Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sweet Dodo With Fresh Fish Sauce

Sweet dodo with fresh fish sauce
Dodo served with peppered fresh fish sauce is one delicacy that I can eat whether in the morning, afternoon or evening. It is so tasty and enjoyable. The fresh fish sauce has to

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How To Cook Chicken Soup Gravy

chicken soup gravy served with boiled rice
Chicken soup gravy can be served with rice, macaroni, spaghetti, unripe boiled plantain or just enjoyed as a meal on

How To Cook Healthy Coconut Spaghetti With Coconut Milk And Peas

milky coconut pasta/spaghetti cooked with coconut milk

Spaghetti can be boiled and eaten with stew,  boiled and served with chicken, beef or fish pepper soup, it can be cooked like fried rice and  can also be cooked in the form of jollof spaghetti. Quick, delicious and healthy macaroni can also be cooked this way. Macaroni may take a shorter time to cook.Here I went a

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Need Help With My Teenage Daughter

Hello Dear, Eya,
I am writing you because your blog has made me develop strong confidence in you and other women who read that blog. I am suffering so much depression,  I want to be happy, I want my laughter to come from my heart, but this seems impossible. For the past one year, I have been so depressed that even

Monday, February 25, 2013

How To Cook Ikokore By Shayor

 a pot of ikokore

This is Ikokore, a native meal for the Ijebus of Nigeria. It is similar to Ekpang Kwukor that

How To Cook Vegetable Draw Soup Serve With Yellow Foo Foo

vegetable draw soup with hot, soft yellow foo foo
Vegetable draw soup is cooked with ground ogbono and ugu(fluted pumpkin) or

Sunday, February 24, 2013

How To Make Akara With Fiber Serve With Moringa powder

 frying  very healthy akara in hot oil 
Having enough  fiber in our meals is what we all need each time we eat food, including

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why You Desperately Need Moringa Tea And How To Make Yours

Freshly plucked Moringa (Zogale) leaves
I decided long ago to dump my beverages and join the Moringa Team, but, for some reasons (may be sweet tooth or love for beverages) I wasn't able to do that. The urge became more serious last night after reading Dobby's signature. It was a long post no doubt. However, I thoroughly enjoyed and read word by word.

After digesting that post, this morning I had my first experience with Moringa Tea and I honestly feel

Friday, February 22, 2013

Agidi Jollof With Coconut Cream Powder And Biscuit Bones

Agidi jollof with coconut cream powder and biscuit bones
This agidi jollof is made from biscuit bones and stock, raw akamu (corn starch), tomato stew, and coconut cream

How To Cook Ugwu Melon Egusi Soup With Pounded Yam

Egusi Soup Recipe

 Egusi soup also known as melon soup.
Egusi soup also known as melon soup in Nigeria can be cooked plain or with vegetables. Egusi soup cooked with green vegetables is very nutritious. I can take the soup alone without foofoo or any swallow and still feel full and satisfied. This soup cooks fast. The reason I add egusi (melon) early is to give it enough time to cook. Sometimes, I fry the egusi in palm oil before adding to the soup. That way, the egusi becomes a bit lumpy. At other time, I add a little warm water to the egusi (melon), stir and mix or pound until oil begins to come out of the melon before dropping in tiny lumps into the pot of soup.

This egusi with vegetable soup can be served alongside Eba, Starch, semo, poundo or not too soft Amala. This soup is much, can serve up to 10.

  • 4 cups ground egusi (melon)  
  • 11/2kg goat meat 
  • fluted pumpkin  vegetables (ugu leaves)
  • 1 large smoked catfish 
  • 1 pack stockfish  
  • 2 tablespoons palm oil
  • seasoning cubes to taste
  • salt to taste
  • 1 small onion 
  • 2 large peppers  
  • 1 cup crayfish 
  • water

How to cook egusi soup

Cooking Steps:

  1. Boil washed goat meat with salt, pepper and onions for about 10 minutes
  2. Add water if you notice pot is drying up. Add seasoning cubes Check for salt
  3. Add stock fish,  melon and crayfish when meat stock begins to, boil
  4. Allow egusi to cook for about 8 minutes before adding palm oil and washed periwinkles, stir, check for salt, cover to boil till you are satisfied with the thicknness of the soup  and taste of the melon
  5. Agg the ugwu vegetables, stir and leave for about 3 minutes before turning off the heat. Leave soup pot open so that the heated pot does not continue cooking your green vegetables.
  6. Serve with your foo foo or any swallow.
Remember that egusi vegetable soup tastes better after one day, so, cook much and save the rest.

  • See step by step cooking pictures below...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weight watcher Wholegrain mixed veg pasta By Lahmow

Healthy wholegrain Mixed Vegetable Pasta
This is absolutely good for weight watchers

The pasta is barilla made with 51percent wholewheat. A healthier

How To Cook Wrapped Ekpang Kwukwor With Biscuit Bones

ekpang kwukwor with biscuit bones (Cartilage) and smoked fish.
Ekpang kwukwor used to be a dish made exclusively for,
and by the people of Southern Nigeria, the  Cross River and Akwa Ibom State People of Nigeria. It originated from there. Nowadays, it has become a continental dish that can be prepared and eaten by anyone who so desires. It is one of the African Continental Dishes.

