Does This Problem Lie With Me? I Need Help

Hello Aunty Eya,gz d baby is doing well? My name is B....,am a graduate n am 23,late last year I got a job and I also lost my relationship,due to crazy issues which I just see as the devil's way of making me cry(my boyfriend broke up with me cz his spiritual father told him we were not compartible after telling him we were compartible for years).

Fast forward to 2014,I met an old school mate in my office,he was my colleague and he introduced me to a friend of his,at dis time I ws vry sad,(have been since the break up,I even cry to bed every day)I decided to try dating again,tho my brother told me it was early but I wldnt listen,I tot I was in love with this guy,we started dating in february and since den,am just not feeling it anymore,dia is no sparks at all in d relationship.

Sometimes I feel it's even beta sef if am single,plus his rules at times are killing,I can't say if he is a fanatic religion wise or not,he tells me not to
use weaves and attachment on my hair,when I take time to make my hair,he'll say its trashy cz of d weave/attachment.the problem now is I don't know if am feeling this way cos I still wnt my old relationship back or its not just right for me.I tot of telling him to just forget bout me and move on but then I dnt want my colleague n frnd to see me as a bad person.
I'll like every1 to advise me.Critics are also welcome.


  1. Anonymous4/03/2014

    sigh..babes.. you need to be on your own and work on a better you! i'm graduating in a months time, turning 23 later this year as well and broke up with my bf after leaving school. yes it hurt but you are young.. don't rush into anything.. you want to cry..cry cry cry and sleep and make yourself beautiful and move on.. you've got a job this is when you should meet career minded people and just live life. Sometimes it may look like everyone around you is all "booed up" with someone except you but just enjoy your time as a single lady and DO NOT RUSH into anything because of boredom...go on dates and JUST BE HAPPY! as for this one that is telling you what to do with your hair..pls move on abeg..don't be with someone out of pity and you deserve THE BEST! leave this one alone abeg!

    1. Anonymous4/03/2014

      Seconded! Girl you need to be free like a bird for now... Dismiss †ђ3 guy

    2. Agreed! No sparks and no religion compatibility.

  2. Fyn Ijebu Chic4/03/2014

    Girl... U need to boost your self esteem!
    Your last paragraph got to me,
    Abeg, it's Love ur neighbour as YOURSELF ooo nt love yourself as your NEIGHBOUR!
    If you aint feeling anything for the guy, then move on. Forget what your colleagues will say, it's your life not theirs or his!
    Why will he say the style u made is thrashy...
    If he doesn't like it, he can say it in a better way...
    My fiance doesn't like fixing and painting of nails, but he has never told me it's thrashy if I do paint, he'll only say 'ur nails are pretty but I prefer them natural cos they are prettier that way'
    23 is a young age for you to kill yourself over 'yeye' people...
    Free urself! Develop urself and the right person wiLl show @ d right time!!!

    1. Anonymous4/05/2014

      fyn ijebu chick.

  3. Anonymous4/03/2014

    Abeg free this guy if he can't accept you the way you are kick him to the curb...,, he sounds like a control freak

  4. Anonymous4/03/2014

    My Dear, it may really be hard right now but in the long run u will sure be happy you made the decision to walk,yes take a walk and try loving urself not give in to self pity and ask God to heal your hrt and make u happy again and the right guy wud come naturally.

  5. Please leave the guy who is he to tell u how to make ur hair? Is he on drugs mschew. Please don't take rubbish from at this young age. You deserve so much better.

  6. Anonymous4/03/2014

    please flee, cuz its too early for that rubbish, telling you to do things you are not palatable with. my dear he his tampering on your self esteem, you need your self esteem for you to be stable. pls pls pls do away with him in a polite way. tell him you need a brake to get somethings strait.

    1. Anonymous4/03/2014

      ingrigbo! Omo, this your English has fininshed me!

  7. Don't have much to say, the only thing will just tell you is that your heart still needs time to heal before you go into another relationship, its just too early for for you to be in another relationship, give yourself time to put yourself and your mind together, your case is just like somebody who is still in Convalescence going back to start working, he needs time to rest

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  8. Anonymous4/03/2014

    Girl, ure still young 2 start giving urself headache abt a guy dat will give u laws.U're not married 2 him. Pls work on urself. Discover ur self, add value 2 urself and take responsibility. Enjoy ur singlenex nd dnt let any1 push u into any strenous relationship.

  9. Anonymous6/27/2014

    he is telling you ur hair is trashy now, after marriage it gets worse, he tells u to dress like his mum, or not to have friends or not allow ur family visit. free the guy abeg, there are many fishes in the sea. i rushed into marriage after a heartbreak, now the rules are killing me, affectin my kids even, that everyday i dream of an escape plan like a prisoner. its not worth it dear


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