Abnormal Facial Hair Growth From PCOS, Pls Help

Hello Eya,

How are you doing madam and how is our handsome baby "dealing" with you?

Kisses to him and may he be a source of joy to the whole family IJN!

Please help me ask WC family if anyone is having this male pattern of hair growth caused by PCOS and how they are dealing with it.

This is giving me serious concern and my self esteem is being eroded.

I can't afford to leave it unshaved because its too much( upper lips, chin area and side burns). I have used ALL the methods of shaving yet they ALL give me bumps and over time, the region is darker than the rest of my face.

Each time I step out people stare and its really shameful.

How do I clear this darkened skin and biko which method do I use in removing this devilish hair( I have used clipper,scissors,shaving stick,shaving powder/cream,waxing and even Halawa). I can't afford laser pls but seriously, I don tire!

Referrals, reccomendations and advice
will be highly appreciated.

Thank you


  1. poster you can talk with your Doctor or gynae OR keep shaving and applying some skin whiteniong creams.

  2. Anonymous4/01/2014

    I started growing hair on my chin when I was 11 and dealt with it badly until it started to look like a beard. I also suffered with razor bumps around my chin and discolouration. First as @Becee said you should go and see a doctor. When I was tested for PCOS I didn't have it but I did have a pattern of hormones that lead to excessive hair growth and my doctor placed me on the contraceptive pill to try and stabilize my hormones (This may not be an option for you if you are trying to have children.) In the mean time I WOULD NOT advise using bleaching creams, they are dangerous and they may make lazer hair removal extremely dangerous. I would also not advice shaving, since it causes razor bumps. If you can go somewhere where they will tweeze, thread or wax the hair off this is the best. Since your goal should be to damage the root of the hair (follicle) as much as possible and by pulling the hair from the root it will take longer to grow back. You should also have a rigorous face washing routine.
    Exfoliating your face is really important in avoiding dark patches and ingrown hairs, use a net sponge or buy an exfoliating soap and scrub with it every other day. I know it will be difficult but try not to wear too much make up because it will make the discolouration worse, clog your pores, trap dirt and make the bumps and spots worse. So if you do wear make up make sure you wash your face really well and exfoliate afterwards.
    I know you said you can't afford lazer hair removal but I would seriously consider saving up. I live in the UK and do not know of any lazer hair removal centres in Nigeria but if you do find one make sure the lazer they use is ND:YAG. If you go to any other kind of lazer treatment you will suffer horrific burns as ND:YAG is the only lazer that can be used of African skin. Lazer hair removal is quite painful but it is the only permanent solution I have found. It cleared up the discolouration on my face now to the point I dont have to wear make up and when hair grows back every 4 to 5 months but it is so fine you can barely see it. Also remember that you are beautiful, as one of God precious and beloved creatures and there is so much more to your presences on this earth than the hair on your face. I wish you all the best. xx

    1. Alloy Chikezie4/01/2014

      Same also with me, I am tired of this facial beards, I shave every two days, with shaving stick, and it causes little shaving rashes, makes me look odd, like how much will that lazer cost? @wunmi

  3. Anonymous4/01/2014

    I suggest you go for laser treatment not sure they offer it in Nigeria but the hair won't show up for a few months after treatment.

  4. Anonymous4/02/2014

    If u live in abj there's a dermatologist that dates the ND,YAG at gwarinpa. I did it once and it cost 38k

    1. Anonymous4/02/2014


    2. Anonymous4/02/2014

      Pls where exactly in Gwarinpa did you get your's done? Address and Phone number would be helpful. Thanks.

    3. Anonymous4/02/2014

      It's called prima derma lounge, Nos 20 3rd avenue close to zenith bank. 08033111979

  5. Anonymous4/02/2014

    Poster, you could Opral Benson beauty training institute at TOS Benson Avenue, Yaba, close to ozone cinemas. They're good, well known and affordable.

  6. Anonymous4/02/2014


  7. Anonymous4/02/2014

    There are some stuffs they sell now in the US,it removes hair permanently,you should check it out,i think it's affordable too,just check Google,there is this particular one,they call it No No,very small and I think cheap,check online for it,may be u can get some one to send it down to you.

  8. Anonymous4/02/2014

    There are some stuffs they sell now in the US,it removes hair permanently,you should check it out,i think it's affordable too,just check Google,there is this particular one,they call it No No,very small and I think cheap,check online for it,may be u can get some one to send it down to you.

  9. Poster4/02/2014

    Thanks for the responses so far. Please oh I can't afford Laser at the moment cos I was told I need not less than 7 sessions for the hair to be permanently gone. I also have the No No stated above but its a scam. I need some solution at the moment

  10. Welcome to my world. Mine is on d chin down to my neck and I have found shaving causes bumps as it irritates the skin. Threading is my best friend and it thins out the hair. Even without the bumps there is still the dark dots to deal with so I use concealer to even out the colour for occasions.
    Laser is the way out but its way too expensive. With pcos Hair growth can be reduced if youchange your diet, no sugar, little or no oil, no red meat, little healthy carbonhydrate, lots of veggies and fruits, exercise, keep a healthy body weight and a healthy lifestyle. If you dnt have kids plz don't use contraceptive pills to treat the symptoms of pcos as it might delay pregnancy as pcos is already associated with infertility therefore the pill will make it worse.
    Google the pcos diet and read some pcos forums as they are very informative.
    Don't let pcos control your life and get you down. Enjoy your facial hair and body, believe me this is not the worst case scenario. Pcos cannot be cured so we just have to learn to live with it and carry on with our life. You are not alone.

    1. Poster4/02/2014

      Pls Lizzy are u in Lagos? If yes, where do you get the threading done? Hmmm, that diet is difficult oh! Its well dear

    2. Poster I'm not in Lagos but I hear good beauty salons that do facials, massage, waxing, mani and pedi also do threadng in Lagos. Can any1 in the house recommend such place in Lagos to the poster.

  11. Anonymous6/25/2015

    Shomya in lekki 1 does threading and I think apples and oranges in vi. I know people have already said this but I really think you should do laser. Beg borrow or steal the money. It's a good investment. For at least two months, you will have clear SMOOTH skin. When the hair starts to grow back, it's really thin at first so you can just do a quick dry shave then go about your day. I go to Priscilla's pride in dolphin estate, ikoyi. It costs 30k. It's quite pricey for me so pls if anyone knows any cheaper places, let me know. Also some spas also put up discounts on for as low as 6k but I always find out too late :(


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