Foreign Versus Nigerian Nurses

I saw this on Debby's page, laughed hard and quickly lifted to share with you guys. Lolz

If you see where a woman is giving birth abroad chei!
even as a man you'll feel like getting pregnant For only one woman in Labour You will see an obstetrician A gynaecologist A general surgeon A specialist surgeon An anaesthetist A registered nurse midwife And even registered nurses+plus social welfare officer and so on
And they pet women in labour That is why it is called"Delivery Room" over there.

Back in Nigeria my country it is called "Labour Room" And
if you see what women go through here You will agree that it should also be called confession and trial room Nigerian nurses make pregnancy look like a criminal offence And the worse thing is that they are everywhere Both private and government hospitals.

For instance, when a woman who is in Labour is brought to the hospital They will throw her into the labour room and lock her up like a criminal awaiting trial And they all will go to the reception and be gossiping Until the woman starts shouting like a goat, and when they come to meet her, it's not to help her but to abuse her... You hear words like...."
  • The man wey do you no dey here oooO""
  • Na me do you?
  • Madam push oooO!""
  • Abi u wan kill your pikin?
  • You better push now or i go leave you here ooO!T
Then, the next thing is to report to Matron Those matrons only have two jobs:  
1. Sitting down in one place for hours 
2. slapping women in Labour So, when the matron is called, The next thing she does is to slap the woman in Labour And the baby will JUMP out with anger (I wonder if they are not women themselves).
This practice pains me a lot Because if you know how painful labour is, this Nurses ought to be kind. 

What's your experience with nurses? Are they all the same? What makes them act the way they do? How can we help change them or interact with them during delivery to bring out the good in them?


  1. I had my baby in Garki hospital,the experience was not bad for me @ all. There was a nurse in my room throughout and a doctor was checking on me like every 30 mins. The head of ob-gyn came to see me as well.
    The nurses were encouraging me all through. Nobody shouted on me. I hope my 2nd experience will even be better with them.

  2. Anonymous1/29/2014

    i gave birth in a teaching hospital,nobody shouted at me,infact the nurses encouraged me. Gone r those days of Sarey Gamp nursing.

  3. Anonymous1/29/2014

    Before I got married, these were the sad stories I got from friends and it put serious fear in me. So i vowed that I will work hard and have all my babies delivered abroad. So far, God has heared my prayers.

    Most Nigerian nurses and doctors are very mean. Aside labour, I have had urgly experiences with some nurses and a doctor in a private hospital (infact, he was sacked) after the incident. The doctor's action was so bad that he could even kill a patient if not under watch!

    My suggestion on the solution is proper supervision and constant training. If the Ogas at the topic will just do their job of supervision, a lot of negligences will be eliminated from our hospitals. Also, there should be a body to look into every medical cases of suspected negligence and if found culpable, licenses should be withdrawn ....This is one of the things that checkmate doctors and nurses abroad, the fear of having their licenses withdrawn in cases of reported negligence.

  4. Anonymous1/29/2014

    So true. I gave birth a month ago in a military hospital. And it was in a labor room not delivery room. There was nothing comfy in that room even the bed. ČŠ̊†̥ feels and looks like I was in a cell. I was slapped, screamed @,threatened. Bt I thank God I came out with my baby. All is 4given

  5. So true,my friends have told me horrible stories dats why I am jetting out to have my angel by God's grace

  6. Anonymous1/29/2014

    I gave birth 2months ago n d experince wasn't bad,though I was induced so I went thru a lot of pain,d nurses were nice,d one dt tuk my delivery even called her pastor n he prayed with me,she still check on me n d baby till date,so it wasn't a bad xperince,mrs m

  7. Anonymous1/29/2014

    When I gave birth d nurses were nice to me Oo°˚˚˚°! Even though one asked me if I wanted to kii my baby since I wasn't pushing hard enof. In that hospital they have SERVICOM. But wia I had a bad experience was in anoda hospital in a diiferent state dis time, I had just sufferd an MC that almost cost me my life and had to be given blood.
    D following day in d afternoon I noticed the drip I was being given had stopped dripping and called d nurses attention to it. Dis woman came and was screaming @ me Oo°˚˚˚°! Asking me if I was a baby? Why did I touch it! No be small matter Oo°˚˚˚°! I just lost a 4 month pregnancy and almost died and here she was screaming @ me and acusing me wrongly! I lashed out @ her Oo°˚˚˚°! I called her a nasty nurse and told her she want fit to be a nurse. She said I'm in my office and I can do as I like wen I cum to ur office u can do me as u like. Smh!

  8. Anonymous1/30/2014

    I gv birth t my 1st daughter at military hosp yaba.dt was my worst mistake but i thnk God dere was no casualty.labour started around 1am.dere were carelessly checking on me like no man bixness.i was checked around 6 in d mornin,and my cervix was only 4cm then.around 8same mornin,i started feeling a very very sharp pain in my cervix.i called d attention of d nurses at d counter dt something is coming out of my vagina and i cnt control it any longer.d stupid nurses(about 6of them)were at e counter gisting and laughing on top of dere voices

  9. Anonymous1/30/2014

    they told me dt i sld stop disturbing them and i sld beta not push.i beg and beged them,dt dey sld pls come and check on me cos blood was flowing out of my vagina but dey ignored husband begd them and they told him dt am disturbing them. I touched my vagina and lo and behold i touched my baby s head.i continued shouting and crying yet no came when d matron who was coming t work heard someone screaming.she rushed in and saw me wt blood stain al ova my body.she started pleading d blood of Jesus and then called d u knw dt ds pple hv not even set d delivery room l,d necessary tools hvnt been brought out.d matron started speakingvin tongue and then told me dt only me can save my baby cos she had been trapped fr long in my cervix.she said dt once she tells me t push,i sldnt hesitate.i gatherd d last strenght in my and my baby cme out after pushing twice.d matron on scholding d nurses asked them y dey didnt attend t me me.they replied dt wen dey checked me around 6 am i was only 4cm dey didnt knw i was serious then.imagine.
    during my second child,i didnt even cross dt hosp many poor infrastructure,dirty toilet and bathroom,u share d same bed wt ur baby,even if u undergo a cesarian section.all d nurses does is to gossip about d student docs.

