Just Found Out My Fiance Is Younger, I Am Worried

anty eya am one of ur silent follower. pls don't post my details, thanks big aunt. firstly my God bless you for using u to solve ppls issues. am 25yrs n in a very serious relationship. bt i equally have one pending issue which is d age difference. 

I nvr knew my guy was younger dan me until we got so intimate. he acts far so matured dan his age.when i found out OMG i felt so poor within bt wot do i do. to him is nt a problem bt to me it always rings in my head. and my  family won't ever accept if dey r aware.

Should  i keep it as a secret and go on or just end the relationship. pls i need ur sincere advice n dt of ur followers. thanks so much.


  1. Age is just a number. Go on and marry him but make sure he is aware of your age and never look down on him. Good luck.

    1. Anonymous5/14/2014

      A a matter of fact this ur age diff matters to me. For d fact u are 25,he shld be around 23 or 24.He is too young as far as i am concerned. He just left his teenage age. If u were both in ur thirties it wld be better.At 25 yrs of age as a girl u are equated wit a man of 30 in reasoning.I maybe wrong sha..but i will advise u to watch very well, because men rarely grow up. It is when the real thing like marriage comes up you will really no how matured he is.Age is just a number but yet it still count sometimes. Good luck wit ur decision!

    2. Poster is just six months older

  2. If ƴ۵џ are 25 nd †ђ3 guy is below 25 biko i wan ask... What does he do? A student?? Cos i don't get it. Ђδω can a 22 or 23 year old guy be engaged? Hmm. Watch it dear poster. However, age is just a num. It doesn't matter if he's ur junior via age. And yes! Do not tell them abt his age, don't lie either, just avoid telling them cos ℓ̊ think it might result to them looking down on him esp if ƴ۵џ have a younger one dat is same age with him.. I ask again.. What does he do??

  3. Anonymous5/14/2014

    Age is just a number if you truly love him and he love you bk. If d age diff isn't more not more than a year. Pls go ahead.

  4. My dear, age is just a number but I'm against kids getting married, A guy that is below 25, are you really sure about him?
    Is he through with school?
    If he is a trader, how long has he been in business?
    Does he have a job (a decent one)?
    Hope he isn't staying with his parents?

  5. hmmm…wrote an article on this…visit www.bride2mum.com. "THE AGE THING". I think if he is mature and treats you well, then you should learn to get comfortable with it but if you still can't, then…

  6. Anonymous5/14/2014

    Please, am in my last trimester nd I brought a girl of 9 years dat will be staying with me. I noticed that she doesn't wash her clothes well. Even d new ones I bought for her hs started looking old. Should I b washing her clothes? I brought her with d hope that she will b able to do so and what type of chores should she b able to do?

    1. Anonymous5/14/2014

      Do not expect too much from a 9 year old. You need to be patient with her, teach and correct her with love. BTW, is she in school?

    2. Be patient with her. A nine year old can't really do much. She should be able to sweep but not the whole duplex all at once o. Should be able to wash and rinse her clothes after being taught. Do the dishes but not a trailer load o.

      She still needs supervision like any 9 year old child. Don't expect perfection for now. Continue to teach her. Don't leave the baby with her alone, she is still a baby herself.

      She should be able to dust and run some erands around the house. She cannot wash your clothes and babies the way you'll like and they'll be too much for her tiny hands. Expect some breaking of plates and cups. I don't think she shold iron clothes. She cannot really cook but can make noodles, boil rice, boil yam etc still with supervision o.

      Cannot wash pots especially big ones but can start learning.
      At this age she is still careless and if you are not patient with her, you become a wicked guardian cos there'll be so many mistakes. She'd still be forgetful so you continue to remind and reinforce.
      Becomes foolish with too much scolding so sometimes pretend not to see her mistakes, just turn the other way and let her be.
      Girls grow so fast.Before you blink, she is a big girl taking care of the house for you.

    3. School and homework won't give her time to do much for you except on weekends.

    4. Anonymous5/15/2014

      Treat her exactly the way you would want your child to be treated by others. A 9 year old child needs direction, love and guidance. Ope she is not a househelp cos that will be child abuse. Good luck and make wise decisions for posterity's sake.

    5. Anonymous5/15/2014

      Aunty Eya on Point! Please do as she has written

    6. Gosh ur replies made my heart melt,btw my lil man (4months old) lovessss standing its always hard 2 make him sit.pls any advice?

