This is from John Inaku. I read on my timeline and couldn't help sharing first on my Facebook page before posting here:

Emerging facts, especially as they have to do with the abduction of the now notorious Chibok girls are quiet revealing. These facts have removed the blanket of confusion surrounding the aim and sponsors of Boko Haram.
It was widely reported in the news that some Northern elders/leaders, including Borno elders and two groups met with President Goodluck Jonathan to "try and find solution over the missing school girls". The Northern elders including some Islamic clerics ARE OPPOSED TO THE USE OF FORCE IN SECURING THE GIRLS FREEDOM. 

The three groups, which I understand include Northern elders/leaders, some insurgents in detention and influential Islamic clerics in the North are trying to reach out to Boko Haram. They are PUSHING FOR EITHER MONETARY BARGAIN WITH BOKO HARAM OR RELEASE OF SOME DETAINED INSURGENTS in exchange for some of the abducted girls.
It is quiet interesting to know that the Northern elders/leaders and Islamic clerics are able to decode the 'coded' message of Shekau and can tell the rest of Nigerians that he is now open to negotiation. The groups are to meet with a team from the insurgents at a neutral ground to negotiate.
The visit of these "august" visitors to Mr President throws up some pertinent questions and gives a window on how we can solve the Boko Haram saga quickly, were we to be blessed with a proactive and firm C-in-C.

The questions:
1. When and why the sudden change of mind by the Boko Haram to negotiate with
the government of "infidels" when none of their conditions, especially that of the conversion of the Nigerian President to Islam, has been complied with?
2. How come the Northern elders/elders and Islamic clerics that didn't know who was Boko Haram nor how to locate them, suddenly, can now locate and even have the courage to negotiate with them?
3. So the Chibok girls that are about 90% Christians are so dear and precious to even Islamic clerics to put their lives on the line to negotiate for, considering how Christians are treated and slaughtered in the North?
Taking a cursory look, it is very glaring that the Chibok abduction in Christian dominated part of Borno, even with the guarantee of the Gov. to provide adequate security as against the warning of WAEC to move the girls away, was a carefully planned event to harm as usual the target of the Nigeria brand of Jihad. However, the unexpected international outrage and unforeseen commitment of President Obama and other big nations to the rescue of the girls in men and equipments and end terrorism in Nigeria has sent shiver down the spine of the Nigerian Jihadists. This is so considering the fact that France also, which has proven to be the nightmare of the Mali brand of Jihad will be coming to Nigeria. It seems an emergency meeting of the War Council of Jihad was summoned, hence the visit of 6th May, 2014 at the Presidential Villa.

Come to think of it, the aim of the visit was not to find ways of ending Boko Haram, but for either monetary empowerment of the murderers in the name of God or the release of their very dangerous kingpins in detention. Chai! When will these people stop taking the rest of Nigerians for a ride? 
The abduction of the Chibok girls is very very painful and government must work with the International community to ensure their release. But must the release of the girls or pretences at releasing them become a decoy to further empower the Islamist killers?
It is clear that it is not the fate of the Chibok girls that was the primary motive of the visitors of Mr. President on the said date, but the fear of the probable end of Boko Haram which is a veritable tool in the hand of the former overlord of Nigeria. It was so important that even Adamu Ciroma had to put up appearance. Could it be that Boko Haram is so strategic in the attempt of reimposition of the fiefdom of the political and religious domination of some people over others? 
May be the lost of Boko may be the lost of some people's bargaining power. 
I wish, I only wish we had a C-in-C indeed, some people would have being cooling their heels somewhere, telling the security personnel what they know about the filth called Boko Haram.


  1. Cowards,president pls don't listen to dem. God pls lay ambush on d enemies ur children,kill dem all like u did in egypt in d time of God!

  2. Anonymous5/10/2014

    America is not your friend....note dat, Claiming to come in and offer help isn't the problem, it's leaving Nigeria after the so called help that is the issue. Check the track records of all the nations America has offered help to and tell me which has peace now. Read and do more research about America and you will fast and pray for them to leave Nigeria alone?A country that is willing to attack and kill its own people and blame terrorists just to invade and siphon their oil? They predicted Nigeria to be no more by 2015 and here they are to see that just happens. What other way to siphon oil in peace if not by helping out to cause anarchy and mess the whole place up? Why do you think Robert Mugabe is hated so much by the west? Our leaders have SOLD us out. Allowing another nation to be in charge of your security intelligence isn't the brightest thing to do as a growing nation. Watch events unfold! God help NIGERIA. Amen!

    1. Mr anonymous! I am sure you are a Muslim, anti-america or a jihadist because its only Muslims that I have seen that hate America, have seen lots of them in the past voice how much that hate America, and of course its Islam that produce jihadist, you are talking about track record, so all the countries they have helped is there any one of those countries That still have terrorists operation at its height? What you are indirectly saying now is that you prefer the boko haram killings and bombings to continue abi? since our government is clueless on how to fight them, you are talking about oil, the oil in Nigeria is it a blessing or curse? Because ever since Nigeria discovered oil, she has known no peace, her government has become even more corrupt, with our oil, our country has gotten worse, and some countries that are doing well has offered to help, instead of you to pray there help yields result, you are here crying about oil that mighty never help make Nigeria a better place, and your leaders will steal the proceeds from the oil and use the money to upress you and also continue to sponsor this boko haram terrorists,

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  3. I just pray Mr president is courageous enough not to listen to them, because they are all fools and know about this boko haram guys, they all aid them, that's one reason why I admire America, they don't negotiate with terrorists, with the crime this boko haram terrorists have committed, they don't deserve any amnesty or to be negotiated with, let the government continue to use all their powers to fight them till someday, good will surely prevail over evil, light will surely prevail over darkness, good and evil can never negotiate, they can never agree, so Nigeria should never negotiate with boko haram

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  4. Anonymous5/11/2014

    This writeup does NOT make sense. Eya must you post any and every? Sometimes u dnt even edit, u just scoop it out from the pot like that and plaster it on the plate. Btw what did u gain by posting such B'S? You very well knw its a one sided story and it will cause 'yawa' because the touches on thee ever sensitive 'religion'. And u know how your people are. Now by posting this you have sowed the seed or distrust and wrong information in the hearts of some of these blog readers.

    Endeavour to pick and select what you post on here because it affects more people than you know! What you post also sometimes shows you are in support of it, without your comments below to justify. Wise up! If una like insult me, na u get ya mouth I don talk my own!

  5. Btw who is this john inaku? Mshew. Where is his proof? It's hight time bloggers help journalism in Nigeria by posting credible stuff, with proof if possible. Anty Eya no offense but when it comes to matter lyk this, no de jst publish anything because it's a slow day.

  6. Anonymous5/14/2014

    The truth is , even with the presence of America or France , all we need is for Gods presence and for the rite things to be done at the rite , been proactive and not playing politics wit peoples lives . come to think of it , there would be mediators at every point in time , it stated wit Niger delta militants , well known Nigerians , including a one time minister from that region , boosted about mediating between the govt and the militants, its so unfortunate that Nigeria is one nation , that wrong has now become rite , its actually sad.


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