Which Is Better, IUD Or Implants?

Hello aunty Eya, I sent a mail some days ago but you've not posted it. Pls am sending this mail again. Help a sister abeg.
I'm on the verge of choosing btw IUD or implant mode of contraception. I need opinions from people that have done either of the two. Want to know d side effect they experienced when they did it. Madam biko help me post it on WC. Thanx a lot

I'm at the point of
choosing a family planning method & I have the option of choosing btw implants & IUD. Pls I need opinions from people that have done either of the 2 before. However, if there have been an earlier post on the above subject where people shared their opinions kindly send d link to me. Its quite urgent pls. My baby is 3 months old already I need to do Family Planning ASAP.


  1. Poster please check this old post too. It might be helpful.

  2. Poster both implants and IUD (infact all contraception) have advantages and disadvantages. Our bodies are different and will react to contraception differently.
    I'll suggest you google both and be well informed before you decide.
    I am on my 3rd IUD (mirena coil after each preg) and never had serious problems. Initial problem is heavy and very long periods (12-15days) but later settles down to normal after some months. All the best.

  3. meeeeeeeeeeee2/11/2014

    The injections are quite convenient, but likely to make you fat, especially if you are already on the plus side. I find IUD also okay though some people complain of excessive bleeding and infections. I have used both but stopped the injection when I blew up in size. Right now I am on IUD and having the time of my life.

  4. If this is your first child, and your are planning another pregnancy in the next 2 years, I would advice you go for IUD. This is because it does not tamper with your hormones, and you can simply take it off whenever you are ready. Injections on the other hand can be used if you want to stay longer, because it takes time for your system to normalise after injections. Personally, I used IUD for my first two kids, then changed to noristerat injection which made me add a lot of weight, so I had to stop. Right now I am on depoprovera injection which is good for me. However whatever method I use ceases my period (that's my own personal side effect.

  5. Anonymous2/11/2014

    Thanx Lizzy & meeeee, maybe i'l go for d IUD then. Poster.

  6. Anonymous2/11/2014

    Thanx Ovine

  7. Anonymous2/13/2014

    I should think d poster asked btw implant n IUD and not injection cuz injection n implant are not d same; as for me I will alwz be a supporter of implant; d one inserted on d upper left arm; tho our body vary; I'm evn prayg n eatg a whole lot of junks so as to be able to add weight aftr 1 yr of implant; d only side effect I xperiencd was nt seeing my period for like 6months wc has bn normalized since dn. MrsAj


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