  7. Anonymous5/14/2014

    ANN pls i beg oo first of all iv always been an advocate of i cant date sum1 younger down along the line i met my hubby whom i avoided for years because of the age difference he kept trying to convince me age is nothing but a number Finally when i saw the way he carried himself when he travels down to my place I convinced myself AGE IS NOTHING BUT A NUMBER! Im dsame lady dat wrote to u about inlaws and my hubby siding with his sisters,dat said from day one as i was takin my vow i didnt know problem was brewing under already!!! one of the rubbish d sister told me when my hubby called me out in d midst of his sisters was that YOU THINK WE DONT KNOW THAT YOU R OLDER THAN UT HUSBAND even though ill say she sounded dumb but the truth is ,I sat down and really accessed my hubby He was actually acting his real age! thats why i was upset cos all the behaving matured was all an act to win me each day passed and I realised (all d feelin excited wen ladies come around us ,tellin his sis his friends stuffs concernin our marriage,when we hav issues he wont talj abt it instead he'll instigate his friends to come make me feel uncomfortable, dont let me say much cos if he reads it he'll know its me but d point is babe I boldly in my situation age isnt just a numba ooo dats wat i have to deal with in my life nw things hav settled cos i now have to just watch him let him make his mistakes and come back into my arms wen he gets hurt mind u his mum died alingtime ago.

  8. Anonymous5/14/2014

    dsame person mind u this guy treats me like a queen b4 wedding and aft d weddin d challenge is he was turn between me and his sister cause d family asked d sister to move out (she was living with him) i wasnt der wen dey had d agreement but i guess she blamed me dont still underatand y?when it was time for my hubby to stand by me babe he denied me live and direct babe long story! no doubt i believe he loves me in his own kind of way der lots of things i cant say here dat if any of dem read dey will know its me ,all ill say is if u r ready to face watever comes while he's growin to meet up wit u tor no p if not ,den try to b around him alot i feel mayb if we wer in dsame state and i stayed around him alot i would hav noticed dat he was scared of his sister ,he is attached to his friends etc just pls dont excuse all dis wen u notice it oo cos u know love now

  9. Anonymous5/14/2014

    She is in school. @anon. 11.01

  10. Poster please don't keep it a secret. e no easy to remember lie forever.

    1. If you chose not to tell your age, well, na you sabi o but don't give him wrong figures. Don't give him a chance to say you deceived him, lied about your age.

  11. Anonymous5/14/2014

    Thanks Aunty Eya for helping me to know what she can do. I appreciate ur advice

  12. Fyn Ijebu Chic5/14/2014

    I made it a policy not to date guys younger than I am.
    I get small 'strong head' so the age is a number no go work with me...
    Poster, u know yourself. Can u succumb to a guy younger than u are!

  13. Sory o poster but since ur 25, abeg how old is dis guy and What dose he do? I ask this cuz I see him as a guy just out growing his teanage yrs. He is very small to even be in a serious relationship. If u were to be younger now and he older I would ve adv u stick wit him but my dear end this relationship, the sooner d beta. If u both ar in ur 30's then we can say age is just a number but in this case it is not.

  14. Well my husband is a year and 4 months younger than me and we get along very well. I initially avoided him cos of his age but he eventually won me over after many years. Before him I dated a man who was over 10 years older and the level of maturity my husband has,that guy doesn't have an iota of it. Our marriage is going on to 2 years and I can say it's still like the day we got married. My problem with him is that he finds it difficult to say no to his family members cos of his soft heart. He doesn't like hurting people's feelings BUT it also works in my favor cos he goes out of his way to make me happy. So Poster,just go with the flow and see how the relationship goes.6 months is nothing

  15. SheaMapo5/15/2014

    I sure want to belief the poster is not ready to marry soon. They are still dating and growing. As they grow the relationship continues to grow as well as in age and responsibilities. Then you will be able to determine if he can be oko iyawo or not. For now it is too early to conclude if he will make a good mature husband.
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  16. Age is a number seems to me a mantra we just repeat . The truth of the matter is that we have been conditioned in certain ways by our upbringing, environment and culture. Generally, women marry men older than them. When a different situation presents itself, it is normally fraught with it's own peculiar challenges. The poster therefore requires examples of these challenges and manner in which they can be best handled
    to have a good marriage. Some live experience have been shared above. For example nothing is hidden for long. Soon even your children will gladly share the info with whoever cares to listen. Can you outgrow feelings of insecurity in this regard, respect him, never raise the issue at difficult times etc.

    In the final analysis, marriage decisions are personal.


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