Why Keep An Ex Husband's Name? I'd Like To Know Please

Strong women still dey o! I always thought that keeping an ex's name may prevent secret admirers coming forth. What if another man
is interested in handing you a new name?
What do you think would make a woman retain a man's name after divorce?


  1. Anonymous12:17

    If thename brings in cash, why would I drop it? na by force??? Oya Balogun can jump in the Lagoon. A woman will drop his name when she is ready. Shikenah

  2. Anonymous13:17

    Why take his name in the first place? The best thing to do is hyphenate/double barrel it or add it to your name as a third name so in case of a divorce you just drop it. Now some women may choose to keep a famous name because it opens doors for them or they married really young like 18 or so and she divorces at 55 that is the name she has been known with most of her life so she doesn't see the sense in dropping it. Famous name keepers like Ivana Trump remarried and still kept ex hubby's names because Trump is a door opening name and she still has major shares in the Trump dynasty that she made contributions to while married to Donald. On the other hand Mama Graca Machel is Nelson Mandela's widow but still goes by the name of her late first husband Mozambican president Samora Machel she once said that she wants to keep his memory alive that is why she never dropped the name. I guess it takes very progressive men not to be bothered about their current still going by their late or ex husband's name.

    1. Anonymous13:28

      Double barreled/hyphenated name example is Mercy Aigbe-Gentry (Aigbe maiden name and Gentry hubby's name)

      Third name example is Omotola Jalade Ekeinde (Jalade maiden name and Ekeinde Hubby's name)

      Another third name example who was able to easily drop hubby's name upon divorce is Kate Henshaw Nuttal who now goes by Kate Henshaw simple!

      The only people who would have this name dilemma is those who already have double barreled maiden names na wa for una lol especially my Ghanian sisters most of whom already have double barreled names getting married to a man with a double barrelled names lol I would just keep my name in that case. Nana Kofi-Osei marries Peter Mensa-Attoh Imagine being called Nana Kofi-Osei-Mensa-Attoh na wa lol! I am so keeping my name haba!

  3. Sometimes, it's not necessarily retaining a man's name but retaining a name that one already has in official documents. Maybe she does not want to bother with a change of name and the long process that comes with it: changing her travel documents, stock/shares documents, bank, work and all the other places that her current name appears. It's a lot of work jare.

    And she is already known by that name, she created her social media accounts with that name so it is best to keep using it.

    What I do not understand is all the he-says she-says drama surrounding the whole thing. lol

    1. Anonymous13:41

      Sister Flo that is why I decided not to change my name legally the wahala too much. I don't mind being known by his name socially but my legal, identification and other documents remain in my maiden name.

    2. Interestingly, I never changed my maiden name officially when I got married, so it's still on all my official documents. I didn't mind changing it, but was just too lazy to go through all the red tape. I used my married name on my email accounts, though, and introduced myself (and became known to everyone) by my married name, so no one knew I hadn't changed it, and my husband didn't mind. By the time the marriage ended, I was already known professionally by my married name. That's the only reason why I still keep it. I think that secret admirers who are serious will do their research and find out your actual marital status. Plus, unless you refer to yourself as a 'Mrs.,' they should be able to figure it out.

  4. It is simple. They are getting fulfillment from such names; business doors and other favours. It remains a responsibility of the man in question to fight it out. If he thinks it is not worth the fight, he may just let it be.

  5. Fyn Ijebu Chic14:05

    If u work in the civil/public service and u divorce, it is advisable you keep ur 'appointment' name ooo
    To change name no easy for 'service' pple.
    A lot of my mum's colleague who divorce or/and remarried still maintain the name they were known as.
    A Miss Obi who got married and changed to Mrs Fashola but later divorced mr fashola and got married to Mr Kwankwanso will retain her Mrs Fashola for red tapism reasons.

  6. I wonder why he is hell bent on her changing her name. In her shoes, I would leave d name jst to spite him. As. 4 d double barrel name thing, it won't jst gel wit some kind of names lyk d example u gave

  7. Anonymous18:53

    depends on how long they were married and stuff.

    omotola jalade or kate henshaw is not even a good example because these people built a name for themselves in the industry while they were still single and those names are household names just like mercy johnson

    but fathia balogun is a brand, who knows what her maiden name is? she built her brand around the "balogun" name so ofcourse it will be stupid of her to drop it

    saheed should go to hell abeg!

    1. Anonymous23:42

      You totally missed the point of those examples

  8. i feel she should drop the name. if you can divorce him without thinking about career and legal documents, then she should drop the name. i really don't like her. even if you divorce your hubby, it is not enough reason to start sleeping around with marketers. men does that but women shld not. am a woman and its nt proper to start sleeping around with everybody all in the name of career. so drop the name.

    1. Anonymous07:29

      Long mouth, that's how you people say rubbish. Does she take you along when going to sleep with them? Marketers ko sellers ni. Fathia is a big name as far as nollywood is concern she doesn't need to sleep with nobody to further her career.


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