Boko Haram, What Do They Really Want Lately?

Good morning Wc and Eya
How are you? How is your family and the latest bobo? I hope say he dey give you space small? (In my mind).

Since monday I have been thinking and wondering "what boko haram" wants? Cause they get me confused with every step they take lately! Today they are bombing churches, tomorrow is mosque, next school, homes, offices, parks!!!!! HmmmMmm and the list is endless, killing and injuring innocent people that do not display their daily routine on social media or news papers!

Why are they not bombing political rallies? Why did they not throw bomb at GEJ's adopted daughter's wedding? Or at Atiku's son's wedding? Why did the national confab or whatever rubbish they did(where sleep style and game playing) was the order of the day not bombed? I guess they know where "Aso Rock" and other govt buildings are, why are they not killing this callous minded thieves? Why innocent people? Why? Why?

If they are so against western education or lifestyle then they should not be privy to bombs, mobile phones, cars, internet etc. The more reason I say these idiots are confused! I'm still so angry at all that is going on and how this silly GEJ can still be travelling everywhere for rallies!

Have a nice day aunty lemme not kill you with all I have in my head! I know and trust God to avenge the blood of these innocent people soon.


  1. I cannot but wonder too. They are busy killing innocent souls here and there. God will surely avenge their blood. RIP to the departed souls.

  2. Johnson4/16/2014

    What do they want? To steal, kill, & destroy. Their strategy has not changed.
    They will continue to go after ‘soft’ targets and avoid being caught. There are boko haram everywhere – they live amongst us – in camps, hotels, residential apartments, etc. They are not different from ritual killers, kidnappers, armed robbers, etc.
    Maybe Nigerians will wake up by the time it touches the child/sibling of the sultan, governor, president, senator, service chiefs, etc. There is so much evil in the land and we seem not perturbed! Until we become restless, these evil will not stop. How? Nigeria should mourn; the president (and leaders) should be seen weeping… the whole country greatly touched. Maybe then God will hear our cry and we would all take responsibility to be our brother’s keeper and report every suspicious move… maybe!

  3. Anonymous4/16/2014

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  4. Anonymous4/16/2014

    We nigerians r just ignorant n don't knw out ryts, we've been brained washed n divided through ethnoreligious tribalism so that we don't even have clear eyes to wats goin on....check again they r just using d name of BH to divide us n cause civil war while they loot our treasury.. So sad fr this great nation :(.. I tot GEJ said he knows d perpetrators of BH n dat he wines n dines with them n to even think he is d commander in chief of d armed forces wetin he dey wait fr ?? Finish d bloody idiots but NO he only condemns n claims to b on top d matter.. With d heavy security n state of emergency in Borno, innocent kids were killed n kidnapped Y ? I weep fr ma country

  5. Anonymous4/17/2014

    mtcheeww. Sick and tired of hearing all these stories... GOD HELP NIGERIA.

  6. sheamapo4/20/2014

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    1. What's your contact details for onitsha?


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