Sudden Changes In My Body System

Gudevening, for like a year haven't had any period pain but now I think am having some signs of period, like for example a week ago had some pains on my nipple although the breast is in its normal size and I don't know if am imagining it o, I feel some cramps thou and today is friday still no period and I normally don't put the dates of my period on ma head because my period is irregular, it could come 2 times in one month and sometimes last for two weeks and during those times nothing like pains.

My major problem now is these sudden feeling, Could I be pregnant? Or Something else just scared of doing a test. Please what do the house think


  1. Anonymous2/22/2014

    Some questions people ask sometimes....why not do PT test first if you know you had or been having unprotected sex....from there u'l know if you are pregnant or is something else...

  2. Anonymous2/22/2014

    Buy home pregnacy test and see, (I hear the digital ones are better). If its negative,then see your doc...Teresa

  3. Fyn Ijebu Chic2/22/2014

    Poster, how are we suppose to know? We are not 'yeye osun' now?
    Even yeye osun will look @ ur palm and eye before she diagnose.
    Better go to the hospital before I change my mind!

  4. creampalace2/22/2014

    Congrats poster,a bun is in the oven already all u need do now is to get a pt test kit at the pharmacy for confirmation .

  5. Anonymous2/23/2014

    You're preggers!

  6. Anonymous2/23/2014

    Could I be pregnant? What a very foolish question to ask on the internet. If you have been having unprotected sex, then go for a pregnancy test. And after that, use a bloody condom.

  7. Dearie check if you are pregnant, if you are not then fly to the hospital and see a gynacologist. You did not tell us if you are married or planning for a baby, if you are not then wondering aloud if you are pregnant is scary in 2014!!! Take care of yourself and be safe.

  8. Anonymous2/23/2014

    PT stripe costs 25naira pls

    1. Choi dem dey gba me o! I 1st bought it 100nra, then bought it 50nra elsewhere and I was like wow its cheap o! So it's even 25nra! Na wa oo!!! Person must shine eye for ds lagos o

  9. @Poster, berra go get an ultrasound cos this irregularity cld be somfin u gotta worry abt

  10. poster2/25/2014

    Thanks 4 your comments have gone for d pt n its negative, hubby and I have gone to see d doctor already, am very okay. God bless you all


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