Plantain Empanada By Omalicha

Nutritious plantain empanada

Well stuffed plantain empanada
 I made this after procastinating for about three months...I watched the video on YouTube sometime in December and see when I had the time to make it. Lol. But family loved it, as usual.

♥ripe plantain----------1 bunch
♥minced meat or beef---------- half a pack/half kilo
♥green pepper----------2 large ones
♥red habanero pepper----------3 meduim sized ines
♥fresh tomatoes----------5 pieces
♥onion----------one medium sized bulb
♥spring onion----------a small bunch
♥seasoning cubes----------enough to taste
♥vegetable oil----------half litre
♥eggs---------2 eggs

♥wash plantation, cut into smaller chunks and boil
♥if you didnt get mince meat, but just normal beef like me, cut into small pieces, marinate. I seasoned with cubes, salt, gjnger and garlic powder . Cover
and leave for about 10minutes.
♥in a clean dry pot, on heat, pour your marinated meat, keep using a spoon to stir and turn. It will simmer in its own juice,when it is cooked, add your pepper, onions, tomatoes. taste for salt. Do not overcook, just immediately after it leaves the raw state, remove from heat, set aside.
♥when your plantain is completely overcooked, remove from heat, drain water and this till you have zero lumps.
♥either on a board, or on your palm (squeaky clean palm), flatten some of the plantain paste like you are making the wrap for a pie, should be about 2 inch thick.
♥add just a spoon of your meat sauce in the middle, and close it.
♥you can add more plantain if you discover any loop holes where your sauce is dripping from.
♥seal edges with raw egg.
♥just try to form a particular shape and stick to it.
♥pour oil in a pot, or deep fryer, when its very hot, fry till golden brown.
♥its best served when warm, can be eaten with rice or pap/custard.
♥I didn't use up all my sauce (I had to eat serve with boiled rice it was fantastic).my plantain bunch only made 5 empanada wraps, so its either I didn't calculate it well and used up too much paste for just 1.
♥You can also google plantain empanada and watch youtube videos, because this recipe isnt exclusive there are different varieties and there is even one made from potatoes,and then some add flour to it and stuff like that so just try to experiment and see what you come up with. #Yolo.
♥This was fun.

Tasty plantain you can't resist


  1. Oma baby, my mouth is watery now. Can this be made with unripe plantain?

  2. Omalicha you have just increased my hunger, this is so nice

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  3. Oma the Oma, Omalicha Nwa, Girl! this is wonderful. Tnx for sharing Dear

  4. This is wonderfully and powerfully made meal. big thumbs to u Oma

  5. Anonymous4/03/2014

    Can this be baked instead of deep fried?

  6. Oma chop five jor. This looks beautiful and I'm sure will taste more yummy than it looks.
    Can it be baked like meatpie rather than fried? I'll try with both unripe and ripe plantain to compare which looks and tastes better.

  7. ifylyn4/03/2014

    Omalicha Nwa,Oke Ada. u are a genius.

  8. mama shawn4/03/2014

    I just love this omalicha and her cooking.

  9. Anonymous4/04/2014

    Oma, plz I want 2 marry u. Prof

  10. Anonymous4/05/2014

    Kai, I must try this!

  11. •omalicha•4/06/2014

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments! I dont know if it can be baked but im even thinking of trying with unripe plantain also.from my observations, there are also banana empanada's so there should be a whole lot of things we can play with.


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