Gizzard And Fish In Unripe Plantain Pottage By Ama

These pics are performing Americo wonder for us. After all the rotation before posting, they still appear upside down. Lolz. Scroll down to view the gizzard and fish in unripe plantain porridge collage.
A pot of gizzard and fish in unrpe plantain porridge
 Happy new's been quite a while. I've been out of circulation for a bit but I made something random and thought to share the recipe though a lot of people have probably made this too.

- Unripe plantain (for the sweet tooths, use half ripe plantains or mix ripe and Unripe)
- Gizzards (you can use chicken, fish or whatever catches your fancy)
- Onions
- Ground crayfish
- Pepper
- Salt
- Seasoning cubes
- Palm oil

- Wash,

season and cook gizzards and set aside. ( I had little dry fish left over from my last cooking so I added it)

- Wash, peel and dice plantains to desired size. ( I scrape it a bit before dicing so I can get some thickener from it)

- Add onions, seasoning cubes, crayfish, water enough to cover the plantains and set on fire.
- when it is about half cooked, add the gizzard (and the stock if you like) and let cook together for about five or so minutes.

- Add palm oil and let it cook. By this time, the plantain must have been cooked through.

- When the oil is cooked, add pumpkin leaves (ugwu) and put out the fire almost immediately to ensure your veggies are still crunchy and yummy.

- Serve hot with a glass/bottle of whatever you drink.

- Watch Oga and/or the kids eat to his/their heart's content and when he/they is/are done,present your valentine's day shopping list to him. (DON'T DULL...If I hear!)

- Mail aunty Eya for my account details and ensure you pay your tithes to me. (Very key) :-D

 Washed and well spiced gizzards, ready  to be cooked

 Step 2: Diced plantain, onions, crayfish, salt, knorr cubes...looking good already

  Half way through, add cooked gizzards.

 Palm oil...You want to use this sparingly. Calories, anyone?

  Err...look at the kettle..that's me and paparazzing ain't beans! :-P

 We're almost there...Ugwu of life and beyond

 Food is ready...and cold drinks too.

My portion-controlled serving (whosaiiiii...I had more jare) 

 19, 20.... My plate is EMPTY! 
                                            TO GOD BE THE GLORY

Gizzard and fish in unripe plantain porridge collage


  1. Anonymous2/13/2014

    Nice one. Can I use Gizzard and stockfish instead?

    1. Thanks. You can use just about anything. I'd say don't add the stock from the stockfish, the aroma is too overpowering but if you like that, why not?

  2. Anonymous2/13/2014

    Nice one. Can I use Gizzard and stockfish instead?

  3. Thanks a lot, i'll cook this tomorrow, but i'll use only unripe plantain. Can I add shrimps to it?

    1. You're welcome, Chinazor. Remember to submit my royalties :-) You may add shrimps, liver, offals (assorted), diced beef, I've used chicken cut in bits, dry fish, anything at all.

  4. Really American wonder pix... will try this tomorrow.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. *singing* "Yab me jeje, yab me tender"

  5. Witches and wizards leave my pictures alone oh!!!

    Ok...sorry guys, I dunno what went wrong in the mail, the pictures were right-side up. Aunty Eya tried to "harrange" them but to no avail. :-(

    You can like to rotate your neck/device joh, exercise is good for your life. :-P

    Ama (the girl with the upside-down pictures) hahahahaha!

  6. Waoo this is one of my best meal. I usually prefer ice, dry or roasted fish. Then I use scent leaf and okpeyi! Yummy.


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