Any Tips For Water Water Arms And Thighs?

Dear Aunty Eya, God bless you for using your blog to help a lot of people out here.

Sometimes ago I had this sickness characterized by inflammations, low oestrogen and low calcium. I lost bone mass and muscles/fat. I mean I lost a lot of weight.
Now my problem is this, I am left with this flabby arms that jiggles. If I shake it, you would think there is water in it. I mean it doesn't look firm/tight like it was before the weight loss. I call it "water water" body. The upper arm seems to be big but flabby.
Same thing goes for my thighs.

I am fine now but this

flabby arms/thighs seems to be robbing me of my self esteem.  I hate this new body. I  had thought it would get better with time, but honestly it has not. I heard exercise will tone up the muscles,  but I dont want to loose more weight than I already have.
Could you please help me on what to do  and post this on your blog. Any suggestion, tips or advice will do. I cant believe the aftermath of severe weight loss could be this bad.
I would like to remain anonymous.


  1. Check youtube. They have exercises.

  2. Anonymous2/24/2014

    i dont know where you are and your budget, but getting a trainer will help or you can do weight training. you won't lose weight, you will gain muscles which will help to tighten your body.

  3. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Weight training is what you need. It will firm your muscles and make them lean. Your weight will increase because of the increase in muscle mass but don't worry because your body will remain slim as fat will be burnt off. Also, don't use weights more than 2kg for your arms. Meanwhile, avoid short sleeves and sleeveless clothes until you have the arms you want. Love your body and take care of it. It's the only one you have.

  4. Anonymous2/24/2014

    I want to affirm that beyond surgery, working with a trainer to weight train is the only thing that will help firm the muscles over time. Seems you lost alot of muscle during the illness time. Muscle is rebuilt by eating a protein rich diet ( Please all dieticians and nutritionist s on board help with the macros.) And the second element is weight training and body shaping exercises. As the contributor above says you may gain a bit because muscle weighs more than fat. It took me one year to loose 100lbs. (from 250lbs to 150lbs) I had no flabbiness because of the weight training and diet changes I made. Carbs minimized Protein, vegetables and water maximized!. Please seek a nutritionist/dietician as well. It is a lifestyle change and is not overnight. Give yourself time, commit to a program and love yourself.

    1. Please are you in Nigeria? If so tell me how you did it.I'm overweight and currently pregnant and I want to lose all the baby weight before taking in again.

    2. Anonymous2/27/2014

      Hello Mrs. C. I am in the US. Congratulations on your pregnancy. As for now do not worry about weight. Just focus on having the baby and recovering so your body will heal well. 3 months after the baby then you can start reducing the amount you eat and then 3 months after start exercising. I am not married and do not have kids so I reduced my portions drastically ( no carbs only vegetables and protein. I also a trainer and worked out 6 days of the week. As you are a busy mom and wife it would be good to hire a trainer who can guide you. God bless you!

  5. Anonymous2/25/2014

    Wow ! Thank you all for these reassuring tips. I am the real person who asked this question. I stay in Lagos.
    I can now boldly visit the gym. You all have given me the courage to do friends find it funny whenever I talk about the gym because they think I am petite, well I am..
    @anonymous 8.34 p.m, you are on point with the protein/nutrition. I read something about collagen & elastin contributing to skin elasticity and muscles. Getting a nutritionist shouldn't be difficult, I'll do that too.
    It can be depressing at times, I found myself withdrawing from friends & family . Other times, I am just grateful to be alive. I wish it never happened.
    Thank you all, Thank you Aunty Eya for posting this for me.

  6. My dear..I am in the US. I am so glad you are focused. Do not be discouraged. Exercise is the real secret to a beautiful body. That is how you get a raised chest, perky booty, striking legs and a sexy shape. Building muscle and becoming toned (not bulky) is the key. Think of muscle like a very tight body corset. The firmer it is the more defined and vibrant you look. Dont pay any mind to the funny comments. I went thru the same thing..but as I saw my body changing I gained confidence as well. Try this link for this excellent training you can do for the days you cant go to the gym: (or search tababta training on youtube).
    Also read this article on how important maintaining your body is:
    Please let nutritionist know you are seeking a diet that will support your muscles. Also see if you can find a place that has those machines that can measure the amount of muscle, fat and water your body consists of. That helps you keep track of your progress. I wish you the best!!!

  7. Anonymous2/28/2014

    Thank you sugarheart. You mean you were once in my shoes? how long did it take for you to notice the positive changes? What were the core components of your regimen? Exercise + diet + protein shakes? Any particular muscle building food? . . . Please Let me know. Thanks dear.


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