Birth options, Caesarean Section Or Induction?

Good day Aunt Eya,

How are you doing? How's your son doing too? I hope he's good. And your girls?

Aunty, pls i need you to help me ask your blog readers an important question

"If you were asked to choose between CS and induction, which would you choose?"

I'm asking 'cos my baby is meant to be born soon. My doc gave me the two options and i don't know which one to choose. He gave me the options 'cos I'm not due yet though the baby is full-term, and for medical reasons, they need to deliver the baby.

Pls Aunty, post the question as anonymous biko ooo! You can just ask them the question only. Thanks sooooo much. I need to make a decision as soon as possible.

Thanks again.


  1. Anonymous4/14/2014

    I will advise you go for induction. my two kids were delivered via induction. never had natural labour so cant tell the diff in pain but all in all, once baby pops out, you never feel pains again. However, CS, you may not feel immediate pain but afterwards, be prepared for it and nursing of the incision point. Pls go for induction if there is no risk to the baby or yourself. I actually opted for induction cos my pelvic size is fit for 3.5kg and anytin more than that may be difficult. So I opted for monitoring of preggy weekly until baby was 3.5kg and that was at 39 weeks! Baby really came out easy at 3.5kg but the next baby was a little bigger and came out with some help from d doctor. Gudluck in your decision.

  2. Don't have any idea on this topic, so which ever you decide to go with, I am wishing all the best in it, and safe delivery, may God grant you safe delivery, Mother and baby will be alive and healthy after birth in Jesus name. Amen!

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  3. Anonymous4/14/2014

    They mean different things, a cs can happen where induction does help dilation so kindly clarify from your doctor

  4. Go for induction since its an option. CS should only be considered when therez no alternative. I was also in ur position and i opted for induction. I pray for a safe delivery for you. All d best.

  5. Anonymous4/14/2014

    Induction pls thou. D pain is more dan normal labour bt u wuld b fine once baby is out bt cs d pain continues 4 days. Jus make sure its a gud hosp

  6. Induction.i had my daughter through induction because she was overdue and along d line with d crazy pain I askd for an! but at d end I dnt regret it.its calld do it n forget about it.

  7. POSTER4/15/2014

    Thanks so much everyone for your wise input. God bless you all.

  8. DrModupe4/15/2014

    Induction of labour and caesarian section are two different things! I wouldn't know what your medical condition is,but I'm sure you probably don't understand the doctor. Where induction of labour fails,its automatic caesarian section.
    Is the doctor worried that you might not progress with induction of labour,or does he want to take chances to induce you despite your medical condition.
    I'm asking all these because there are indications for induction of labour and there are indications for caesarian section.
    Pls clarify from your doctor.

    1. Anonymous4/16/2014

      Thank you Dr Modupe. The medical issue is that i had a complication during my last pregnancy, resulting in a still birth at 37 weeks. I almost bled to death too if not for God's timely intervention. The doctors at the hospital where it happened were never really able to tell what went wrong, some said it was placenta abruptio, others said placenta previa. So this new doctor at a different hospital where i registered this time, after i told him my history decided to play it completely safe and deliver this baby by 37 weeks to avoid a reoccurence of the last complication. So he gave me two choices...induction or CS. I quite understand that they are 2 different things, and in a case where induction fails, it results in emergency CS.

      I've had 3 babies but i've never been induced before, but I'm worried about two things:
      1). The intense pain people say i'll feel while contracting.
      2). What if it fails and results in an emergency cesarian? I hate emergency stuff 'cos someting might go wrong. I'll rather schedule it instead.

      So that's why i asked the question 'cos I'm torn between the 2 options.


  9. Anonymous4/15/2014

    Pls heed Dr Modupe's advice advise as your medical condition / history is critical to final decision. I opted for induction for my first but it failed and resulted into an emergency cs. I was told I can't be induced again so opted for elective cs for my 2nd.

    Lord will guide ur decision making and work thru whichever you eventually go with. Congrats in advance.

    Aya Okanlomo

  10. Anonymous4/28/2014

    Depends on your body jor! Just had a baby,i gave birth in the US on a Thursday and by Monday I walked to the hospital for my bills and took a walk round my fav shops.The nurses and doctors were impressed but then my friend who had a baby same period is yet to fully recover. I will suggest an epidural instead of general anaesthetics though.


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