Please Help With Suggestions For Diabetic Diet

Good morning ma,how are you and your baby doing ?I sure you are doing very great!please blow him kisses.

 Please wc readers I need to
know d types of food I can make for my MIL cos she's diabetic.
Thanks in advance 4 your suggestion


  1. Anonymous4/03/2014

    Take away sugar and starch, and your recipe is great for diabetics.

  2. 1. unripe plantain flour and vegetable soup
    2. beans with vegetables added
    3. fried plantain (unripe) and vegetable sauce
    4. akara/moi-moi and tea(no sugar)
    5. unripe plantain porridge or boiled plantain peppersoup

    most importantly, fasting blood sugar test should be done 1st thing in the morning daily, you can get the apparatus in any pharmacy. if the blood sugar level is a little bit low upon testing,then little carbohydrate is ok with a lot of vegetables.

    she should have crackers(jacobs or soda) and plantain chips handy @ all times cos they get hungry easily.

    i hope this helps.

    1. Agatha Christi4/03/2014

      You can prepare vegetable soup and plantain flour
      Ukwa, okpa, unripe plantain porridge .

  3. poster4/03/2014

    Thank u soooo much.

  4. mrs anon4/06/2014

    Pele, Its not easy esp if the person loves food sometimes they feel cheated as all they have to eat is beans and unripe plantain.
    U can try buying brown rice, small portion with much vegetables tossed with tomatoes onions and even cabbage, anything u like, spice well, serve with fish. Also wheat bread with eggs, and veggies little oil, U can make oatmeal pancake too.blend quaker oats add eggs pinch of salt, nutmeg etc without d sugar. Fry in a non stick pan with drops of sunflower oil. Or cut ur unripe plantain into 3s, boil, add chicken stock, Maggi, curry, pepper, spices, toss in ur chopped carrots, cabbage,green pepper,onions,runner beans and boiled skinless chicken pieces. Stir for three minutes and add little thickener if u like. Yum.


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