How Do I Sell These Books? Plus Publishers' Link

Good day Ma'am,
I hope the baby is doing great and you are growing stronger by the day, i will  always say, the day the idea to start this blog was born in your mind, i believe God has people like us in mind, else i wonder how we could have reached out to so many people on a platform like this, God will continue to bless you for making yourself a willing vessel .
Please Aunty Eya I need you to post this for me.

I know you have  good and experienced people reading  your blog, i am in urgent need of  advise and possibly a good contact.
I have this talent of writing, from my childhood i' ve written  so many stories which i ended up discarding because i had no courage to publish it. 
I realized also that am  gifted in speaking, as well as inspirational writing , even in my place of work, so many people including my bosses that are much older than i am comes to me for advice, and after talking to them they will always confess that they did exactly what i said and it yielded profit

Then i said to my self "why don't you put this talent into good use and reach out to as many people as possible", that was when my first complete novel was born  "FIVE MINUTES TO TWELVE" it is an inspirational write up in form of a story, because i realized youths of nowadays barely read anything except stories, it is aimed at  finding the right and fulfilling career in life, for the youths and every other person that believes it is not too late for him/her to make a mark in destiny.
My challenges are these: Am set to publish the book , but i need a publisher that is not just after stealing my stories and is willing to work with limited resources as am just starting and don't have much to invest now.
(2) how do i get people to see this novel and most importantly get schools to add it to their curriculum , as it is an ideal book for young graduates, undergraduates and secondary school students. Thanks


  1. I think you should contact Myne Whitman. She owns a blog : Romance meets life...

  2. True @ Ceca. Contact Myne and please join the Naija stories website (founded by Myne Whitman) it has helped alot of writers. Try publishing a story on the naijastories website and see the comments of fellow writers. Take that step first and see how it goes.

  3. Anonymous4/08/2014

    i agree

  4. I guess you should try the advice above, don't have any contact to give, but I pray that God who has inspired you to write will bring the Wright people to help you in Jesus name. Amen

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