Financial Freedom By Cynthia

The main reason I'm writing to you today is because it has become so worrisome that a lot of people are confused which way to go business wise. A lot of people are scared of investing or not even sure what to invest in.

Well i have good news for them because i just discovered a business that can fetch upto $10,000 and above monthly without investment, Yes you heard that right; monthly.

I am glad i made the decision i took despite my doubts initially which has eventually paid off and i will like to put people through on wives connection how they can go about it. ITS REALL!!!!

They can email me on or 07030146571 and i'd be so happy to be of help.

Please if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask.

Have a great day.

Best Regard,


Eya's Reply:

Pls educate me a bit more. Let me be very sure of what I'm putting out
there to readers.

Many thanks for your reply Aunty Eya, Its a platform that is 2years old in Nigeria and 3years worldwide founded by an American called Marc Stevens.

There are 8 ways to make money on the platform, if you wanna sell the product fine, if you wanna register others, fine, and whatever they buy you get a commission. Its a better platform than forever living and the likes. It worked for my mums attrities and from other peoples testimonies, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, joints, menstral pains, fibroid, childlessness, good for children also etc, its not a drug but it restores, revives and renews cells in the body. It contains 174 finest Vitamins in the world. Powerful product. one doesn't even need to be ill to use it.

The compensation plan is amazing, at some point they give a brand new car and other incentives.
The reason i don't wanna go all out is because a lot of Nigerians are doubting Thomases including myself but I'm glad i took the bold step and its paying off.

The first step to this business is to attend the presentation which holds weekly for just 2hrs. Any day in the week then the person can make a choice if its something he or she can do or not. If i put all out there some people might discourage others so i think the best thing is if they anyone is interested i can tell them how to go about it. Presentations are held in different states in Nigeria weekly so they can decide if they wanna join or not.
For Lagos it holds tuesday, thursday and saturday depending on the day the person is available, just for 2hrs.At Nut Pavillion event centre Alausa, opposite shop rite Ikeja.

Aunty Eya if you have the time too i can get the info of where the presentation holds in Abuja so you can attend and get the full details of the platform. If someone had told me what it was all about before i attended the presentation maybe i would have trivialised it and probably not attended the presentation. So please if you need the details let me know and i will get the info so you can attend in Abuja.



  1. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Hi Cynthia, Please wat is the name of the company?

  2. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Please all those interested in the business should contact me. i don't want some people here discouraging others. And if u r in Lagos n wish to attend contact me for more details. those outside lagos i can get the details for u, just call or email me. cheers.
    Kisses aunty Eya. Cynthia

  3. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Trevo products

  4. Anonymous4/28/2014

    I also think it's TREVO

  5. Multilevel tingy not a bad idea

    Order ur luvly beaded accessory 4 dat special occassion @ an affordable rate n get a free costume jewelry.holla 07067541274 or bb 2819A745

  6. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Its Trevo, my mother-in-laws takes it.

  7. Anonymous4/29/2014

    its trevo,well its all about networking marketing av been der bt is nt for me. Trevo is expensive so average nigerians cant afford it nah. It is a nice business tho

  8. Good morning everyone. I am sorry to put things post here but will be happy if it is published because I don't know how to post it so that it can stand on its own.

    My name is Ann. I have a problem that keeps me awake at night and I don't know what to do about it.

    I have a contract job that pays just a little sum and it lasts for 1 year after which I will be applicant again and I done the work for 10 months now and I am left with 2 months. I took the job out of frustration because i don't get any kobo from my husband unless it is for food and he always makes sure he gives me just the exact amount that will be ok for food.

    I took this job hoping that I will be able to at least take care of myself from it by buying clothes, doing my hair and other things he doesn't. Provide money for but I was wrong. He took full charge of my salary. He made sure he knows when I receive it and decides how it would be spent. Once I am paid, he claims he doesn't have any money any more so we will be on the money till it finishes and we will go back to where we were. Even when I manage to buy any cloth from it which is rare, he expects me to thank him claiming that my money is his.

    Now I have 2 months left and I told him that i will like to save those salaries and use it to start a small business but he said no, that he has budgeted something he will use the money for. As a worker, my parents and younger ones ask me for money for their school but he keeps saying I should not worry that he will do something for them for the past 3 years but only gave them 10,000 for christmas.

    Please how do i free myself of this financial bondage? I feel bad going to work now knowing that I will not get anything from the salary at the end but I am afraid to stop work because I will be so miserable being idol and thinking about my life always. Is he being fair to me? What should I do to free myself from this problem. please.

    Aunty Eya, can you please post this separately. God bless you.

    1. Anonymous4/29/2014

      Ann, send an email to Eya to post this your subject. If not, you might not get quality inputs from the house. Abi u no get email address?

