Giving Used Clothes To A Broke Friend. Can You?

Male and female clothes in lilac
Male and female clothes in lilac. Neat used clothings like these, can you give to a friend or you'd rather take to an orphanage?
Last night I read this post @ Femme Lounge. I do give but only when asked o, and even at that I make sure old ones are selected out of the pack. Kids outgrow their clothings very ast and sometimes do not even get to wear some before they are taken off the wardrobe. If a friend asks, I make sure the items are all brought out and properly inspected before giving cos it would be very embarrassing to give out and later discover that your items were never used or to get a NO THANK YOU reply.

I remember times when I gave even without asking and that is because I was sure this friend trusted me and w'd appreciate my effort and truth is the items were used like the very next day. 
For me, it's a yes and no answer: I know my friends and know the ones that won't appreciate that type of giving so I won't dare. I know the ones that would collect and jokingly ask me to bring some more, these ones I give without asking.

Collecting used clothes from friends when in need? There are friends I can take
from, there are others I'd just smile and say "no, thank you dear, we are fine" Trust most women to talk too much and I wouldn't want a situation where ladies 'd start discussing me as if na my own bad pass.

It all depends on the type of friend sha. Someone said we should ask before giving, would that not be embarrassing too?


  1. Can't give my used clothing to any friend abeg. I rather burn or give to the less privileged
    My friends are too full of envy and jealousy for my good. They can pretend for Africa.

    1. Anonymous3/26/2014

      U need to stop calling them "friends" then cos they are not!

  2. in general, not only cloth, I think its safer to give any used item to a friend only when he/she ask, because most time you will have good intention, and carry out an action and people will interpret it in different ways, even your friend might interpret your good intention differently, so wisdom demands that we give when asked, rather if we have used item, and its still in good condition, and we want or feel like giving out, let's give to the less privileged, there is an organisation in my church that are in-charge of helping people give to the less privilege, that's if you don't know how to go about it in giving to the poor, they are called "st. Vincent de Paul society", so you can go to any catholic church, and they'll help you get the item to the poor,

    Also you can give to a friend if he don't ask only when you know the person so well, you have known the person for yrs and have shared a lot with the person before, and you trust your action will not be interpreted differently

    Even God sometimes knows what we need but dont give till we ask

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  3. Anonymous3/25/2014

    I read that article as well and thought that the lady was being toi forward. Most times when someone is going through a financial rough time clothes are the least of their worries. The lady in question wasnt going naked, she could still afford to cloth her self and family in cheaper clothings. So the wise thing to have done was ask her if there was any thing she needed. Like school run, or even school fees. If she was feeling that charitable.

  4. Anonymous3/25/2014

    If my friend turned up to my house in tattered clothes and worn out shoes I would suggest to her nicely that I have shoes and clothes that I don't really wear would she like to have them. If she says yes that's fine if she says no that's fine too.

  5. It depends on the friend but ill ask first…I have done it before to a very wonderful friend without asking, the person appreciated very well but I think the person felt a bit insulted

  6. Anonymous3/25/2014

    i have gven to my friend b4 and she appr8. But not all would apr8

  7. I can but I do know how to present these things in ways that would make the person feel totally comfortable.
    I'll make certain the friend comes home with me (it should be a friend who comes into my room and rummages about or who generally just chills with me in my room), I would have kept the clothes out, selected them and kept them separately from my other clothes and then I could say something like, "I have to get more serious with this my weight loss ish, I tell ya, infact, I've decided to change my wardrobe to a size smaller- that should be a source of motivation. Infact, I don even bring out all my clothes, I'll look for someone special to give- if they want o-" then I might jokingly add, "if to say you no fat pass me now, I for ask whether you go like anyone of them" ) I'd laugh then and, it wouldn't matter if she's leaner than me, the idea would be to get her to debate otherwise @ her size and maybe insist to try out the clothing to show me.
    I could then say stuff like, "OMG! This one really suits you! Jeez!".
    Well, something along those lines sha.


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