Fish Fillet Vegetable Sauce With Pasta

 Fish fillet vegetable sauce served with pasta
This fish vegetable sauce is best cooked with fish fillet. I didn't have at home so tried to cut my croaker, a few bones escaped into the pot but couldn't create any drama because we all over enjoyed this meal.
I regret taking pics with this Lumia cos posting them has given me enough headache already. Couldn't upload to a laptop and now blogging with the phone to see if they upload but not sure they'll show on the blog. Let me just keep trying different tricks cos this tasted too good not to be posted.

Yay! the pics have finally uploaded after these long hours. Try this
and I bet you won't regret it. Sauce can be served with boiled rice, jollof, pasta and anyhow you want it, lol!

Ingredients For fish fillet vegetable sauce:

  • Fish fillets
  • Fresh pepper
  • Onion
  • salt
  • Seasoning
  • cabbage
  • tatashe
  • Green pepper
  • curry
  • Soya, olive or vegetable Oil
  • Baked beans in tomato sauce (optional)
  • Water

Fish with fresh pepper in a greased pan

Fish with veggies, seasoning cubes won't crush cos Harmattan has hardened them. Heating to soften the cubes. Didn't use all these cubes.

 Fish with onion, fresh pepper, seasoning and some curry

Washing Vegetables for the fish fillet sauce

Cabbage, tatashe, green pepper and onion
No fish fillets at home, trying to cut mine from croaker. The tails won't cut so I added that way and brought out the tail bones when fish cooked soft. Do not try this at home, get ready-made fillets. LOL!

A greased fry pan for vegetables

Stir frying assorted vegetables and seasoning with salt on low heat

Vegetables can be served now or left to cook a bit more

Yummy, nutritious sauce for rice

Adding cooked vegetables to little boiling water to make sauce

Vegetables and water mix well and simmer a little

 Added the cooked fish to my sauteed vegetables, Cooked appealing fish fillet vegetable sauce

Adding only one drop of baked beans in tomato sauce to give it that fish-tomato zest

Sauce is ready for the family

Enjoy yummy sauce with your coice of pasta, rice, etc.
Please don't try to make your fish fillets like me o. Get clean, boneless fish fillets from your supermarket and cook with ease.


  1. Thanks I'll try this for Sunday Lunch

  2. Yum yum yum yum yum!
    Wownific. Thanks for sharing. Definitely making this.

  3. Anonymous1/04/2014

    Wowwww so trying this.I just love cooking.Thanks so much. CLAIRE

  4. Anonymous1/04/2014

    Pls what is so special about dis sauce? It doesnt look gud and am sure it will not taste gud cos there is no any spice or herbs that will make it tasty ang give it a kick. All ur sauces are d same and then u come and give it another name. Even a 5yr old can make dis sauce or even better.

    1. Anonymous1/04/2014

      Let's see yours madam Indian spices. Arrogant learner lol

    2. Anonymous1/05/2014

      Anonymous10:15 PM na wa for you! Some peeps are just so rude! We know you are a world known chef. Pls leave us with our 5 year old cooking standard, we like it like that! You hide behind the internet to throw insults. On a good day, I wonder if you can stand in thee same room as Eya, talk less rubbish her cooking. God is watching you!

    3. Fyn Ijebu Chic1/05/2014

      @anon 10:15, who are u by the way and by the bush?
      E ma wo kini yi ooooo?
      Awe, ya ara e ni brain ooo *google dat*
      This is 2014, learn to appreciate effort.
      The fact that u cook ur stew/sauce with basil leaf, curry leaf, cinnamon. Lemon grass, bitter leaf, hot leaf and all the leaves and barks in this world doesn't mean everyone will.
      Some of us dnt like ur so called herbs and spice.
      Take ur time ooo, dnt get me angry.
      *sprinkles holy water on you*

    4. Don't be angry anon, we don't have costa rican spices here, its fish fillet we made ok! Pls I repeat fish fillet.... Thanks for co-perating

    5. Anonymous1/13/2014

      for ur info i tried out the recipe dis evening and it was simply delicious. though i didnt add the baked beans

  5. Jazmin1/05/2014

    Looks so simple, this is something I can try. My family will definitely love this. Very healthy

  6. Choi!!!!!!!! Cnt wait 2 try dis. Wld certainly b delicious. Esp 4 fish lovers.....

  7. Anonymous1/05/2014

    Aunty Eya *sobs*, I just made coconut rice,it was disastrous,Iye o,I tink its d coconut milk I bought,d food just tasted like a badly-cooked emergency rice, *weeps*,I followed all the steps too,it burnt so bad that the smoke alarm went off.and no single coconut taste came out *sigh*, I will try again with my own coconut milk...theresa

    1. Fyn Ijebu Chic1/05/2014

      We don't always get the best result at our first try.
      You'll get better with time.
      Pele, ma sukun mo.(Sorry, stop sobbing)

    2. Sorry about that Theresa, did you check the expiry date on the coconut milk you bought? Try Emma coconut powder or blend your coconut next time.

  8. Anon 2:15pm sorry jaree, buh really what went wrong? *rolls eyes* Ema binu your second will be better, we can only try...

  9. Anonymous1/05/2014

    Na wah for some pple o,why bad mouthing dis lovely dish,anyway me I likey,so av bookmarked already,nice one,hapi sunday,mrs m

  10. Anty Eya have missed seeing this your frying pan oh! *tongue out

    1. I missed posting with it and just had to show it off this once again.

  11. Lol I thought u threw d frying pan out when u bought a new1.

    1. For where? Only a hole in the middle can make me throw it away. Lol!

  12. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Well, for those of us who don't like the look, it actually tasted far better than it looks. Try it first and see.

  13. For those who don't like fish, you'll enjoy it with shredded chicken or gizzard

  14. Anonymous1/09/2014

    this is nice

  15. pinkyberry1/10/2014

    This is so nice. And I like fish so much @ eya forget this ur buy ur own fish fillet o cuz na ice fish me go use try it out first! Meanwhile, I tried cooking ofada stew wit wc receipe and it came out so well for first timer. Thanks love.

  16. the color is what made me to stop and read, it look so yummy and inviting will surely try it. people dt condemn re those dt dnt know how to cook, dnt mind them jor.

  17. one can add any spicy that he or she likes, no rules and regulation


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