    2. mrs anon5/01/2014

      Some peoples posts really surprise me here... This is a case of a controlling bully who does not allow his wife have a say..EVEN with her OWN MONEY and some people are busy condemning her. How does she get out of the situation without affecting her marriage? Its a dicey situation cos d husband may see it as disrectpectful or challenging him. As always u have to pray to God for change but know that u must slowly take back ur rights as a human being and let him know that in as much as u love and respect him you are not his slave and he must allow you some space too as he allows himself. Pray and find a good time to talk to him and tell him how u feel without being rude or aggressive. Good luck

    3. Dis is 2 ANN,hello dere, as a woman first of all marriage is not meant to be a shackle in ur life,1st of all it is obvious ur so called hubby lacks any iota of gud conscience so he does wahever he wants wif his money not giving a damn about d woman he calls his wife nd. Dat is you.buh wah I will not allow nd dis shudnt allow 2 is when u go out of ur way to make money 4 ursef so as not 2 be left miserable bi ur obviously wicked husband is dat he budgets on ur salary even b4 u are paid..wakeup woman u 're not a slave 2 antone even 2 ur not sleep on ur rights..u hv worked ur way 2 financial freedom so u shud enjoy d fruit of ur labour nd not anoda not succumb 2 his intimidation.standup n tell him NO no matter waht, he is ur husband nd not ur God so he shudnt behave he does cos it is unfair and unjust..cos d way I see it he more of a not yield woman since he hast taken it upon himself 2 spend his money solely on his needs den be ready 2 spend yours as u deem fit nd proper

  9. Mscheeeewwww..... Hear urself now! Gosh! Why do women do this to theirselves over and over again? When u aint dumb! Nonsense.. Is he ur God or what self.. You don't have a say in ur home.. U are as good as d house help in my house here, she's even better cos we don't hv control over how she spends her salary, we can only advise her... You better take some "smarties" candy, or do u expect ur husby to hv any respect of any sort for u with the way u act as his slave.... God gave all of us brain madam, use it quick and fast!

  10. Anonymous4/29/2014

    So Cynthia, you make over $10,000 a month selling Trevo? You're just a liar.

  11. Anonymous4/29/2014

    The post needs advice on how to break from her husbands intimidation and so I don't think it calls for insult of some sort. My dear Ann, I think u shld sit him down and u pple shld talk of how the income b/w d two of u to the family shld be used and come to a favourable decision if he can't just leave ur salary to u. Also, u shld tell God about It cos he can change all things.

  12. Anonymous4/29/2014


  13. Anonymous4/29/2014


    1. Anonymous4/29/2014

      Hello Anonymous why should your husband ask you if you have undies or need to make your hair? I would be insulted if a man offered to do those things for me those are very minor things. If you complain that your husband does not want to give you money for business i would understand but for you to sit there and say you are waiting for your husband to pay for your hair or buy you undies is a shame. Does he pay the rent? Does he give you money for food? those are important things not undies and hair...........mccchhhhhhhheeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

  14. Anonymous4/29/2014

    hmm women are suffering I swear, my similar problem my husband is as stingy as stingy itself. he doesn't gives me any allowance I now plait my hair once every month, I have a diploma cert but he stopped me from working with it(cos that time we were seriously trying to conceive-he said stress-is-not- good for -me.'as if he cared!) am almost 8months preggy now and have not bought even a baby socks all in name of waiting for my husband to give me money. I am running crazy waiting for him to buy me everything even recharge card.hmm. walahi d man dey joke cos after I have offload this baby by God's grace, I will find something doing to be fetching me and my baby some cool cash. let him even threaten heaven and earth with divorce cos that's d worst he can do to me. I would rather be an independent single mum than be a liability to anyone. women stand up and say no , I'll be saying mine in few months by God's grace. Ann dear your husband is like mine he want's to enslave u to be dependant on him and also be scared of him. I know such men like the palm of my hands. don't give him an impression that he is your life ooh even if u love him like romeo, that will be your weakest point. and do you know what such men at good at most?( using your weakness against you) my best friend is God I always turn to him in every should do the same and take actions as well. once your 2 months salaries are paid tell him dey never pay u, let's see whether he will go and question your employers. ( if u are smart enough join mouth with your boss to make your husband believe that you have not being paid.) take the money to your mum to keep for you till things cool down .thats is if he has access to your account or safe. use your brain instead of your heart smart and be clever pls.

    1. @Anon 12:53pm, to be smart & clever is not to lie and God cannot be best friend with a lier. I see our women getting into marriages more out of desperation and men out of 'my friends are getting married'.
      Sister Ann - when you do not take charge of your life, someone else will. When you do not have a vision, you will be running with someone else's vision. It is possible your husband believes that the reason for your working is only to support him & ease his financial burden. If on the other hand, he knew that the money he was giving you was inadequate and that you wanted to work to get some financial freedom; he will let you manage your money.
      Let your husband know how you feel or na im bi your God? Even God will reason with you!

