Every Man I Love Breaks Up With Me, Can I Settle With This

Am a young lady who is on her early 30s n I can't wait to get married but there is dis man I meet on social network n he really want to marry me but problem is dat I dnt feel anytin 4 pastor gave me go ahead order to marry him dat wit time I will get to luv him but his not really want I want...

But because of time n age is no alone at my side,I have decided to give him a trier,de people I luv always end up breaking up wit me over not......pls I have problem wit spelling tins,I need help too


  1. Hmmm my dear I learnt early that love most times is not just a feeling but a decision accompanied with the right amount of emotion.
    Being dumped by all men you've loved sounds like a prayer case if you've truthfully evaluated your character/attitude towards those relationships.
    If you believe your man of God go ahead and marry him but if am asked, I'll say you take your time to truly know this guy and see if any feeling develops.
    Marrying someone whose personality /character doesn't appeal to you and who you have zero feelings for is a No No for me till either one is in place.
    God be with you

  2. Anonymous2/03/2014

    i also met my husband on social network, didnt really love him, but he was all over me, loved me to bits meanwhile i was wasting myself over a guy that didnt even care. tha was the wisest decision i ever took, dumping the other guy and marrying him!! my advice 'MARRY SOMEONE THAT LOVES YOU MORE". its easier for we ladies to fall in love faster esp if the guy is nice and caring. marry the guy, u guys will adapt and u will grow to love him or like him alot, u'll have kids and be happy.

  3. marian O2/03/2014

    I understand your plight but you have to marriage cos you are ready spiritually, emotionally, psychologically ,etc not because you have age and not because of your pastor you take it to God prayerfully it has to be God's will take care it is well and you also has to work on yourself too in times of character and the guy in qestion why can"t you be friends first then see what the Lord can do but marry for the right reason thanks

  4. Anonymous2/03/2014

    Don't marry him just because your pastor said so. God is not a God of confusion. If God wanted you to marry him, he would tell you himself. Please don't allow Pastor to koba you o! And don't let time and age push you into marriage either! Marriage will be hell on earth if you do that

  5. Hian! Wot r we going to do about all these typos/ shells like dis *whew*

  6. Anonymous2/03/2014

    Go to night school

  7. Anonymous2/04/2014

    When I met my husband,I was just coming out of an abusive relationship of many years,I loved my ex like my life depended on it but one day I chose to walk away because I wasn't getting younger and I guess God heard my cries of 'I'm tired of heartbreak'. I can tell you that I only liked my husband even after marriage but in less than 8months,I fell completly in love with him because he showed me life in a different way.Don't get me wrong,we have our arguements and all but we sail thru and now I look back and ask myself why I was so unkind to myself for years,staying in a relationship with a guy who never loved me because if he loved me,things he did,he wouldn't have done.Above all,PRAY!that was the key that unlocked my blessings and seek counsel from true men/women of God

    1. Anonymous2/04/2014

      In addition,my friends too have testified that they develop a kind of extra love for their husbands once they start bearing children.I started being in love with mine long before I became pregnant but I think pregnancy increased it.I guess the feeling that we are forming a perfect angel brings out all the love in me. Marry a man who loves you more than you love him,your own love will increase with time.

    2. Anonymous2/05/2014

      I had all u said,but ders is one problem at hand now,,,,de guy I met in social network is inviting me to lagos to cum n c his people but he refuse to give me trasport fair,he said I shuld use my money n cum dat he will give me back de money as soon as I arrive lagos n problem is dat since last year I met dis guy he has not done anytin 4 me,each time I go to his place he does not give me less than 1k 4 t fair or is beacuse I have not slept wit him b4 cos I refuse to make luv wit him still after de wine carri poster

  8. Anonymous2/05/2014

    abeg poster be careful abt dis fbk lovers o. Hian! Just wait 4 Gods time please

  9. Dear Poster.
    How are you,Let me tell you a little secret about life. When you want to grow,you drop shame aside. Ever heard of evening classes and going to the book shop to buy even primary school books and also confiding in a student who you believe is responsible and can also help you then if yes,pick up that bike and ride. As for the online lover; my dear No man, I repeat no man that likes or love you will let you spend your money on them. Tell him i said you are going no where that in fact you don't buy the ideal and will wish to end it. Thank him for the time and hey stop calling him. You are beautiful


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