Bring Back Our Girls

This is taking too long please, What is the problem? Father please have mercy and help this country.
There is nothing I haven't thought about since this kidnapping of these Chibok School girls. May the devourer not be able to hurt these girls physically. The mental torture is already too much to bear.
I have thought about rape, thought about HIV and other STDs, forced marriage and all forms of brutality. The men who did this, don't they have children?


  1. It's really a devastating situation and the most horrible experience for the girls. We pray for God's intervention.

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  2. Anonymous5/04/2014

    Ma what r we saying hmmmmm the country as a whole is YET to know the repercaution of what happen!If u want to destroy a country?start with the youth nd the women,now these girls first of all r d women of 2morrow abi?d women r d ones to bring forth the youth abi?now in Nigeria we dont really now d value of a female child! my pastor said when pharoh ask moses to take d older ones nd leave the youths d reason Moses refused is bcos he knows the old will later die but d youths will still be slaves so wat is his gain WORK DONE ZERO! now takin dis girls has not manifested any problem physically to d country by the time these girls r released into the society I just pray to God for Mercy!like u said not raped abused etc or become breeding machines bring forth fatherless babies breeding a generation of boko harams within d country i hope now we r seeing the pictures ?Our old will die later in life nd dis babies will now start der own generation abi?I hope we also realised that the challenges we r facing in the country has little to even do wit leaders lol I hope we realise its the physical Manifestation of wat happened long long ago?LORD WE ASK FOR UR MERCY!

  3. #bringbackourgirls #bringbackourdaugthers

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  4. Anonymous5/06/2014



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