How To Roast Whole Chicken By Lizzy Obaze

My roast chicken being cut
very low fat and NO carbohydrate change of lifestyle.

Seasoning: curry powder, knorr cube, salt, garlic, dry herbs and jerk chicken seasoning.
I mixed the seasoning in a bowl with a few spoonfuls of water to dissolve then set aside.

I chopped up 1 onion into rings and 2 peppers then set aside.

I washed my whole chicken, poked it all over with a knife then seasoned it. I stuff the chicken with the chopped onion and pepper then  I placed the chicken in a covered dish then left in fridge overnight to ensure it is properly marinated.

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The following
afternoon I cover an oven tray with foil paper, place the chicken in the centre of the tray cover the chicken with foil to ensure the heat cooks it inside thoroughly .

I place the tray in the oven on gas mark 8 for 45mins. After 45mins I took the oven tray out, took off the foil covering the chicken then turned the chicken over. I reduced the temperature to 5 then placed back in the oven for 20mins. After 20mins I turned the chicken over again for another 20mins. After 1hr 20mins all together I deep a knife in the centre of the chicken to ensure it has thoroughly cooked.

Chicken is ready and you can serve however you wish. I had mine with some salad. Salad and dressing to follow next. Enjoy

Marinated chicken in foil

Chicken in the oven

Whole chicken before marinating

Ingredients for marinating chicken before roasting

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Enjoy juicy, yummy roast chicken 


  1. Mrs Chukwu1/15/2014

    Exactly what I've been waiting for. Thanks Lizzy

    1. U are welcome MrsChukwu.

  2. Happy birthday aunt eya, God bless you plenty

  3. Lizzy is on fire 2014, more strength to U. Yummy chicken!

  4. Anonymous1/16/2014

    HBD aunty Eya....God's blessings now n always- Amen. tnx Lizzy for good work. pls what is d content of the dry herb?

    1. Thyme, basil and curiander are the mixed dry herbs.

  5. Anonymous1/16/2014

    HBD Anty Eya more grease to your elbows

  6. Anonymous1/16/2014

    Happy Birthday aunt Eya... Just wanna use this opportunity to appreciate you for being a blessing to me and my home, even from far away in America. I am one person who is not comfortable discussing my personal issues with people or family but happy i can bring it here on anonymous grounds n get opinions albeit some very nasty ones included (Lol. Wisdom comes in here..) and learning from other peoples experiences too, as well as the numerous kitchen skills...
    Anyway, not to deviate much, I appreciate you, I love you and may God bless you imersely and give ur home much joy and peace just like you bringing to the home of strangers.
    Happy birthday once more.

    1. Thank you. I so much appreciate this. God bless you and to him be all the glory.

  7. Happy aunty Eya,wishing very you all the very best in life, long life and prosperity. Do have a wonderful time.

  8. Happy birthday ma'am Eya!! God bless you.

  9. Anonymous1/16/2014

    Happy birthday Aunty Eya.

  10. Real yummy, easy steps to follow.

  11. Happy birthday anty Eya..... God's blessing to you and ur family.

  12. Topmost1/16/2014

    Happy Birthday Aunty Eya, may the Lord daze you with pleasant surprises.

  13. Many happy returns on your day. Happy birthday.

  14. Anonymous1/16/2014

    Hapi birthday aunty eya and I want to use this opportunity to say a special thank you for giving us dis platform. God bless you plenty. I am d lady that complained abt my brother in law here,I heeded to d advice that was given and today,am a proud owner of my dream jeep.
    Aunty Eya,my problem now is about house help. The one staying with me is getting married and I need another one ASAP.I ve called some agents nd dey av been bringing some for me.the problem is dat majority of pple they are bringing have told me they will be coming and going. Pls women in d house I need ur advice. Should I take househelp that comes and goes or should I continue looking for one that will live with me. Pls forgive my typo errors. Tnk you all

    1. Hello Cj, congrats on your new jeep. Having a help that lives in or or leaves at the end of the day depends on what you require a help for and if you can cope alone from when she leaves till you all retire to bed.
      Do u need a help to help kids with dinner and settle them for bed? Do you need a help to attend to d kids in d middle of thenight such as waking kids to use d toilet to avoid bed wetting? Do u need a help to wake kids very early in d morning, bath, dress and give them breakfast? If you need a help for the above things then you need a live in help. Ifyou can manage on your own after the help has gone for d day then you don't need a live in help.
      Only you can decide what will work for your household so decide and make a wise choice.

