Lettuce Salad With Avocado Dressing By Deborah Bala

Vegetables for lettuce salad with avocado dressing

 Lettuce, tomato, green pepper, avocado and olive oil. 
This is
a simple lettuce salad, chop the above listed ingredients you can make any adjustment you want. For the dressing I used avocado mixed with olive oil. Enjoy!
Ripe avocado

Avocado being mashed and mixed with some olive oil

Yummy lettuce salad with avocado, olive oil dressing


  1. What's this ? Debby kudos but i think you could have assisted us with the final product of this salad,not the avocados and the tomatoes as a whole.

    madam Eya,what happened now? I kept on refreshing the page everytime just to see no update.Anyway i wish you a safe delivery,i believe you will unfold the ravel very soon.Best of luck.

    1. Sorry! I sent the pics to anty but she is yet to check her mail. Am sure she will update it soon

    2. Can you please resend pics of the end product? All other recipes you sent today are in my box except the lettuce salad.
      Thanks sis, some will be posted tomorrow. Welldone!

  2. Mrs T18:54

    Madam Eya congratz on your bank job. Now we know why you don't have much time to blog :)

    1. No Mrs T, I don't have a bank job o, sitting has become very difficult for me at this time that's why I don't really blog much. Once I off load, you guys w'd hear and see pics by God's grace.

  3. Anonymous22:45

    This Eya is so arrogant and uncouth! If pple don't care or have ur interest, we won't care about ur existence. No explanations even if na to lie about ur epileptic posts and absence. When ur daughter was sick, u told us and we prayed along. Even if ure pregger, its not a big deal and infact, u dnt need to tell us just dnt ignore pple! Oya her voltrons shld bring it on!

    1. No Anon, it's not arrogance, without you guys there'll be no blog here. If you were Eya, won't you begin to feel like you are boring readers with too many stories? Today my daughter is sick, tomorrow I'm relocating, next day I am too heavy and can't really sit with a computer for long, another day, I am not very strong, I'm at the hospital not for my child this time, but for my self, Another time, I am travelling and can't really post now, then, I am having trouble blogging cos lying down to blog is also giving me lower back and shoulder pains etc, etc, etc

      If I continue that way, won't you be tired of my stories? Isn't it better I try my best no matter how epileptic and wait patiently for when I'll be strong enough to start normal blogging before opening my mouth to thank you all for being patient with me when go no go?

      I wanted to talk o but remembered what some of you guys told pregger Chidiebere then; to keep quiet until she off loads OR is my case different?
      Ok, I am truly sorry about the epileptic posts and my inability to sit still for long but it's just for a short time.
      Please Anon 10:45, bear with me. It's not like I'm happy about my infrequent posting. I just have to listen to my body at this time and very very soon I trust we'll bounce back.

      I felt like talking too much about my personal matters may just bore you guys but now I know better. No vex abeg.
      Forgive me biko, abeg, please, mbok. I am sorry.

    2. Anonymous08:31

      Ok Eya ure forgiven! Its well with u and urs IJN!

  4. Anonymous23:06

    Thnk u anon 10.45am! Exactly what came to my mind when I saw her response to FT! Big madam my foot! Nobody forced you into blogging and thank God you aint the only blog in 9ja. If you like post once in a millennium I don port!

    1. Chei Anon 11:06, Big madam your foot? What won't I read here ooooo. My response was to Deborah. F. T didn't ask a question, did she ask for a response? I read her comment and just laughed before responding to Deborah.
      Anyway,Thanks for giving me a title. I won't port, na here I dey. I will visit round and still return here. No wahala.

  5. Anonymous23:50

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  6. Anonymous23:57

    http://thefruitfulkitchen.wordpress.com/ that's the link to the blog. I dnt know who the blogger is but she is very good with food and very creative.

    1. Becee11:05

      The concept is copied from wives connection for sure. Aunty Eya set the pace for step by step cooking pics and every food blog now does that. Kudos to my wonderful WC.

    2. Anonymous11:07

      Most of the recipes there are cooked from our wc recipes for sure. I can tell that with eyes closed. lollllz

  7. Anonymous08:47

    Anty Eya no mind people oh that's how we are, I feel ur situation thou and I pray for you that whatever it is ure going through God will come through for you,and you will share the testimonies of that miracle here to Gods glory as for the various (anonymouses) I leave this quote I came accross awhile ago...
    "I see people trying so hard 2 be perfect for other people well i've got news for you, as longs as humans are concerned there'll always be a fault in you so save yourself the stress and live your life happy cuz humans have a way of making you feel you just aren't good enough"...#thinkselfvalue2014

    1. Anonymous11:13

      Shut ur gutter mouth and pray for your hypocrital self. Keep licking her ass until u kill the blog. She has explained and that's ok. Awon alabosi oshi!

    2. Anonymous14:16

      Shame on you calling another woman gutter mouth. Work on your choice of words before it's too late

  8. Anonymous14:28

    I've never commented on WC before but I think Eeya's disposition deserves commendation, she's been very polite in her responses. Wishing you safe delivery!

  9. Anonymous15:49

    @anonymous 11:13AM where is your empathy?? So all u care is the blog continues even at the cost of the blogger's health and life?may God save u Amen! #Anonymous 8:47AM#


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