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Hi. I would like to ask some information about marrying a nigerian guy. I am a filipina but i was married before and separated for 8years in philippines. But the problem is the married still not annulled. 
And im still using my married name to my passport. Is there any possibility that
i can get married to my nigerian boyfriend there in nigeria? Please help me to get some information and knowledge about it. 
Thank u so much..


  1. Anonymous2/20/2014

    Goodmorning all

  2. i advise that you annul your marriage first.bearing the name is not an issue here.tackle the most important thing first because you can always do change of name with a court affidavit through newspaper publications here in nigeria.compile with the proper annulment and divorce process in your dear the law of bigamy also applies in our country.if you are in abuja you can contact me to process your papers for the nigeria for you after your annulment ooh bc am a lawyer and would not like to be de robbed / barred

  3. Dear Poster, the rules everywhere else in the world applies here in Nigeria also - a previous marriage should be annulled before a new one is entered into!
    Nigerian authorities may not prosecute you for bigamy but what happens when and if you return to the phillipines and your ex-husband decides to press charges?
    Dont give him to chance to ridicule you. Do things the proper way. Hold off marrying your nigerian boyfriend until you have sorted what needs to be sorted. And dont let your nigerian boyfriend talk you into going ahead before then! Because i have a feeling he would tell you it doesnt matter. Good luck!

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