    2. Wow congrats CJ on ur new car, in kaduna most women have helps that come and go. It works well but the only problem I see is that these women steal food stuff in little quantity. But some may not do so. Just try them for a month and see how it goes

  15. Anonymous1/16/2014

    Tnx so much lizzy. What I really need is a live in house help. Bt since d ones I ve seen so far wants 2 come nd go,I want to know from other women's experience abt the ones that come and go cos I ve not had one like dat before.

    1. Congratz Cj! the ones that come and go are OK, when they leave, you manage your kids and leave all their work for when they come the following day. The talking and provocation is less when they come and go and there is no much risk involved like that of keeping a stranger permanently with you. Resuming work in the morning and closing in the evening makes them work harder cos they don't want to close late.

      Live-in helps are good when you still have babies who need to be attened to at night and maybe very early in the morning. Aside from that I think the ones who come to work and close at end of day are a better option.
      @Deborah, for the food stuff touching sha, if it's in small quantities then no wahala, after all it's just raw rice, beans and maybe garri. Even when they don't take, we still give to them at the end of the month. If anyone does that, just let them know you are aware and for that reason won't give them anything extra while paying their salaries. I know they can't even take upto a mudu of rice cos they won't want anyone to notice. That is hunger stealing and it can be stopped.

      May I also add that pleaeaeaeaease, those who work for us shouldn't go to bed on an empty stomach. While paying them at the end of the month, it's good to add a little food stuff or toiletries or both or even beverages. These little things go a long way.

      Not after dusting all our Bags of rice, beans, garri, semo and all, they go back home and start looking for where to get one cup garri to soak for their children. Not like we can solve all their problems or that we should take over their family responsibilities, no. Just a few mudus of riceor indomie at the end of the month may just save lives and make them happy employees.

  16. Anonymous1/16/2014

    Happy Birthday Aunty Eya!!!!!!. God bless you as you add another year today

  17. Yummy looking chicken, just that I don't know how to operate my gas cooker(the oven side) so I can't grill. Lizzy how's the healthy diet like.. Just gimme a time table if you can for one week that excludes carbohydrate. Because its only mio mio that comes to mind. Would like to she'd this post baby weight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PERSONAL Anty Eya

    1. Thanks Debs. I am looking at you and Lizzy with my corner eye. Isn't it too early to eliminate carbohydrates???????????????????????????
      The boys still need it for energy o. After weaning them, you can eliminate and go to size zero if you like and we won't eye you at all.

    2. I stopped breast feeding when he was 4months. He is almost 6months now n started semi solids since 4months. Once he is 6mnts more solids begin.

      Debs plz wait till u stop bfeeding b4 u diet, you don't want to experience constant dizzyness from not feeding properly.

  18. HBD Aunty Eya. A blessing via dis blog uve been. May GOD continue to bless and uplift u in every area of ur life. May ur life bring him glory ALWAYS. Wishing u LLNP.

    Please Lizzy like Deborah requested, a time table will be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. chubby ELLAH1/16/2014

    Happy belated bday Eya. Long life n prosperity. GOD bless u.

  20. Anonymous1/16/2014

    HBD anty Eya,may God continue to bless u and ur family ijn,me too lukn for how to shed ds post baby weight,mrs m

    1. Thank you Mrs M. Shedding baby weight is easy with exercise and carbohydrates reduction. Let us just be patient until babies are weaned please.

  21. Priscy1/16/2014

    HBD Eya...ur blog is a blessing to so many. God bless and keep U.

    We are waiting for the bday pics ooooo

    1. Hahaha, Priscy, I don't know how you guys got to know about my birthday cos I didn't plan on posting here since Wives Connection is not all about me. For you guys, posting your birthday is expresssss.