    2. Anonymous4/30/2014

      @Bj are you pasty the blog chief judge?????

    3. I have a dream, that one day, wives connection family shall have a banquet event and everyone would come show themselves. That day is very near!
      @ Anon 7:38, I am not Pasty and I'm not aware we have a chief judge in the house.

  15. Anonymous4/29/2014

    @bj thank u for your advice holy sister as if u've never told a lie before. when she starts pulling her hair for sale that's when u will advice her to tell an ' honest lie'

  16. Sad Wifey4/29/2014

    Sorry for posting dis here but I need help, my mother in law is in my house presently visiting n she's already destroyin my husband now comes home late( very unlike him) and all she does is to give him a pat in d back, last nite he beat me just bcos I got angry he came home late again, instead of scolding her son for hiting me, she was blaming me instead dat am sturborn and not tolerate, she's even saying her son should stop helping me out in d kitchen (cos he does attimes) n he should stop acting like a babysitter just bcos he plays with our son wen he gets bk from work, she's now threatening me dat if I go on like dis, her son would get another really tired of all these, everyone knows dat she's a troublesome woman except for her son who's blinded to her ways...pls wat do I do, my husband is not really who he used to be ever since she stepped into my home, though she's leaving soon, how do I stop her from coming here, wat do I do? How do I make my husband see dat his mum is trying to destroy our home and as such,he should stop inviting her over

    1. Anonymous4/29/2014

      Kill your mother in-law and be free!
      Your story does not add up... mother inlaw is visiting (no bi sey she come live), husband starts coming back late(unlike him), husband helps in kitchen and plays with son, she's troublesome...
      I wonder what the other side will say about you?
      If a man's way pleases the Lord, even enemy go bow for am.

  17. Mrs Anon4/29/2014

    Anon 5:41 what are u even talking self... U r even contradicting yourself. Didn't you read her post?? D woman is interfering with her sons marriage and crossing her line and u r here talking and quoting bible. What right has she to threaten her with another wife?? The poster says the husbands new behaviours start only when she's around and you can't see that she's influencing him negatively.. A beg poster put it in prayers, when she has gone gently find a way of talking to ur hubby about how his mums actions are hurting ur marriage, choose ur words carefully cos its sensitive. Ask God for guidance and to make ur hubby see your point of view. Then keep quiet, don't drag it and continue to pray. Hugs

  18. Anonymous4/30/2014

    Anon 5:41, u don marry before?

  19. Anon 5:41PM4/30/2014

    I am married and do not have problems that cannot be managed with my inlaws.
    We are quick to throw all the blames at the feet of our mother inlaws and make it look like life will be smoother without them. Have you taken time to ask people that don't have 'problems' with their inlaws how they do it? Possible answers:
    1. They married men (not boys).
    2. They give everyone their space/respec/dues.
    3. They are prayer warriors
    How many of us are training our boys to be men? Most challenges in the marriages are caused by boys that have no biz running a home. Do you have problems with your mother inlaw - most likely you married a boy!

    1. mrs anon5/01/2014

      Exactly Anon 5:41 ur 2nd post makes more sense. Ur first post was off. Yes He is a mummys boy if he can't draw d line on where his mums control Shd stop in his own home. D point is why blame the wife?? How is it her fault? She needs solutions not blame.

  20. Anonymous4/30/2014

    I so agree wit u my dear

  21. Anonymous4/30/2014

    @ Anon 5:41, wat are u even saying, I've been there, I understand wat d poster is saying, some mother in laws ,no matter how nyc u're or space u give to dem, they would still make u feel miserable, just be grateful dat u can handle urs... Poster, just be patient and put in all in prayer, u can't really stop her from coming @ all but u can reduce the period of time she spends in ur home

  22. Anonymous5/01/2014

    @original poster, ure nt bold enough to put up d coys name cos d last time u did on SDK's blog, u were shredded to pieces with ur lies. Eya, hope she's paying you for using your platform to advertise Trevo.

  23. Anonymous5/01/2014

    Lol.. Trevo ppl. The way and manner of aggressive marketing used to sell and bring ppl into trevo is something else. That's how I was decieved by someone I know into going for the meeting..he organised the text message like I was going for an audition. Come and see me dressing up and doing hair..only for me to reach there na trevo meeting. I was so angry? Oya lemme listen and its basically multi marketing abi na wetin dem dey call am.I'm not a ppls person and I'm not ready to pursue anybody to buy anything so I knew this trevo biz wasn't for me. I'm not spoiling anybody's market o! Its just that reading this brought annoying memories back. Hehehehe..All the hours spent doing hair n selecting cloth! I was Painedddd!! Seriously! Loool!

  24. Sheamapo need distributors in all the major cities in Nigeria.
    If you are interested kindly drop me a mail


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