My Husbands Infidelity, What Can I Do?

Please I would like to share my story and will like you to advice me on the
I have been married to my husband for some 25years and we have five
beautiful children. I am very fond of my home and family, and I love my
husband wholeheartedly. I do almost everything to please him. We are very
close and are best friends
My children are all grown up and they live and school abroad, while my
husband and myself live in Nigeria.
I travel from time to time to visit my kids to spend some time with them.
Each time I travelled, my husband always laments how he misses me and how
everything is not the same without me.
Recently, I travelled out and I heard the second week from a reliable
source that my husband was bringing different girls/women to our home. This
women sleeps and cook in my home. I confirmed the story and it was true. I
was devastated, it really broke my heart, I felt cheated and very very
angry. I kept it within me and didn't mention it to him but I am not happy
with him. What can I do?
Thank you


  1. Please you should talk to him about it, tell him how you feel and what you heard but how reliable is this source?…

  2. I know it is kinda hard. But, if truly, he is your best friend please confront him in an amicable fashion and ask the right questions. Another thing, are you hundred per cent sure that your sources is really reliable?

    I have been in the same shoes where a so called reliable source gave me information which I took without doing my own personal investigation. This leads me to my next point, please do your own investigation.

    I wish you the very best. After twenty-five years, the one option(my opinion) is to make it last more years.

  3. Men!! I'll say ask him buh then which man will even admit he cheated even if its true. Handle it with wisdom.

    1. Anonymous4/14/2014

      My boyfriend does o. When I confront him,he admits it and say its because I don't do some things that those girls do for him.

    2. Anonymous4/15/2014

      Some men admit oo. My boyfriend told me he had a Bj given to him and had to confess cos he felt guilty. Pls talk to your husband and then make up your mind. Pray, but remember AIDS is real. If he doesn't change, I would not advise you to stay put, except u don't mind carrying STD's and AIDS as you cannot guarantee he uses protection or otherwise.

    3. Anonymous4/15/2014

      Pls, ladies... Leave any boyfriend that is already cheating on you. It is the height of disrespect to you. Whether he admits it or gives excuses, there will ALWAYS be excuses for him to cheat. It will NEVER stop after marriage, rather it will be worse and more brazen, even if you marry them. You have shown him that you accept it so he won't see any need to stop when the pressures of marriage set in. YOU DESERVE BETTER pls and pls. Leave with ur respect abeg to avoid tears tomorrow.

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  5. It will not help to keep quite, because keeping quite is like fuelling the cheating, because it will continue, so be sure you make your research very well and be sure its true that he is cheating before bringing the issue up

    How to go about telling him:
    You don't have to fight him or start a quarrel with him, rather prepare one of his best meal for him, or take him out for dinner, and be sure you guys are in the best of mood, plaster your face with plenty of smiles, and when the excitement is in its peak, then you allow your face turn sour, definitely he will ask what the problem is, then you hit the nail on the head, if you can, that moment be emotional and allow tears to roll down your cheek, and then you tell him, don't ask him if he is cheating, that's after doing your research very well, just telling him straight that you know what he has been doing when you travel, and that its hurting you so much and killing you inside, that if you are the one cheating, how will he feel? that he should put himself in your shoes, and that you love and respect him so much, and that he should not allow the family you both have built for 25yrs just come crashing, and also don't hesitate to plead with him to stop

    And maybe you guys should also be making this trip together once in a while
    May God in his loving kindness help you and continue to preserve your marriage for you

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    1. Anonymous4/18/2014

      Would you advise a man to confront his wife about her adultery the same way? "Prepare her a nice meal, then turn his face sour and allow tears to roll down his cheek...." Too funny

  6. Jst talk to him. Dialogue has bin a very old way to settling disputes.'l have peace letting out the chunk. Do not base ur relationship on hearsay...u guys hv bin married long enough for u to know that.

  7. Johnson4/14/2014

    Look for a good time to have this conversation… and, please, don’t start with accusations. On the other hand, don’t let this linger for too long to avoid living in bitterness.
    Prepare a special occasion/event for ‘just the two of us’ and after a nice time, share your story – God will give you wisdom to deliver the message accurately. The objective here is to win your husband back and shut the door to ‘any strange woman/babe’. Least I forget – PRAY!

  8. Anonymous4/15/2014

    My dear this our men self, can't they just stop showing themselves, mine gave me STD, I only discovered when I was pregnant. I was devastated, I confronted him and he actually agreed.

    My worst fear was abi is contacting HIV. I have done a test that says negative, I keep wondering what if its in the window faze. God help me.

    Dear Poster pls confront him, nicely though but just have it in mind that if it is true its only God that can stop him. Hugs. Its well.

  9. Anonymous4/15/2014

    U have been married for 25yrs and he hsnt been doing this but u suddenly hear frm a reliable source. Hmmmmmmm! Interesting! U need to be more conscious and at alert. If u knw him soooo well, I believe u shud knw if he is actually cheating on u. Just beg him not to give u STDs. It is well


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