boost motility much faster than vitamin E alone. Try motility boost and maca powder. After 3 months, there should be a change.

  5. Anonymous6/23/2014

    AMEN! To all the prayers, I truly feel loved. Thanks a lot sweeties, the motility is 40% and he was given antibotics to treat infection. We will try maca. God bless you good.

  6. Anonymous6/24/2014

    Amen and Amen! U will surely come back and share your testimonies......With clomid, expect triplets. Yippee. Congrats in advance. Chidinma

  7. Anonymous6/25/2014

    Get supplement for him( sorry, I've forgotten d name). Go to a good pharmacist. By d way, d dr should hv prescribed a drug for him so go back to d dr or look for a new one if u r not satisfied. Change his diet.
    All d best.

  8. Anonymous6/26/2014

    Pls writer, which hospital and what is the name of the woman. Thanks

  9. Anonymous7/01/2014

    I saw my gynaecologist yesterday 30/6/14, he said the best treatment for low motility was IUI (intrauterine insemination) he said that is hitting the nail on the head,

  10. Anonymous8/27/2014

    Exactly at anonymous 12:29 pm, no need of wasting more time just go for IUI


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