My Married Aunt And Her Boyfriend

Good morning aunty pls I need advice from you and other people on the blog.
My Aunty has a young friend maybe in his late twenties who she introduced to her husband and with time this boy has become so close to the family. He is now kind of our handy man,even Auntie's husband likes him and sends o errands a lot when he is around. This boy lives in a town not far from where we stay and visits often.

Because my Aunt confides on me a lot, she confessed this morning that he is her boyfriend,that  she brought him close to the family so that her husband won't suspect anything. I was so scared and told her the day her husband would find out will be her last day on earth but she says he'll never know.
What should I do?


  1. Anonymous5/20/2014

    Tricky. If i were in your shoes i will tell her it wrong for her to do such and dissociate myself from her.

    1. Anonymous5/20/2014

      Linda i disagree!!! Depending on d situation sha!! So if ur husband "chris browned" u and u sister "solanges" him u will still defend ur husband? Na lie b dat ooo

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  2. Anonymous5/20/2014

    my sister i dont think their is anything you can do now, you can not tell your uncle so u wont be used as a scape goat since ur uncle did not know about it himself, keep quite and pretend like u never know. ONE DAY MONKEY GO GO MARKET E NO GO FIT COME BACK.

  3. Just do what the bible ask us to do when we see anything bad, or when we see anybody that's wallowing in sin, that is, don't turn a blind eyes to the sin, tell her the truth, tell her its wrong, continue advising her and making her see reasons why she needs to stop, tell her the same God that created sexual urge in us, also created self control in us, let her learn to control herself and stop committing adultery, by so doing, you would have prevented yourself from sharing out of the sin, if she refuse to listen to your advice, whatever comes after that she will bear the consequences

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  4. Anonymous5/20/2014

    I like d first comment advice ur aunt if she refuses to listen more grease to her elbows,cheating isnt d solution to any problem dey r having,I pray she doest kill her hubby she can kill herself no problem(YORUBA PROVERB A MAN OR WOMAN DAT IS MESSING AROUND IF HE/SHE DOESNT KILL HERSELF HE/SHE WILL KILL HER SPOUSE)

    1. Lol, how come na yoruba proberb, na dem dey promiscuous pass na. Hmm, na wa.

    2. Anonymous5/21/2014

      Not exactly Ify, just the result of the fall of man and sin, which is why we all need the salvation Jesus Christ offers freely :-)

    3. Anonymous5/24/2014

      Ify r u sure u want to know the tribe that r promiscious?ill say ita not a tribe thing though and every language have their diff proverbs used to explain situations but if im going to come down to d level of thinkin its a tribe thing believe me i hope u know the tribe that most of their girls r not married and dont see anything wrong in sleeping around? they r plenty in abuja and lagos (lmao) I dont have to say much

  5. Anonymous5/20/2014

    Welllllllllll! I think u shd u device a means of having that conversation again with ur aunty, pretend u have interest in d gist, but record all that will be said and give her good advice, so that if anythg goes wrong u would have evidence.

    1. Anonymous5/22/2014

      Do you smoke weed?

    2. Anonymous5/22/2014

      Talk to your Aunty. If refuses to listen then mind your business. But don't let them put you in a position where you will be their post box or bridge.

  6. Anonymous5/20/2014

    If u are close with d boy,why nt call him to order since ur sis In law has turn a deaf ear to ur advice.tell d boy since ur uncle likes him alot he can help him if he has any problems financially(biz wise or school runs).he shld stop d shameful act and without him dating ur sis in law everyone will still like him.

  7. Anonymous5/20/2014

    wat an irresponsible aunty! Chei! Pls talk to ur aunty to change.. But dont tel her man 4 nw. Be wise and pray abt it.

  8. Anonymous5/21/2014

    Tell your aunty that there is God oh

  9. Anonymous5/21/2014

    Its not your call, its your aunties. I favour the suggestion about having it recorded to exernorate yourself. Too bad.

  10. you should advise ur aunty. And if she doesnt heed,then look for a close family member that she respect alot and that is also close.someone that will not inform the husband but that will admonish her.invite the person and divulge everything in the presence of ur aunty to that person(while u're alone in d house o).God help u.

  11. doyinsolakel5/21/2014

    Nawao ooo for ur Aunt , U̶̲̥̅̊ can't tell her husband cos d world will judge you for ruining her home, if you can, talk to her or U̶̲̥̅̊ look d other way A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ hope U̶̲̥̅̊ won't be home d day daddy will find out cos he will eventually.