    2. Anonymous1/17/2014

      Facebook! Hehehe... :)

  22. Thank you Deborah and Ayo. Here is the menu in order of breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Monday: 1 boiled egg and bacon, grilled or steamed chicken and salad, beans and corn

    Tuesday: natural yogurt and a banana, meat peppersoup (don't use cowleg and ponmo as they are very fatty), edikaikong soup (preferably with chicken or fish, a table spoon of palmoil, NO SWALLOW plz, u can add extra vegetables of your choice so u have something to chew n crunch on n fill u up after washing it down with lots of water. I usually add mushroom, cougettes or coloured sweet peppers to my soups)

    Wednesday: porridge (use skimmed milk or no milk at all and do NOT use evaporated milk to make it, No sugar but use sweetner or little honey), egg omelette and salad, moimoi

    Thursday: mixed fruit salad, steamed vegetables and chicken, mince beef hotpot (mince beef, kidney beans, blended tomatoes n vegetables cooked in one pot)

    Friday: 1 boiled egg and sausage, fish peppersoup, okro soup with meat and/orfish (cooked with same concept as edikaikong from tuesday)

    Saturday: natural yogurt and apple, left over moimoi from wednesday, vegetables, prawn and diced chicken stir fry (to be eate alone plz)

    Sunday: weetabix and skimmed milk, left over okro or edikaikong from above, whole grilled fish with pepper sauce and salad or vegetables

  23. Our Nigerian meals arefull of carbohydrate and starch and too much of these things are bad for our health.
    I know we were brought up eating rice and swallow but we can make the choice as adults to eat little or no carbs or swallow.

    Healthy eating tips:
    * stay away from all fizzy drinks, juices (contains lots of sugar but if you can make yours with100% juice thats fine)

    *drink 2-3litres of water a day. It helps to flush out the system and u'll see quick results in weighloss if you are on a strict diet

    * try to eat dinner b4 7pm or not after 7pm
    * avoid yam, bread, cereals(apart from brown cereals made with wheat) all swallows,rice, potatoes, pasta, use olive oil to cook in moderation, if you must use palm oil a tiny quantity is enough
    * avoid SUGAR, use sweetner instead or little honey
    * drink herbal tea especially green tea as it helps to speed up metabolism therefore quick weight loss on a strict diet
    * if you feel hungry inbetween meals, snack on carrots, cucumber or fruits. Be mindful not to eat too many fruits, although they are meant to b healthy but some have a lot of sugar which is equally not good for us
    * if you like spicy food please feel free to spice up ur food as this will encourage u to drink water and you'll get full up quick
    * when having salad plz use very little dressing especially salad cream n mayo. When we add too much saladcream or mayo 2 salad it removes 'the healthy eating' as theyare high in calories
    *do not add pasta to salads, pasta is a heavy n starchy carb. Feel free to add baked beans (rinse out tomatoe sauce 1st), kidney beans, peas to salads as they good protein and will fill u up
    *you can add lots of salad to your food,just b mindful of mayo n cream. Olive oil based dressing is healthier
    * try to go for 30-45mins brisk walk 4-5times a week (especially if you drive and don't do any form of exercise)

    This is all I can remember for now.

  24. HBD Eya, wishing you the best tins life has to offer!

  25. Happy Birthday Aunty Eya. God Be with I always...

  26. Anonymous1/17/2014

    God bless Lizzy for this diet timetable

  27. Good job Lizzy! Juicy roasted chicken is the best.

    Aunty Eya Happy Belated Birthday o! I'm so late. I hope you had fun shaa :))

  28. Happy birthday Eya. God bless and keep you alwys.

  29. Happy birthday Eya! Better late tha never :) God will magnify you this new year like never before.

    1. Amen and Ameeen, wow! Thanks Osazee

  30. Anonymous1/17/2014

    Happy birthday aunty Eya,LNP.

  31. Anonymous1/19/2014

    Anty eya God bless u,  so much like dis blog more greese to U̶̲̥̅̊‎​я̲̅ elbow


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