Really Urgent: Where Can I Get These Beads? ...

 Aunty eya ,please I beg u in God's name
Pleaseeeeeeee help me ask you readers where I can get these beads before Sunday which is my wedding introduction!
Tnx and God bless u ma
Please is there any caterer in d house that can offer small chops menu. Contacts please. Location: Lagos
Date: Sunday, January 19 (This Sunday).


  1. Anonymous17:45

    DEA poster someone answered your small chops request, kindly go n read at d previous/older post.
    For d beads go to breadfruit st at balogun only one lady sells coral beads there u can't miss it.


  2. Ayo.18:33

    I was going to say the same thing. Lagos market it is. Congrats in advance on ur intro.

  3. Anonymous20:09

    So no experienced adult in ur family can help with that?

    1. Anonymous09:27

      Keep quiet if you have nothing reasonable to say

  4. Anonymous22:42

    Why did you leave things to the last minute sweetie? Anyway take it easy and do your shopping tomorrow and remember to do things in advance for your traditional and white ceremonies

  5. Anonymous23:27

    Contact 08027081779 for small chops

  6. You can contact 08166531002 and 08095687828 for the beads. I suggested Lagos market earlier cos of the urgency.
    You can call the numbers above. They make really nice beads.

    1. Anonymous13:56

      God bless u.

  7. Anonymous21:07

    U can get the orginal beads in d market. I got mine from trade fair .

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  10. I'd love to have them too but have had no luck in SA. And when I visited Nigeria I wasn't in Lagos long enough to shop. Thank you for the question and the phone numbers ladies....i will use them the next time i visit your lovely country. Most definitely. .
    All the best with your intro my dear. I'm very curious as to what that is.

    Wendy @ Fabulosity Reads

  11. Anonymous17:37

    Intro is when d groom brings his people to meet d brides family officialy.
    It is the day d groom collects the bridal list and if possible fix d wedding date!

  12. Call for your party beads @OL Morgan Accessories and Beads Jewelry!!! .... Pin 7BA5169E or call 08028508373


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