Why I Cannot Send My Little Kids To Schools Abroad

Hello Aunty Eya and other wives connection readers. My husband and I had a little argument this morning. It started with us praising the Lesbian Chinese girl's father for standing by his convictions and not letting the Western Media derail him. When he admitted on CNN that he won't accept his daughter's lesbian husband into his family we sort of supported him cos that's not his culture and shouldn't be shoved down his throat.
Anyhow, that aside we started talking that this lady Chao might have imbibed the lifestyle as a result of Schooling abroad at a young age. Hubby who before now always talked about our kids getting food Education abroad suddenly began to talk against that even adding that he doesn't want to lose his children.

Although I didn't continue that talk for peace sake, however I don't think that Schooling abroad can change a normal child into a homo. Isn't it genetic?
Eya please post let me know what other people feel about our children Schooling Abroad.
Then again, I'll like to know what changes straight adults into homo. If people claim they were born that way, how come some live straight lives before conversion? Please enlighten me.


  1. Anonymous2/01/2014

    That is the same thoughts that have been going through my head of recent. It made me never bordered about going to give birth in America. @ least nothing will want to tempt me to sending my kids abroad to school. They can grow up and go themselve e.g for M.Sc. Believe me, if my kids are schooling abroad, dt means i am also there with them #shikena

  2. Mrs Dayo2/01/2014

    Things have changed seriously. The world is going haywire. My kids can only school abroad when I know they are adults. As kids? It's a no no for now, a lot of things i won't like them to become.

  3. Anonymous2/01/2014

    My dia even a kid in Nigeria can turn gay, its a difficult situation I know but think about their future. I never wanted to school abroad but I am doing so and when I look at the quality of education in Nigeria its soo sad,give your kids the best u can and leave the rest to God.

  4. you guys kill me! now are you saying there aren't gay people n nigeria ? those that have NEVER seen a plane ? sighh.. so if you send your child to diaspora they will turn gay ? lol listen, gay people have been in Nigeria heck Africa for a long long time but have never been taken note of. Ever since last year all i see in the news is gay gay gay..The earlier you guys start accepting it the better for all of you because it's not going anywhere. with all the strike going on in nigeria, if you have the money, send your kids to a better institution and do not use homosexuality as a cover up! cheers..

    Random, but that gay bill passed in the country idk why people think its good when there are kids marrying old goat and they say its part of the culture. are you kidding me! Now those gay guys will go marry your sisters, daughters or friends all because they don't want to be jailed. is that a good life! God help that country though.

  5. Gay men have been in existence since the time of Lot when the men of sodom and gomorah wanted to have sex with the angels that came to his house. I believe gay men are not born that way, we are created in the image and likeness of God, however after the fall of man, men lost that and can only be recovered by being born again. If you are not for God its easy for the devil to get into your mind and plant the thoughts of homosexuality. As for sending kids outside the country, Ithink that a child below 13 needs to be nurtued properly, that is when values are formed. And after you can trust them to be on their own and still prayfully watch over them.

  6. Anonymous2/01/2014

    Ignorance is a big disease mehnn.. Get enlightened people. I seriously can't deal. Genetic? Really?

  7. Anonymous2/02/2014

    You are the ignorant one my dear. Of course there is a genetic malfunction that predisposes men to being gay. Maybe that's not d case for all of them but there is a genetic thing to it. Research properly before blabing.

    1. Anonymous2/02/2014

      Ok let's say u are very enlightened, are men the only ones with genes? Do lesbians also have this malfunction? Please don't embarrass yourself. Ones sexuality has absolutely nothing to do with genetics. You are the blabber talking errant nonsense. Now what about the people that claim they are bi? What sort of genetic mfunction do they have? Functioning and malfunctioning genes? Dude please don't make me laugh.

    2. Talking about research, scientists have found just about every genetic marker that predisposes a person to be gay,a murderer,a thief, a liar etc doesnt mean we are the sum of our genetic makeup. Our environment is a major factor that influences behaviour so if kids grow up where society is more liberal about sexuality,then their behaviour will be shaped by it.simple psych 101.

  8. I truly do not believe there is any such thing as 'born gay'.
    We all went through the sexual haze and confusion of adolescence- well, those of us who went to the boarding schools- girls, some girls, experimented with lesbianism, teenagers were curious. I do believe it is at this time the innate teachings and principles inculcated in the psyche of the child comes to play- will they or will they not give in to peer pressure?
    I really think peer pressure, force of habit and the inability to quell the desires that often well up in us- especially when faced with the tempting option of gratifying these desires even when we know them to be wrong- play a great role in the lives of the people who claim to be 'born gay'.
    What type of upbringing did they have? What type of environmental exposure were/are they subject to?
    I have a neighbour here, an 18-year-old polish boy who my husband told me woke up one morning and begun to dress like a lady.
    This happened six months before we got married and I moved to the Uk- when I saw him, I didn't realise he was the person my husband told me about- I thought the 'human' was a model or something as he is rather tall (and yet wears the most outrageous wedge-heels), really skinny- as in, a size 0 or 2 at most, and wears only and strictly bum shorts- regardless of the weather- not to speak of the bum-length, straight, blonde wigs he wears.
    We got talking and he told me his role model was Lady-Gaga and that he was absolutely gaga over an album of hers titled, "born this way". I was amazed at how exposure to all the craziness in the western entertainment industry could play this really stupid role in a person's life.
    The boy in question is supposedly Christain (as his parents admitted) and tells me his mum wants him to do his communion and confirmation- yet he isn't sure if he's catholic, anglican or pentecostal- what does it say about his upbringing?
    Definitely not christain.
    Or rather, definitely not ingrained enough.
    My point then is, if you raise your children well, in the pattern given us by God, it will be hard for them to stray- YOU will be the first to notice IF they do begin to and I believe the need to give in to peer pressure can be nipped with love, understanding and firmness on the part of parents/guardians.

  9. Anonymous2/02/2014

    Well said @deborah bala and anon 7:30pm. Gay people have demons inhabiting their minds that's all!

  10. lol people taste waters

  11. Anonymous2/17/2014

    i agree too that you're not born gay. it's the culture you have around you that you live by. i have a friend who had his secondary school education in nigeria. i know of a girl he once dated back then in high school. he even used to have small fights with this other guy on top my case that time.(just so you know he was actually straight) anyways he's in the U.S now for his university education, i can firmly say i have never been so shocked in my life as i was on the day i stumbled on his instagram picture with a guy, saying how happy he is that he found this guy. at first i was confused so i went on his page and started going through his pictures. Mehn, the kind of goosebumps i had that day ehn!!! i mean everyday we see and hear about gay people and think nothing of it, but this thing was still on my mind for like the next three to four days. i sent almost everyone me and the guy knew mutually a message asking if they knew he was gay. Till now, i still don't know how he went from being straight to being gay. it's just so weird. i kind of feel sorry for his mom (ibo woman). no grandkids coming from him. :| i said....i don't believe it's genetic or anything like that. it's simply the culture you have around you.


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