How Marriage Introduction Is Done In Nigeria

Hi aunty eyah
From one of your youngest blog readers :)
My fiancee asked me how Marriage introduction is done and I don't really know.

We have a

son together and want to make things official.
Starting with an introduction. What are the things needed? How do I Plan it? I am from Edo, hubby is from Ibadan. Please help


  1. Anonymous1/11/2014

    Is it not better you ask your family memebers like your parents, uncles and aunties? Because I know some families have their own protocols in such matters apart from what is general in the tribe.

  2. It depends on the traditions in your hometown. Your best bet is to ask your parents/relatives.

  3. Hey
    Tnx for your ur opinions. But you shd realise bringing my issues here means I have faith that I'd get the best advice(s) here
    I don't want to reveal My age but I'm really young and so is my husband to be . We are really young, his parents are divorced. His mom is white so we can't get anytin from her. And well, my mom got married the wrong way. She rebelled against her family to marry my dad. Both of dem jst went to court for signing. So she kws notn abt intoduction or wedding plans. I jst believee that we all at wivestownhall are FAMILY. So why can't I ask fr advice wen I'm confused abt someetin?
    Pls all I need to know is
    #1 are we supposed to throw a party?
    #2 my husband to be and I are to wear the same outfit or not?
    #3 do we rent a hall?

    Just introduction, we are hoping to fix d wedding date fr april by God's grace
    Pls share ur ideas tnx.
    He's from ibadan / russia. I'm from uromi edo state
    God bless us all

  4. Fyn Ijebu Chic1/11/2014

    Introduction is just a small parlour ish
    But aye ti fe loju
    It is jus a meeting between the two families.
    Abeg save ur money, dnt throw a party or rent a hall,
    U can do all dat during d wedding
    Jus cook small food for ur guests.
    It is nt compulsory for all d members of ur extended family to be on seat, jus d few important ones
    You can also give ur fiance family d number of pple to come with.
    I speak according to my own culture ooo
    If u av any question, jus raise ur hand!

    1. Anonymous10/16/2015

      Ok as south african my fiance a Nigerian I really don't know how they do

  5. I didn't know Edo too do introductions o.....but see it as his family getting to know your family.
    Like our fyn Ijebu chick said, just fix a date when his people would come and meet your people at your house...gather your family members and wait for them. U will have to feed every1 present....u could hire a caterer for conveinces sake, cook minimal but quality food....the caterer would do d cooking like she is your sister....that is in house things....dress well, preferable a well sewn fitted gown, minimal make up, nice heels(comfortable)n a head gear.....let your husband 2 b wear a nicely sewn kaftan too....Dont do same color, but u can do same can do peach while he does dark green....dry lace is good 4 dis occasion.
    When he is coming with his family, he should bring fruits n a bit of food stuffs n a bottle of wine.... He can Also bring drinks n a special gift for your mum n maybe your dad.
    The fruits should b in a basket n very fresh.

    I will add more as I remember.
    Advice them to come to town a night before n lodge in a hotel close by so u guys can start by 8am or 10am, round up quickly so they can travel back.
    Tell him all he needs to do is state his intension to marry u and ask for your parents/family members approval then u guys would work on a date.
    Try n look your best n ensure your home is in order....this would b their 1st impression about u n ur family not minding the baby BTW you two.....wishingu Gods bblessings...

    Please pray 4 us too so we can also prepare for d day if joy like you.


  6. Anonymous1/11/2014

    Introduction is just a small meeting between your husband to be and your family in your sitting room. Your husband to be can come with a family member and a friend, while your family members(your parents, uncle) welcome them. He introduce himself and make his intention known with hot drinks and all(according to your tradition). You cook a good meal for them to eat afterwards. Shikina. Wear anything simple maybe trad. Hope this was helpful. Chidinma.

  7. Poster pls what Lga is uromi in edo state! Have two frnds frm Edo state and want to call them to ask on your behalf.

    1. Anonymous1/12/2014

      LGA is esan north east
      Uromi is my village . Tnx

      Poster:- KT

    2. Owie aba me..
      I'm from uromi, esan north east also!

      Introduction is is basically his family coming to meet ur's, they must come with little gifts like wine(s) and fruits.

      They'll be given the list for the traditional wedding at this 1st meeting,

      Ur family entertain them with light food and you all call it a day.

      It's a palour tingy...

      PS: I hope you are not making the yoruba mistake of refering to engagament/introduction as traditional marriage, they are diffrnt...

      Engagement - this is btw you and ur spouse.

      Introduction - is the 1st meeting of ur spouses family with ur's and

      Traditional - is the native and customary wedding

  8. Anonymous1/12/2014

    Well intro is just ur family pple(d important ones e.g parents, siblings uncles and aunties a friend or 2) coming together to meet officially in ur house!
    You have the right to give dem the number of pple to come with! Its a sitting room setting thg.
    You dnt have to wear the same thg my dear. Na just intro na!
    They will come with fruit basket with any fruits they can lay their hands on.
    Your family on d other hand will present them with sweets, water, juice, biscuits, dried fish etc except fruits as gift to their family! You can buy 2 cartons of water, 2 of juice, 2 cartons of biscuits, diff sweets. Just wrap or package them nicely!
    Well I spk to u as a Yoruba/ Edo lady!
    Its as easy as dat! Wish I could drop my number, cos I do all dem intro/ engagement gift tinz well.
    All d very best my dear.

    1. Anonymous1/14/2014

      Pls advise me too o. I'm also planning my intro for next month. I always tot it was a parlour thingy too. But from d feelers I'm getting from my groom's family, it seems they wanna call in the whole world. As someone said, are we allowed to give them a limit on the number of people to bring along? Cost even my grandpapa parlour no fit accommodate too much people. And someone said don't wear same colours. Me, I don already choose colour dey we go wear o. Pls gibe me more tips. I'd appreciate this. I'm Yoruba by the way

    2. Anonymous10/30/2015

      Hello , please drop your number, very important for connection of contract.

    3. Pls what if the sitting room is not too big?

  9. Anonymous1/14/2014

    If ure yoruba u can wear the same colour,based on what u want though am married to a yoruba and my inlaws intro he and his wife wore the same colour and it was cool, though mine we wore seperate colours but complemented each other

  10. Anonymous1/16/2014

    @ poster,ur huby 2 b nids to gt tins for ur parents;trad attire(ie)wrapper for both parents & no nid for fruits bt sinc he‘s yoruba u can cum with some.
    U also nid two pple dat ll speak on behalf of both families(4goten wat dy r called in English)Congrats.

  11. Thanks guys, i appreciate all ur contributions, mine is today was confused, but now i know am on d right path, but pls can she be part of the seating?

  12. pls I need an intro/ traditional wedding planner
    Am from asaba,delta state


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