  12. chubi umeh5/21/2014

    That boy and your aunt are on a suicide mission! Its either they are killed or they kill your aunt hubby (hrt brk) imagine it wia u. Jeez! ℓ̊ haven't seen such a betrayal b4. Pls pls and pls keep talking to your aunt nd even †ђ3 boy! Threaten him if need be. Or ƴ۵џ cld talk to a genuine man of God who knows ur aunt, have him talk to her. Maybe she will understand. Your aunt is cruel shaa.

  13. Do not get tired, keep telling ur aunty that she is on d wrong part. If continues, then let her be.

  14. Anonymous5/22/2014

    @Alergslina, SCAM

  15. Anonymous5/22/2014

    Pls poster I will advice you to call your aunty and give reasons why she should stop,tell her that God gave her a husband to satisfy all her lustful desires.also use the scripture while talking to her.Above all dn't tell anyone plz after advicing and she continues plz ignore one day her sins will find her.

  16. Anonymous5/22/2014

    end times

    talk to your aunty and pray for her.

  17. Please tell her she doesn't like that so called boyfriend of hers. Simply because a man that touches a married woman is cursed. Simple as that o

  18. Please tell her she doesn't like that so called boyfriend of hers. Simply because a man that touches a married woman is cursed. Simple as that o

  19. Anonymous5/23/2014

    Wc family pls I need advice tnx. My hubby had a serious accident n our car was destroyed badly since we r still struggling financially my dad asked him to get d cost of repairing d whole car he did n my dad gave him d money with a little extra its been 5months now all he keeps saying is "its just spraying that is remaining" my dad n mum are so angry though d don't tell him cos now we use keke to church, use keke to take my son to school etc even use keke to visit my parent n d are not happy each time I ask my hubby he will scream or tell me is it becos ur dad gav me d money or that so so thing is remaining am so down cos God forbid if we should have another problem now I doubt my dad will answer us. pls if u were in my shoes what would u have done.

    1. Anonymous6/01/2014

      tell him outrightly that you dad is also asking about the car incase he needs additional money as he(ur dad) is worried. that might make him ashamed and fix the car quickly.if he still refuses, try to get the number of the mechanic and call him yourself. pele

  20. Anonymous5/24/2014

    pls my sister my problem is I am 32 weeks pregnant and my baby is still breech( transverse position) my doctor told me if it did not turn to delivery position at 34-36 weeks I' all have to do c- section. am so scared. yesterday my husband brought a chamellion ( looks like a BIG lizard,)and some concoction to cook with d chamellion that a freind advice him this will turn the baby, if I consume it. I can' t stand a chamellion, not to talk of eating it. pls have anyone ever heard of this? or ate this? what can I do to help turn my breech baby? I want to have as many children , and this is my first, so starting with a c- s is so scary to me please help me everyone

    1. Anonymous5/26/2014

      My dear I had same issue. Found out I was pregnant, went for ultrasound cos my belly was way too big and d doctor said I was ving twins, but d scan also said that d T1 was transverse and d T2 was frank breech and if by 34-36wks d don't turn, I'll be booked for operation. I was really afraid, went and googled, read bat some women with similar cases but non was helpful. As a Christian I took everything to God in prayers and where I worship was ving a crusade, so I went for it with serious faith dat God ll answer my prayers, b4 d crusade ll end on Sunday, I gave birth on Sunday 12:00am. My pregnancy was 36wks on dat very day. And I gave birth normal though d second one was still Franck breech, d nurse had to turn her and d delivery didn't take 5mins. My point is dat u really need God cas there's notin he can not do, if only u believe. Faith is all dat matters. Declare upon ur pregnancy and ur self dat u'll deliver and come out victorious. Notin is impossible with God. Don't drink any concoction. All the best. Safe delivery.

    2. Anonymous6/04/2014

      I'm also 30 weeks pregnant. At 20wks scan my baby was breech at my 28wks midwife appointment I was told my baby is head down. Now since yday I can feel his head in my bladder. So much pressure and tension. Now the best technique to get your baby to turn is to go in your hands n knees this will encourage baby to turn. Also pray but keep calm your baby will turn x

  21. Anonymous5/24/2014

    Pls and pls do not take any concoction of any sort. You don't need to eat anything to make your baby turn. Just ask God to intervene and the baby will reposition itself. Your husband shld join you in prayers and not bring concoction for you. Its well with you.

  22. Anonymous5/26/2014

    thank u @anon. I've been praying a lot .

  23. creampalace5/26/2014

    Guess u didn't take Camelion before taking in?why should u result to that now,re u helping GOd with his work? Who kept the baby for this long?and who do you want to glorify after it all?answer these questions and decide.
    Just so you know babies turn around even a day to deliveries even in 40-42 weeks, also doctors do have a way of turning it around.just be infomed and make right decisions pls.

    1. sheamapo5/29/2014

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