My Husband Is Fifty, Celebrating Big, What Is Expected Of A Wife? Tips Please

Madam Eya, please I need some tips and suggestions from the wonderful people on your blog. Apart from my wedding and Child dedication for my children,I've never really celebrated nor hosted any big event.My husband is fifty today and it would be celebrated by this weekend (Saturday).I don't want to fall my hand please help.LoL

I usually bought him birthday presents but stopped three years into our marriage cos he never gave me gifts on my special days. We have been married for ten years now.Today he is fifty, I don't know what is expected of me as a wife; Am I supposed to take charge like host and take care of expenditure? This I know is very heavy for my meagre Nurse' salary cos he is a big boy with big friends who should be there.

He is highly
expecting to be celebrated as in, people celebrating him big time while I am clueless on what to do and not do.I Overheard him telling someone that this is when he should be celebrated for all that he has achieved.
1. Are there specific areas a wife is supposed to take care of?
2. Am I the one to print the IVs, cake etc?
3. Am I to take care of food, drinks and venue?
4. What type of present is expected from a wife on her husband's 50th birthday?
He is a big boy who doesn't like to spend so I am really worried as to where to get the money for all these IF I am the host. 
Eya, please I would like your advice and tips and that of fellow blog readers. 


  1. Anonymous5/15/2014

    It sounds like you two are not very close. I suggest you Sit with your husband and discuss the role he expects you to play.

    1. Anonymous5/15/2014

      Yes oh.. dats how it sounds.How can he want to be celebrated big, and won't bring out cash? Pls my step-dad just celebrated his 58th birthday. He was responsible financially. It is too late to start printing invitation card. Call a caterer to make arrangement for the diff kinds of food to be served.U both shld sit down and start calling ur friends on fone to invite dem for d On ur own u can by a special gift for him like an expensive watch. U guys shld sit down and plan this together,fast,fast,Saturday is already here.It only requires cash.

  2. Anonymous5/15/2014

    your question is coming late nah. but still. Ask him for money. Call people for "come chop" at your house. Go the market or give a caterer money to cook for you. Buy drinks and celebration begins. another idea, do something small just the two of you, then if you've not called people yet, postpone the celebration by a 3 weeks or so to allow you prepare well if you want to host him in a venue

  3. Anonymous5/15/2014

    1. Your question is quite coming late but i will advise you sit him down to know his plan, if he said is expecting his who is who friend then you ask him to give you money for the food and drinks and if he insist of not giving you money be calm and buy him gift for that day.

    2. Go and look for money and plan for your own surprise party with few of your family friend in two weeks time.

    3. God will provide cash for you to celebrate him big.

    From: BB

  4. Anonymous5/15/2014

    Contact bevshine on 08066008179 if u wanna hire ushers for the big d day..aunty eya u doing a wonderful job.av

  5. Anonymous5/15/2014

    Am an event planner, I can plan the party for you and everbody will be happy, send me a mail, my email addy is

  6. Anonymous5/15/2014

    If he doesn't drop money, abeg no celebration. Discuss with him that you'll like him to have a party and drop him the estimate of what it would cost. My dear it's not in your position to foot the bills for the huge party... tell him your plans and if he doesn't drop the money, he simply doesn't want the party...

    1. Anonymous5/16/2014

      A 1000 likes!

    2. Anonymous5/16/2014

      A thousand concurrence!!!

    3. Anonymous5/19/2014

      Lmao...i totally feel this your comment. Exactly wot i`ll do.

    4. Anonymous5/21/2014

      1m likes....can u imagine dt kind of super glue hand dt wnts to celebrate big yet notin fo it. *EYES ROLLING*!!

    5. Anonymous5/21/2014

      Anon 8:30, can't stop laughing

  7. Anonymous5/16/2014

    Don't kill yourself

  8. Anonymous5/16/2014

    Since you said he's a big boy with big friends, your little efforts may not be appreciated and you will end of spending the little money you have. If he won't finance the event, I will advise you hand him his gift in bed as soon as he wakes up, book a spa treatment for him in the afternoon and take him out on a romantic dinner in any of his favorite restaurant. My hubby hasn't given me gift ever (birthdays or Val) but he would do anything for me as long as I ask.

  9. Anonymous5/19/2014

    u berra be wise, from ur post u did not indicate if he wants to throw a party not to talk of a big one, ask him his plans and if he has none abeg just bone am, buy him a gift and call it a day.i dont like a man who is stingy, if him no get i understand

  10. Anonymous8/22/2014

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