Posting Our Children's Pictures On Social Media?

Hello Eya,

Few minutes ago I saw a message on my Whatsapp "Please mama debbie... Am happy for you... Stop exposing your baby to social media. The baby is too young. Expliotation and manipulations is easy on social media...not everyone is happy....oooo. It just a suggestion...."

I did sincerely appreciate this friend's concern and courage to speak up rather than curse me within, however I did ask what risks children are exposed to as a result of innocent parents/friends posting their pictures online so I can
learn and probably advice my friends who like myself love using their kids pictures on their dp and it went " Don't blow your trumpet yet. Hide your egg, let it go when the chick mature. The hawk might see it vulnerability".
Well I do appreciate such concern but I'd like to hear from my family here what they feel about this issue as am open to positive changes on the subject.

N/b. WC members if I travel to the Mars and have to choose my best online family, I will definitely choose you guys. Una dey bam bam. Oghene/Tamara bless una for me.


  1. Anonymous3/05/2014

    It comes from our culture of hiding pregnancy. So that "witches" wont eat your baby in the womb. Lol. She might mean well but she is being overly paranoid in my opinion. Nothing wrong with using your kids pictures as ur DP.

    1. Yes I agree with Kiky. Nothing wrong whatsoever

    2. My thoughts Kiky. Its even a guy not a lady

  2. Good morning Debbie,
    Your mail has just been published. Whoever sent you that mail loves
    you but I think her reason for the warning is fear. Fear is not of

    We know that he that dwelleth in the Sacred Place of the Most High,
    Shall abide under THE SHADOW OF THE ALMIGHTY.

    The hawk cannot pick a child whose family is hid in Christ In God. You
    know what they that truly trust in God are like Mount Zion which
    cannot be moved and again, The name of our God is a strong Tower, the
    righteous runs into it and they are safe, so drop fear as a reason.

    For my family, we like to always have some form of mystery surrounding
    us just like everyone might know Wole Soyinka but I tell you not
    everyone can say much or even point at his wife and kids along streets
    cos I feel he didn't expose them to the public. We are all created
    differently sis, while some enjoy publicity or just a bit of it,
    others don't.

    The only time my kids pics appeared Online was when I shared our
    Christmas at the village even then each time I see those I still have
    the urge to take them down.

    When they become adults, we don't know if they'll be happy seeing
    their pics online or not so we leave that to them. When the time
    comes, if they want to post their pics, fine.

    I know my Facebook page is boring cos there are no pics of mu family
    but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy picture rich Facebook Pages or
    others. I love to see family vacation pics but just can't bring myself
    to do it. I think that publicity can make one become too self
    conscious in public which is not me cos Ilove to crack bones.

    If you enjoy posting your baby's pics on Social Media, I don't see
    anything wrong cos it's only your friends who have access to your page
    and pics. A lot of people share family good times on Social Media and
    we all enjoy and keep liking.

    Privacy is another reason I don't post my children's pics on Social
    Media, as a blogger, I have friends I may not know personally but we
    have become friends because they read and follow my blog. There are
    people who accept friendship only from those they know very well so in
    this case, why shouldn't they share fun memories with stop.

    By God's grace, when baby arrives, I know that pics must be shared on
    the blog God willing. I no get choice. Pardon my long mail o.

    1. Too many typos, sorry.

    2. Anonymous3/05/2014

      Gbam. Why act out of fear like children of darkness? Power pass power. Know where you belong.

    3. Anonymous3/05/2014

      By the way even if you put your sharing status on facebook to "Friends only" the moment that friend comments or likes your photo it will appear in the news feed of people on their friends list too so 3rd party people can see and even download your photos. Facebook is not very private when it comes to photos. Now you even get wall posts in your newsfeed that people you do not know have posted on your friends wall imagine what of photos.

  3. Anonymous3/05/2014

    am a nursery teacher i do post sum kids pix .

    1. Hope the pics you post are your Biological kids pictures and not other women's children cos that's unacceptable. Even if these are class group photos, you have no right to post on Social Media without their parent's consent. Be careful and wise

    2. Anonymous3/05/2014

      ok. I have heard. My kids at sch pix. Nt yet married. I wuld stp. Thanx Eya.

  4. Anonymous3/05/2014

    It is wright in the innocent mothers heart to show her bondly of joy to the world but the truth is that is not fully wright to do cos of tomorrow,

    1. Anonymous3/05/2014

      Pls explain.

