This has been in my mail box for  days, today I thought about posting cos it help someone out there:


  1. I want to vent my anger!
    Its really not fair what aunt Eya did to me in particular, I am offended, because she said she will not be blogging till July, and I was coming to this blog, and refreshing the page on a daily basis hoping that somehow she might have changed her mind and posted something, for like two weeks this continued till I came to terms with the fact that she will not be blogging till July like she said, so have not visited for sometime now, only to come here and see that I have missed a lot, that someone standing for aunt Eya had been posting news all this while, I had to go back to previous page and I saw I have missed out on more news, update and post than I imagined, really that doesn't make me happy.
    Right now I am sad and heartbroken, at least she should have told us that someone will stand in for her, so that some of us wouldn't stay away that long and miss a lot.

    Anyway Mr Paul, thanks for mentioning my name in your maiden post, but I am still not happy. Holla at you brother with love

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  2. Alloy don vex o, what can I do now? Please forgive me for not announcing on LIB that Eesah started updating.
    Just like you, Eesah wasn't happy about the inactivity on the blog so she asked that I let her update for the period.
    I didn't know you stopped refreshing after missing me. Sorry, it's good to vent jare, my first post was yesterday cos I feel ok now.
    Don't worry, for you Alloy, your comments will be visible WITHOUT APPROVAL anytime any day any calendar.

    1. Eesah is not a she. He's a guy oooooo.

  3. Lols... Aunt Eya you will not kill me o! You just cracked my rib with this comment, especially with "@Don't worry, for you Alloy, your comments will be visible WITHOUT APPROVAL anytime any day any calendar." that's so Hilarious, as if my comment has not always been visible even before approval here on WC.
    And for what you can do now? Aunt Eya dear! You don't need to do anything, you have already done enough by making me laugh, you just made my day, that's enough. Lols... Can't stop laughing.
    I am glad you are back now, its good to know you're back and I am positive that you are doing great, how is baby boy and hubby and the whole family?
    Also apology accepted, I forgive you dear, and I missed you so much and WC family
    Shout out to everybody. Love you all *kissess and hugs*

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  4. Anonymous6/20/2014

    Need help from WC, I had my 2nd baby last year july but I not impress about my tummy , have refuse to trim down as usual still looking pregnant. People asking me and treating me as if I am pregnant. Pls can someone help me on what to do?. Looking as if I am 5 months preg. Feeling bad. Thanks

  5. chisom6/20/2014

    Pls wonderful women! Help a sister with buisness ideas I can start for #500,000. The fund might increase to #700,000. God bless u all.

    1. Anonymous6/20/2014

      Catering if you cook well. Food business doesn't incure losses.

  6. Anonymous6/20/2014

    Please who knows where I can buy henna (laali) in abuja, pls help me out its urgent. Thanks, Jenny

  7. Anonymous6/20/2014

    Chisom u can start a good poultry farm, since december is around d corner, n u can continue off season by raising layers for eggs, since I graduated as an agriculturist I can help, thanks

    1. chisom6/21/2014

      Tnks dear, but dnt u think poulty wld require a land? After the buying laand what is left Of the fund.

    2. Anonymous6/21/2014

      Well yes, u wld need a land, u could lease, half a plot will do, buh if u think it's capital intensive you shud go into something else. Thanks

  8. chisom6/21/2014

    Pls let me have your cntact

  9. Anonymous6/21/2014, that's my e-mail.@chisom


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