Who Can Explain My TVS Result Please

Good evening Ma'am, believe U and Ur family are in good health! Please help me post these and hide my ID. I had a scan today and these is the result of the scan as it is written on the paper: A trans-Vagina Sonogram done on patient noted mildly bulky Uterus,Anteverted,Regular outline,Coarsely echogenic,Inhomogenous,Echogenic products of conception noted within the endometrial cavity. No viable cyesis, An Anterior myoma undergoing cystic degeneration noted. OVARIES: Enlarged with regular outline, echogenic parenchyma. Dominant follicles noted.
DX: matured follicles noted + myoma. Please this is for the doctors in the house,am asking des here because am tired of going to hospital because I feel d gyno is not alws honest with me that is why I did this on my own and I need explanation, please some one who have idea about this should help a sister out. Thanks and God bless U all. Kisses!!


  1. The explanation goes thus; U where pregnant but had a miscarriage/abortion,Then d ovaries show u r about to ovulate,The myoma means you av a fibroid too,But itz degenarating,So it can cause pain

  2. Anonymous3/20/2014

    Ha......I always Google a lot too. Google the result and see....also Google how to manage the conditions u find funny.


  3. Anonymous3/20/2014

    Hello. Tnx for d explanation am so much gratful. I am the poster. Please one more question, what could be d cause of this miscarriage? Bcs I dnt tink des is d first time this has happened jst dt I dnt tink my doc.has been honest wit me, culd it be d fibroid or somtin else? Pls help.

  4. Boy o boy! This one Na plenty grammar o, I bite my tongue just trying to pronounce those words, Na wa o! I just needed to comment sha

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    1. serves you right alloy.some issues are meant to shut you up.loolh!

  5. Anonymous3/20/2014

    Your welcome,yes its d fibriod,it can be removed depending on d size,u shud go 2 a gov hospital, like a teaching hospital, u will get better care there,takia dear.

  6. Anonymous3/20/2014

    The poster: according to lab Scientist,he did mention dt d fibroid is nothin to worry about dt is jst 2mm

  7. Anonymous3/20/2014

    pls does bulky uterus equally means pregnancy?

  8. Yoshie3/21/2014

    @Poster-Take the scan report to a teaching hospital. You'd be referred to a good gynae that'd handle your case properly. The fibroid is degenerating, it causes pain. The non-viable retained contents have to be cleaned out by a trained gynae. See one.

  9. Anonymous3/21/2014

    @Yoshie tnx for d advise but believe me I hve been visiting a gyno for more dan a year now and d man is gud at wat he does but my prob.is dt he's not honest wit me.he has neva mention about des fibroid b4 to me bcs mst times I go for scan,d lab man ll type and band d content and ask me to give my doc.but des time around I went on my own witout my doc sending me dts y I posted des here to get an explanation.

    1. i do not know the meaning of all those scientific words but its your right to have a copy of your result which you paid for.even if it is sealed open it and make a copy,then ask your dr to tell you what the test says.that is your right the result is your doc,the dr keeps a copy in your file for references.or do they carry out the tests for free?by the way b4 you even subject yourself to any test,the dr should always tell you the reason/what it is for.good luck

  10. Then you should change doctors to someone who will put you at ease and tell you what is going on with your body.The fibroid is too small, its negligible. It won't stop you from conceiving

  11. Anonymous3/21/2014

    Well said Mrs. C.

  12. Anonymous3/26/2014

    A lot of african and afro-carribian women have fibriods (about 3 in 5) and still concieve. I think you should be more concerned with the inhomogeneous products of conception found. I am not a medical person but would seek a 2nd opinion from another gynea, if I were u.


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