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Monday Menu Only

Hello aunty Eya, I'm married to an itsekiri man and we reside at Asaba.I have a set of twin toddlers and I work. I'm an ardent reader of ur blog especially the recipes.

 Pls I need ur help. Can u
help me with a food time table for like 2 wks? Often times I'm at a loss for what to cook cos my husband tends to select food. Pls help me Asap. Thank u.

Eya Says: There is an existing wives connection menu timetable which might help. This timetable was published in February 2013, recipes posted after that date are not included. Will try my best to post a more recent menu timetable.

It is a two week timetable. HERE is the link to it.


  1. Anonymous2/21/2014

    Thanks a lot....did calls for more work but I got no choice.

  2. Anonymous2/21/2014

    Sori I need to ask dis, is it normal for someone nt to hv menstral pains 4 one year n suddenly d pains starts, but d period hsnt come yet. Am scared

    1. It happened to me. I didn't have menstrual pains for years and suddenly I started having them very badly. I checked and it was fibroid.See a gynecologist and insist on an ultrasound and high swab test.Goodluck

  3. Anonymous2/21/2014

    Please can some body help me with the list of small chops and how to make dem please.its urgent.....tanks

  4. Anonymous2/21/2014

    ano 5.13 tell madam eya 2 post it for u as topic.


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