  10. Anonymous1/30/2014

    When i my baby came out,she had an oblong head like a mangoed cervix reshaped her head cos she was somehow trapped in my cervix.fear catch me cos d shape was so bad fr agirl.but d oda nursing mothers tot me on how t shape her head.i vowed neva t deliver in a govt hosp.
    i gv birth t my sec baby in a private hosp(d word med centre ojuelegba)thru out my labour,a nurse was there soothing my waist (in military yaba,dey wnt even allow ur hubby talk more of them soothing ur waist)and we prayed together fr more thn 5 times.d doc checked on me evry 15 was such a sweet painfl experience.military hosp no b am oooo

    1. Woow so scary. Thank God for victory.

  11. Good to be back here. Allthough I have heard so many bad reports about giving birth in Nigeria, thank God I did not experience it. Had all my kids abroad and it is truly a lovely experience from conception till delivery.

    1. Anonymous1/30/2014

      Welcome back. Missed you and ur yummy recipes

  12. Anonymous1/30/2014

    After giving birth abroad I wept for our country,I had cs in the afternoon and by evening of the same day I was walking around. They where so nice to me that I didn't want to leave the hospital!

  13. Anonymous1/30/2014

    I delivered my 1st 2 in luth. I was only threatned wen my 1st baby was abt coming out, dat if I don't push dey'll beat me. Omo I pushed sharp sharp ooo! After he came out den dey petted me. As 4 d 2nd dey petted me all thru. Nice experience. But 4 dis my 3rd baby dey r on strike so registered in a priv. Can't wait 2 experience derz

  14. Wow.
    Anon 12:50 thank GOD your baby came out eventually. Alive and healthy.

    I'm in the medical profession and when I hear things like the stories above I just imagine and it saddens my heart.

    What I know is Nurses are caring,hardworking amongst other qualities.

    Remember wherever you have good eggs...............a bad egg will/can also be present.

  15. Anonymous1/30/2014

    Hmmmmm,some nurses are wicked to the core,anyway I don't blame them,I only blame money for not coming my way so as to travel abrode to deliver.I'm a mother of two expecting the 3rd in some months time,on the day of my first delivery,the doctor who is the head of the specialist hospital and a Rev sis,came to check on me behold she said I should prepare for CS,my people I rejected it infronte of her cos the good Lord I have promised me that I will surely deliver like the Hebrew women so I told the Doc,she said that my pelvic abi cervix is not adequate and she left,hmm all the nurses now assumed me to be a CS patient, for some hour none of them came to check on me,luckly for me the Doc called them and ask them to check on me and at that moment my CM is high but I was having a little contration,the Doc continue calling them I don't know if is bcos of the tears I shed on hearing the CS that makes her so conside or the way she is,she told them to always check on me but trust those shakara nurses and after some hours later I started have a serious contration as if I want to go to toilet and I told them and they said I should go to toilet,if not for the intervention of my mother in-law who shouted at them if they are mad to tell me to go to toilet I would have hv my baby in the toilet and they wouldn't hv come to my aid if I tell them to come,one of them decide to come and check hw many CM I was but on puting her hand inside she touched the head of the baby and took me to the Labour room I was already pushing cos my baby is coming out and one of them shouted on me saying I should stop push else the baby will tear my viginal but hw can I stop pushing the baby that is almost out but due to the tightness of my viginal as a virgin(smiles)the babies head can't pass tru so they hv to give me tear and one of jumped on my bed and press the upper path of my stomach as in pushing the baby and wala the baby is out praise be the name of the Lord. Do u people know that this careless nurses that stiched the teared path of my viginal didn't tight the stiches and my viginal is open upon all my check up and the doctors were assuring me it will merge and normal,anyway I stopped fearing the month my hubby climbed me and told me I was sweeter than ever lol, so when at my second delivery at the labour room a Rev sis entered the moment I was about to push and seeing me she said what a strong woman that was hw I pushed onces plus the open vigina and my baby is out without much pushing.

    1. Anonymous2/02/2014

      thsnk God for ur story. but no punctuation mark so is hard to read and undersand

  16. Anonymous2/02/2014

    wow! these stories. i had mine at gold cross ikoyi, lovely service from the nurses and the gyno Dr Obi, God bless her aywhere she is now. Most times the salary and walfare of the nurses makes them aggressive and impatient which makes them mean, even in my office, i'm sometins angry at customer when i remember how poorly i am paid

  17. Mrs Ateke2/09/2014

    Not all Nigerian Nurses r bad o. I had my first baby at Reddington Multi specialist hospital VI lagos. I was induced. But d nurses were there to hold my hand through out. A nurse who was on duty all nyt opted to stay back until I had my baby at 12:30pm d following day.
    2ndly the list of drs in a foreign hospital is too much na. Haba. I had ny 2nd baby in Houston. The gynae was dere as well as d anaesthetist n d nurses. The gynae was coming and going. I had a dedicated nurse. Although she wasn't in d room with me all the tym but they were monitoring my progress from anoda screen at their station. All in all d delivery experience was so superb. The petting was fantastic. Kai. I was dreading being discharged.
    The social worker isn't there o. Abegii. Na after u don born den they come around with forms to take your data and the baby's data to process his social security and citizenship details.


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