The Missing Chibok School Girls, Who Is Fooling Who?

Hello ma and fellow blog readers,
Family nko? Hope all is well? I hope Abuja is fine this morning? The good Lord will keep His own from all these chaos in Jesus name. Amen
I have been pondering over this issue of the missing girls and someone beat me to it on LindaIkeji's blog. So I decided to copy and send to you. I'm so happy that I have one person on the same page with me on this issue. Below is the comment
I have been pondering over this kidnap situation and something doesn't add up hence these questions. The students are said to be SSS3 students writing physics examination.
1. Why are their names not yet published by the school, state government and WAEC?
2. Why are their pictures not over the news media?
3. How come all 235 students are in SSS3 and all came to write physics examination when the total number of students in the whole school is around 1200?
4. It was announced that the Borno states government gave N1m each to Parents of the missing girls. If that’s true: Q4(a).Why was these money given to these parents?
Was it as compensation for the kidnap or Compensation for their deaths?
5. On Tuesday 29thApril 2014, the Senator from Borno said in the Senate that the girls had been taken out of the Country to Chad, Niger and Cameroon and married off to their adopters.
5a. How come these senators know so much?
5b.Who are their informants?
6. Why is the wife of the state governor organizing women to pressure FG in Abuja after the National Security Council has ordered the armed forces to use all state resources to secure the release of the adopted Girls?
7. I just wonder how 200+ girls can be kidnapped at once. How come we haven't seen those girls who they said have escaped on TV?
8. If the SS3 students are not up to 120 in a school of1200, how is it possible 234 girls are missing?
9.Where are the school authorities?
10. Why haven't we seen any of them on TV?.
We are not fools. WHO IS FOOLING WHO? I need objective answers please. Its time all Nigerians start asking questions than drawing conclusions.

***my addition I believe that a parent that send his/her children to school has some form of education to know d importance of education in order to send his/her ward to school, if so why are these parents mute??????
How many girls are truly missing? 200? 230? 234? 300? Figures keep changing!!!!


  1. Anonymous5/04/2014

    Same thing I was asking myself! How do they get info about the girls from boko haram??

  2. Anonymous5/04/2014

    You people should keep wondering. Ok? You tell me if the press is supposed to be walking up nd down with the parents of the victims. They obviously have a reason for not disclosing such information which might be security reasons. I even believe the press should stop informing us about what and what steps the govt intend doing in order to find those girls cos I'm sure the kidnappers also listen to news, read papers and stuff and they would obviously use the information to act. So you just keep asking questions and keep wondering, that's cos you not in their shoes. Wonder how some people reason atimes. #AngryMuch

    1. Anonymous5/04/2014

      I also wonder how people reason at times too. The issue is not about the press informing public, its about how and where govt is gets this information and their inability to use the medium to trace and save the girls.

  3. •Omalicha•5/04/2014

    Dont we have every right to ask questions? If you are fighting wont you know what to fight for? We need to know the truth so we can help ourselves, information management is very important. The exact figures are important, the names ages and classes, we dont even need pictures. GOD gave us all comon sense and im very sure we will account for it on the last day, if not properly used. We cant keep doing things anyhow, for a country without database some things are necessary.
    The story about marrying them off, how true is that? Who is these person that knows where they are sef and keeps releasing info?
    Also, if they are still in one place and they eat everyday even if na once a day, it obviously means over 200 ppl are in that place and have food supplies to fed 200 people daily. I cant feed 200 ppl if its not my wedding. Then imagine doing that daily, they are being adequately funded.these things can be traced.
    I am praying for them. They are going through pain, unimaginable pain and agony and whatever it is the men have done to them will always be in thier memory. But we just need to know the truth for sure. When two elephants fight, the grass suffers. The presidency has something they want..

  4. Anonymous5/04/2014

    Alright then. Keep Asking questions. Now the names have been released, hope that helps you bring back our girls.

  5. Anonymous5/05/2014

    Yes it will. Omalicha dont tell me you have stopped cooking, pls dearie, I really look forward to your cooking what happened? Its been a while.

  6. This country is wonderful. So many lies and half truths. Only God knows what is really going on


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