Nigerian Pounded Yam Made With Food Processor

Smooth, soft, hot, elastic pounded  yam in the dough bowl. Waiting to be scooped out.
 With all the blog posts on making pounded yam in a food processor, I never bothered trying because there was always someone around to help with the pounding. Well, yesterday I craved hot pounded yam with hot draw soup at a time there was no adult around and I had to quickly search the blog for the pounded yam in a food processor post by Onome.

It was
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. No human effort can make pounded yam this smooth and elastic. I had to do a repeat today but not for myself sha. It was tagged "The Best Pounded Yam In Naija"
I feel so sorry now for my pounded yam mortar and pestle. They'll have to realy wait for when we'll need to make large quantity pounded yam. For now, the food processor has taken over the job. I know those who used to help me pound will be very happy now.

Pounded yam in a food processor comes out excellently well. I added water to the first set and it came out too soft, so, after scooping that out, the remaining three sets were made without adding water. It  was just right!
For the cooking procedure, check out Onome's pounded yam post.
Hot boiled yam in the food processor (dough bowl)

Yam waiting to be grinded  and smoothenend

Running the machine with the hot yam in it. This is soft pounded yam because water was added before turning on the food processor.

Second badge is ready to be scooped out. Making stress-free pounded yam.
Well processed pounded yam with no water added before processing. This is when you want it a bit harder than the one above.
With all these discoveries, I think we don't need to bother teaching our children how to pound yam o. Is it really necessary? Maybe we just focus on their making good grades at  School since gadgets now do the rest of the work. Shikena
#RunningAwayBeforeAuntyAnon ArrivesTheBlog


  1. Life is getting easier by the day. There is no point bothering kids with chores. In their time, there would be many more gadgets and they may not need to use their hands for house chores anymore.

    What is best now is to let them get a good education that will enable them afford those gadgets in future and live good. For me, I don't think it's still necessary to burden my kids with sweeping, pounding, washing clothes etc, etc, what for? Waste of time jor. Let the gadgets do the work while the kids do the book.

    1. Nice one Eya. I don't make pounded yam because of tthe pounding part but with this now. Enjoying me some pounded tinz for dinner today.

  2. Eya, you are daring o. I would never have thought that a food processor can do that job. Good news for lazy me, especially as I get the same type of food processor wey you use (Kenwood). I go def try am.

  3. Anonymous2/12/2014

    On my way to u take mkt to buy food processor.

  4. Thumbs up aunty Eya. I've heard of this but never tried it yet.

  5. Anonymous2/12/2014

    Not practical in a country without adequate power supply. And blenders will ruin your generator.

    1. Anonymous2/12/2014

      It depends on your I BETTER PASS MY NEIGHBOR GENERATOR. I enjoy light 80% of the time. Depends on where you squat.

    2. Anonymous2/12/2014

      My blender and Gen have been working together for years. No shaking.

  6. And ladies if you're buying a food processor do well to get one with a good wattage. The higher the wattage the better the overall performance.

  7. Anonymous2/13/2014

    I don't know what a food processor is and what is used for is it other name for blender?

    1. Anonymous2/14/2014

      same thing I wanted to ask.

    2. Anonymous2/14/2014

      A food processor is different. Check in supermarkets. It actually does much more than a blender.

  8. Anonymous2/17/2014

    Pls can someone shed more light on this food processor the make if possible the model and exact watts I need to get this ASAP,if possible this exact type nd the price range let me know my budget plsssssssss

    1. edlene Isah5/18/2014

      The food processor is different, it is actually a step or so ahead of a blender, The food processor in addition to allowing you carry out your regular blender activities, allows you chop up vegetables, turn potato into chips, juice, sometimes even cream cake mixtures. It actually helps you process food. I know Binatone and Kenwood both produce food processors. Check in supermarkets and shops that sell household appliances.

  9. I used Kenwood for this pounded yam and it's very good. They is the one with about 18 functions, another with about 20 something functions and then the 32 Functions... This can perform more, have more parts that can like do everything food processing for you when it comes to cooking or baking: Mixing, juicing, grinding, shredding, blending and a lot more.


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