Now He Says "I Wish You Married Your Ex" Does He Love Me?

Hello Wc,  I need your opinions on this issue.
I went to see my bf and we got talking about our exes. He told me about his and I told him about mine. And the next thing I heard was " I wish you married your ex, he would have been the perfect  guy for you". I found nothing wrong with the statement at first. But later I started getting worried  after recalling all we talked about.

my ex was nice and caring, fine. But

we couldn't be together for some reasons, now am with you and you're with me, and you still wish I married my ex?  What kind  of a man says that? Aren't you glad to have me in your life? Or don't you love me? These have been the questions running through my mind.

He also told me he went to see his elder sister  and a clergyman and they talked about his  ex. I am guessing this discussion was within the context of marriage. Maybe I am just disappointed he didnt say anything about me to his sister.
All these makes me feel he is not so into me. We have been together for 10 months. I am in my late 20's.  Sometimes he acts like he doesn't care.  Am I expecting too much from him? Or am I just being paranoid?
Please,house tell me. Help me out.


  1. Anonymous3/03/2014

    you are not expecting too much.. we all deserve the best.. and yes God blessed us women with something called intuition. saying he wished you married your ex is not a good sign. if he really cared for you, he would have said "thank God you did not marry your ex because I now have you all to myself". So sista, i think you have to move on, it will be hard but you have to create space for a man that wants to cherish you and thank God for not letting you get married. not this one that is still going to talk to his sister about an EX!.. move on sis. but hey, what do I know ? i'm just a 22 yr old girl lol

    1. Anonymous3/03/2014

      My dear,he does not love u and if eventually he marries u he will always say he told u. That statement of his has a great load in it cos he is not the perfect guy for u which he said by him self.

    2. Anonymous3/03/2014

      He is not over his ex period!! If by chance you end up with him, he will continue with the comparison. Why were u guys talking about the past in the first place? I think talking about ones ex to one's present is uncomfortable and should not arise in a loving relationship.

  2. Johnson3/03/2014

    What were the things you said about your ex? Possible you made him very jealous by showing that you've not gotten over him. He probably was paying you back for the way you spoke and deliberately watered what he told his sister & the clergy.
    Sister, go talk to your man about how you felt (are feeling) after that discussion. The way the discussion goes will reveal the appropriate step for you to take.

  3. thank u johnson.this is a probability but on the other hand it could just be a way of telling her off.i have this staunch feeling that he is giving her the red light so dear run for ur life when u still have time to do so.thank God ur still young.there are a lot of fishes out there for u.

    1. Johnson3/03/2014

      Could be RED light... but sha, talk 2 ya man. He might just be feeling that he's not up to Poster's spec. People react differently when pushed to the wall - some fight back, melt, break the wall, cry & beg, jump & pass, etc.
      Poster, find out by engaging him, while having the preferred option to 'walk away'. His action/reaction might change your decision.

    2. Oga Johnson, your wisdom too much abeg. Chop knuckle. You always go straight to point, no beating about the bush.

  4. Anonymous3/03/2014

    In short i believe when they went to the clergy,he said you ppl were not meant for each other. And the clergy talked about his ex positively. He does not no how to tell you its over. Be wise sha

  5. Anonymous3/03/2014

    Run away from that relationshp nw. I say!

  6. Anonymous3/03/2014

    Forget d emotions n move on!! U guys don't match, he said dat angrily coz u r not married 2day, he wud probably put action into it wen u r both married. VAMUS!!!! to avoid coming back here a year later 2 complain here ooooo. Hmmmm..RUN!!!

  7. Kaydee3/04/2014

    I don't think you should up and leave the relationship like that. If you really want to leave, have a firm reason to and not by speculations. That been said, call your man and have a heart to heart conversation with him. Tell him your fears and watch out for his reactions. His reaction will tell you your next point of action. All the best dear

  8. Anonymous3/04/2014

    Pls talk to your guy first and hear from him instead of speculating.

  9. Anonymous3/04/2014

    pele. Long thing. Talk wetin? 4get diplomacy and run. Run fast.


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