Can I Go With Doctors Advice To Get Pregnant Fast?

Good morning aunty eya
Ever since I stumbled on ur blog 2 weeks ago,I visit it everyday,(my people no hear word again o)evryfin I say is from wives connection(wives connection dis,wives connection dt) I love your blog ma.

I decided to seek ur advice too(make me self no carry last) I am 23&in my final year in school.I'm from a broken home,but my father has been d mother and father for me and my siblings,I dnt really have som1 dt gives me dt motherly advice(my dad tries his best but you kno e no fit b) anyways,my problem is I hv had 2 breast lump removed(non cancerous) and recently I had reasons to have a scan done only to find fibroid seedlings,&d doctor dt saw me advised me not to delay in gettin pregnant.
I did my introduction last year but my father warned me sternly not to get pregnant(school fins) but d problem is I keep thinkin to myself if I could get prgnant(to stop d ragin hormones and to stop any oda lump from appearin and d seedling frm gettn bigger)

I'm really worried but I dnt want to disobey my dad..did I mention am a law student&will still go to law school...pls I need ur motherly&fatherly advice


  1. Anonymous5/12/2014

    I did you should tell your dad. I'm sure he won't say no knowing the the harm the growth can cause later on. I have friends who got married and had kids before going to law school and they're all doing good.

    1. Anonymous5/12/2014

      Yes, I agree. Let your dad in on your health conditions.

  2. Anonymous5/12/2014

    What of ur soon to be husband? Let everybody be carried along,and it should also be in the interest of ur health.

  3. Anonymous5/12/2014

    people who ask others whether they should follow a doctor's advice make me laugh. the only person you should ask about a doctor's advice is another doctor. the doctor has seen your insides and is letting you know you're risking childlessness. You are seeking lay men's opinions. for what really

  4. Anonymous5/12/2014

    I beg u my sister get belle fast fast, one of my area sister was warn 2 be pregnant after 3 yrs but she no agree now she barren bcOs of disobedient. Pls listen 2 ur doctor and explain 2 ur father

  5. Anonymous5/12/2014

    Leave that matter. I had lumps removed frm both breasts some time ago n now I'm preggers. My sis had lumps removed frm her breast after a few yrs she got married n even with the fibroid in her womb she got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. My dear trust in God, he is the one who says no sex b4 marriage biko.

  6. Anonymous5/12/2014

    Wat if u get pregnant now n the man change him mind ull bring another story here 4 us to advise

  7. Explain the situation to your fiancé and your Dad, then speed up the wedding if your partner is on board. You can just do the registry ceremony and get pregnant ASAP . Better to be safe than sorry and this way you won't be sinning.

  8. Yoshie5/13/2014

    Change your diet. Certain diets expediete growth of fibroids. No more sweet things, like cakes, ice creams etc. No tinned food either. The preservatives in them aid the growth of the fibroids. Try to make your food as organic and fresh as possible. Also cut out milk completely from your diet. Diet plans have helped to shrink even bigger fibroids in a lot of patients. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  9. Let ur father n d man in ur life know what d doctor said. And then be strong in prayers.

  10. Anonymous5/13/2014

    Thank you very much.really apprec8 all the comments.


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