Fluffy Lemon Cakes By Omalicha

Some ingredients for lemon cake
 Hi fam, I saw this on the blog by lizzy.she actually made them with a sandwich maker, and i was guess what? I made it. I just had to try this out. If this had turned out bad I would have 'jejely' washed all the utensils and cleared the kitchen like
nothing happened, I made this when everyone was out. Just in case . But it was awesome and my family loved it, so thank you lizzy.i learnt something new.

♥eggs----------4 big eggs
♥lemon flavor---------1 bottle
♥extra butter for greasing----------50g
♥Dried fruits-----------half a pack.

♥ Added butter and sugar in a bowl and kept mixing and mixing till my hands ached.ill be sure to use a mixer next this till your mixture turns white and you get a dropping have to do this so that you can incorporate enough air into the mixture.
♥Add well beat eggs and mix till smooth. 
♥Add your flavors. I added some of my lemon flavor then freshly squeezed lemon juice. 
♥Add nutmeg, and mix
♥Add flour, gently turning into mixture till it completely folds in
♥The mixture would be very thick and difficult to mix, so you can add your already dissolved milk, but be sure not to add too much, wht you really need is a dropping consistency. Keep mixng till itsvery smooth.
♥ Add your dried fruit.
♥Preheat the sandwich maker after greaxing with butter
♥Using a deep spoon, scoop some batter into the two lower compartments for making the cake. Cover and allow to bake. 
♥I opened it after few minutes before check up on them and some of them were already I decided to reduce heat.
♥Repeat the step till you have baked everything, allow to cool.
♥By all means eat!

Adding milk to mixture

Adding raisins

Fluffy lemon cakes


  1. franchesca3/31/2014

    Oma baby.wel done . presentation was excellent, I shouldn't be opening pagez like this at work, especially when I didn't have breakfast.#sad

  2. Anonymous3/31/2014


  3. Anonymous3/31/2014

    very delicious. pls wc, how can I stop my hubby from thinking abt his ex g.f. I notice that his mood changed yesterday when we came back from church. Although we attend d same church with her but she has been absent for almost 8 months nd she just started coming to church yesterday but wot troubles me is dat I just confronted my hubby last week bcus of the msg he sent to her and he told me that nothing is going on between them. I believe he's nt sleeping with her but I don't like him calling her nd I notice he has some feelings towards her bcus of wot happened yesterday. Please advice

  4. Anonymous3/31/2014

    Yummy me like.

  5. Omy haff come again.
    Weekend treat when we finally get home.

  6. Anonymous3/31/2014

    Nice one!
    A tip Omalicha(hope u don't mind). Lemon Zest are tastier than lemon juice itself. Maybe you can try it. Carefully grate the outer green/yellow skin of a well washed lemon fruit, making sure not to get to the white part! A tsp is all you need in place of two tsps of lemon juice. Cheers

    1. •omalicha•4/01/2014

      Thanks, noted!

  7. Fyn Ijebu Chic3/31/2014

    Why now?
    Why all these temptations?
    Wetin I do?
    E jo e forijimi ooo
    Since I can't make all these 'medemede' @ home cos of my mum
    I'll jejely stick to my ojojo
    That way everybody is happy
    Omalicha, I must commend u, u'll make a good teacher/wife

    1. •omalicha•4/01/2014

      Thanks ojojo for us naa.


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