A Call To Prayer By Deborah Bala

What the nation Nigeria has been plunged into is way bigger than what the psychical can see, if you are spiritually minded you will agree with me that intercession has to be made for a divine intervention. It's time to forget about your myopic problems and pray for Nigeria. You may ask why you need to pray for Nigeria, and what Nigeria but I tell you today that YOU ARE NIGERIA. Nigeria is not the geographical territory but the people.

 It's time to stop playing the blame game. Let us collectively pick up the burden of this country. Whatever giant we fail to handle today will become a demon to hunt our children tomorrow. A prophesy was made by Bill Hamon and also Kim clement on tbn some years back to read the prophesy check www.altiniscorner.blogspot.com it's based on this that we are all called to intercede for NIGERIA. 

To intercede for someone or something you must identify with their sins and challenges. Jesus Christ identified with our sins and took up our iniquity in 1sam25 Abigail identified and interceded for her husband. Esther interceded for the Jews not minding the fact that she was already in the palace. It is
time to take up the iniquity of Nigeria and pray that The Lord will have mercy on our nation. It's time to pull down strongholds.

This call to pray goes beyond the missing girls, beyond the security situation in the country. I urge us to spend time praying for Nigeria. If you need guide on bible verses to pray check my blog www.altiniscorner.blogspot.com and if you need some of Kenneth hagins books on prayers kindly contact me. Thanks and God bless Nigeria.


  1. Anonymous5/13/2014

    I keep saying that no matter hw we want to see things, we need prayers dats d only sure weapon we have as christians. View www.mariasdesire.wordpress.com to get to knw God better


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