    2. Hahahaha!
      Mehn! I just can't... @ comment.
      Comment is rather inconclusive.
      Anyway, on the topic, I concur with aunt Eya and every other contributor rooting against fear.
      However, wisdom is profitable and it wouldn't do you any harm to refrain from exposing your children.

  5. Anonymous3/05/2014

    There is nothing wrong with posting YOUR kids photos on social media until they end up on some disgusting meme or gif. The only photo of mine available online is my Facebook profile photo and that one is super protected no one can download it. I personally do not photos of my family or friends online and always ask people taking photos of me at a party not to post them online. That is just me i love my privacy and besides I don't want to end up on some banner somewhere advertising someone's business. On the other hand it is totally wrong and a crime in some countries to post photos of other people's children online without the parent's consent.

    1. Anonymous3/05/2014

      Please hw did you protect ur picture without anyone downloading it.

    2. Anonymous3/05/2014

      Click on your profile photo
      click on edit
      there is a drop down menu on who can see your photo
      click on "only me"
      that's all people will still be able to see it but they cannot like, comment or download it

    3. Anonymous3/09/2014

      If dey download, at least dey can munch it!

    4. Anonymous3/09/2014

      *sorry can't

  6. Anonymous3/05/2014

    I think Facebook is just lik a public toliet all my kids pix an my pix have taken them down we need some kind of privatnce , some one u are not in good terms with if he want to know what is happening in ur life will just check ur Facebook page an which is not good,becos some people if they eat FB wil know if thy go to USA FB will know they hav set a lot of people with FB I think FB have down more harem than good

  7. Anonymous3/05/2014

    Public social media like Facebook etc is a no no for me. But please house, what about bbm profile picture? What do you think about this?

    1. I do believe that is a lot different since its your own private group of friends you have on bbm- 'cept if you are a business woman.
      Still, it will do you well to display with a lot of contraint and wisdom.

  8. Anonymous3/05/2014

    I don't think there is anything wrong. U knw whom u believe

  9. Anonymous3/05/2014

    Funny enough, I never use my pic, husband or son's pic as dp anywhere. Not even on their birthdays. My friends make jest of me but that just me. Its my private life. its a choice and noboody shud use ur kid's pic without ur consent. The Lord is our refuge and fortress.

  10. Anonymous3/06/2014

    there is so many thing wrong with posting a pix on internet ,true life story a FRD have be murdered through internet picture, even if she eat or shit she will post, higher killer went 2 her house and ask her for money she said she does not have and they main mention it upon a all ur photo on line u no get money then they shoot her.

  11. I appreciate the different views and the rationale behind them. Y'all sound so sweet and matured in your comments, like that we can disagree yet reasonable. Enough preaching
    The privacy idea is sweet to me. After the chat, I did go online and delete SOME of my baby's pictures. I didn't do this because am afraid rather because even freedom should be exercised with discretion.
    I have a special type of covenant working for me. So far I maintain my end of the bargain, then Psalm 91:4-7, Proverbs 3:23-26; 18:10, Jer 20:11 etc is forever active for me and my family.
    If I chose not to post my family's pictures online (just like I don't post Hubby's), it should be out of choice and not fear of being harmed.
    Thank you all

  12. Anonymous3/06/2014

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  13. Anonymous3/08/2014

    Debby, I like u.. #nohomo.. Jst a yound wife luvn u *big smile*

    1. Thanks a lot.
      Success in your home and life as we pursue virtuosity

  14. Anonymous3/08/2014


  15. Anonymous3/14/2014

    Whatever will be will be!i donot believe in you posting or not posting.people are just being whatever please you.whatever will happen will Far God is on our side,the victory is sure.

  16. marriedchic3/15/2014

    Wow. I have hundreds of pics on Facebook...just yestday I passed a comment cos my sister posted a pix of someone's family on our chat, dat I wonder how dat person wd feel knowing dat her pix was being viewed around. It scared me tothink dat my own dp could travel in like manner to unknown destinations, even though its only my BBC contacts that can see my dp.

  17. Anonymous3/30/2014

    Hello Debbie and all on WC. I'm of the opinion not to post family pics on social media. Ppl r not what they seem. Not everyone that celebrates you is there for your success. Besides some ppl have the evil eye and are jealous, its best they don't have anything to talk about than for you to feed them. Be prayerful, that most important. May God protect us all.


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