Hurting But Still Grateful By Folashade

Hurting but still grateful.
The noise that woke me up was so loud that I fought to believe I was still alive and that the house hadn’t collapse while we slept.
At 11:15pm on the 20th of Nov, I couldn’t figure out what had happened hence, I tip-toed into the living room where I met my sister who was already trying to make sense of the ‘no-sense’. We weren’t sure if it was robbery or an accident but one thing we were sure of was that we couldn’t see my car where it was parked. A number of people were beginning to gather in front of our house but yet, we had to be sure before going out; you never can be too sure- if you get what I mean.
My sister and I were
still busy analyzing how I’d parked and how on a normal day I could see my car from the living room when a bang on the door by the security guards brought us back to reality. He screamed on top of his voice ‘madam them don crash your car’. We hurried downstairs where there was already a crowd of on-lookers and my sister kept holding me back not to see how much damage had been done to my car. The moment I saw my umbrella which I still used that same day on the floor, I started to cry so uncontrollably. My car is gone…
I was eventually allowed to see the car and I couldn’t but just steer in disbelief. Was he drunk, did his brakes fail, was he sleeping… I had so many questions on my mind that I couldn’t find immediate answers to. By that time, I had stopped crying. Trust Nigerians, they had started to console me saying all manner of things. I just kept quiet all through as I couldn’t find my voice.
I had to go to the station to write a statement. Gratefully, the driver of the other car was alive and conscious though, they had to take him to the hospital thereafter.
I had parked my car in front of the house but by 11:15pm of the same night, the car was badly damaged. I couldn’t just explain it…
The first two days of taking a bus wasn’t funny but I’m getting adjusted to it... (Biko this isn’t forming O ‘coz I had gotten so used to driving).
Here I am today, jumping busses and hoping for a miracle…I’m thankful though, that I wasn’t driving when it happened- I still have my legs to jump busses at least ( did I just hear you ask what ever happened to cabs? Well , I can’t afford cabs all day-all the time), I’m grateful that the driver of the car didn’t die (not that I should care ‘coz he damaged my car but at least, he’s not dead), grateful that the guards who normally sat on my car weren’t there that night and most of all, grateful for reasons beyond my comprehension.
The words ‘it was so painful’ seems devoid of its meaning now but amidst all, I can still say ‘Lord, I’m hurting but I’m still grateful’.



  1. Sorry about the damage. Hopefully it will be replaced in no time. Thanks to God for everyone's safety.

  2. Anonymous5/05/2014

    Thank God for the life. God will provide another car for you soon. Its well.


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