Blog Reader From Lugbe, Kindly Get Back To Me Plus The Oscar Pistorius Live Trial

You called about a week ago and I promised to get back to you. Other calls came in and  now I can't tell which is your number. I have been very worried about you and really want to get back but can't since your number isn't saved on my phone.

Please leave a comment or call back.

Meanwhile, I really want to follow this Oscar Pistorius Trial Live on Channel 199. I am very interested. Hubby kinda believes Oscar, thinks Shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp might have been an accident but I am
not yet convinced so I want to follow the court proceedings every step of the way.  I know as a disabled man, a little thing can set him on edge, he can easily become jittery and maybe scared but the whole scenario is still very confusing to me.
For you who wants to but cannot watch cos you are not on maternity leave, sorry, I might just update you later.


  1. Anonymous3/03/2014

    Pls try and update us.i dnt use dstv.i use star

    1. Start times should have Channels TV. I believe Channels will be giving live updates. Lemme go on the Gen and check( I believe in 24/7 power supply in Naija)

    2. Anonymous3/03/2014

      Aunt eya pls post my story about pretern Labour.m....

    3. Your story is not in my mail box. Can yo resend please?

  2. Anon sorry Channels still dey show boundaryissues. If you have CNN on Start times then lucky you.
    Ma Eya I have a feeling Oscar will walk a free man at the end. I feel for the female witness on now, these lawyers' questions can confuse person

  3. I also think it was an accident, he probably wanted to scare her not knowing she was where he was shooting. The rest is history. But he should not walk free. Why use a gun when you're angry and quarelling with your partner? Domestic violence is a no-no.

  4. I don't believe that guy one bit.

  5. Anonymous3/04/2014

    Disabled people can smtimes be extremely voilent n heartless. Hmmm . #Justice for Reeve

  6. Sometimes things are quite different from the facial looks.
    Many things are working against Oscar but I do wish he is telling the truth.
    Theres already some inconsistencies in Mrs Mitchell's written and oral statements.
    Couldn't watch today's hearing all through. Ma Eya biko update


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