Ekpang kwukwor is very easy and fast to cook once the ingredients

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Efo Riro Soup with shredded beef, pomo, and Baby Tilapia by @ilola

 A Serving Of Efo Riro ,  Fried plantain With Rice.
Efo riro is a meal by the Yorubas.
It is a delicacy actually. I love it because if the variety of ways we can use it, with swallow or boiled rice.
Ingredients for efo riro soup:

Palm Oil
Grinded pepper
Green Vegetable

Shredded beef and pomo
Shredded baby tilapia
Meat stock

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fresh Fish Gravy With Fruity Rice

How to cook fresh catfish gravy

Fresh catfish gravy to serve with rice.

fresh fish gravy served with rice and sweet fruits
Fresh fish gravy is one of those healthy tasty dishes that I can serve and even eat daily without complain. It is fast and easy to cook,  looks so appetizing and rich when served.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I Don't Like Nigerian Hair Dressing Salons - African Naturalista

My Natural hair

I have always had a problem with hair dressers and the way my hair is done. From making braids smaller than I ask for, to setting the hair dryers too hot, to stubbornness when it comes to doing what I want as a customer,  to trying to convince me to apply relaxers, to making hair so painful I can't sleep first night of fixing or braiding. I haff suffered in Nigerian Salons, that is main reason why I decided to go natural in the first place and have been praying to God to help me discover a natural hairstyle that will keep me from visiting salons in my country  Nigeria. 

I never thought that other woman face the same or have the same experiences until I visited African Naturalistas today. Read below @ilola's experiences:
I use the term, Nigerian, here knowing it is the only country I have visited salons, not that I am particularly picking on Nigerian salons.

I remember when I started

How To Cook Soft Crunchy Corn Beans Meal

 sweet corn and beans meal

Corn beans meal
Corn and beans meal is easy to cook and fun to eat when done with sweet corn. I never had much time for it because of the long time it took for the corn to cook. Now
with sweet corn, the only work involved is boiling the beans. It tasted so good. Frying the sweet corn with crayfish gave the corn a very natural taste. Soft because

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here's Announcing The Birth Of Our New Fry Pan

 The new Monix Fry Pan
If a fry pan were as big as a "posh car" or "a mansion in Aso Rock," May be, somebody somewhere would have felt like "show off." The good thing is that a fry pan is just an ordinary "kitchen ware" that

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To Make Agidi With Stew At Home

agidi with Nigerian Tomato stew
Agidi can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What matters is the quantity one eats at any given time. It is  a very balanced meal. With the way

Wheat Bread With Sunny Side Up And Greens

Breakfast Ideas 8
Wheat Bread With Sunny Side Eggs And Greens
 A slice of wheat bread or two, with some sunny side up eggs for protein and green vegetable salad is a very healthy way to start the day. Sometimes, I go for a vegetable breakfast and

Friday, February 15, 2013

Shredded Chicken Gravy Noodles With Some Sauce

noodles with some sauce
Noodles with sauce can be so refreshing and fun. It feels like one is eating noodles with a side of pepper soup. 
Yesterday, I

10 Ways To Test Who You'Re Really Chatting With Online By Hannah Howard

online chat

The sad tale of Manti Te’o and his fraudulent girlfriend has brought a problem with online dating to light: the risk of catching a catfish. “Catfish” is the term used to describe a person who

Dodo With Green vegetables In Tomato Egg Sauce By @ilola

Dodo with Green vegetables in Tomato Egg Sauce
Dodo and egg sauce is one yummy meal I can eat every other day. The green vegetables add

My Old Frying Pan And Fraulein Maria's Dress

 my fry pan on duty

My old frying pan has lived with me longer than my 12 year old baby girl.  It has seen better days. It used to be the best, (not Alaba International Market best o). It was

Thursday, February 14, 2013

White Rice With Mackerel Fish Stew And Cole Slaw

Nigerian fish stew is the easiest kind of tomato stew to cook. Fish stew hardly slaps or gives that sour tomato taste. For me, I have my easy method that prevents the cooked fish from crumbling in the pot. I make my stew by frying the tomatoes, fresh pepper and onion in a pot or fry pan, before adding to already boiled fish in another bigger pot. When tomato and fish are together, I leave to simmer for about five minutes, check for salt and seasoning before enjoying my fish stew. Tastes really good.

How To Cook Nigerian Banga Afang Soup

 banga vegetable soup
Banga soup is mostly eatern by The Southern  People of Nigeria. It can be cooked plain and thick, or with vegetables. It is very healthy. The oil is fresh unprocessed

Pop Quiz: How Can You Prevent Choking In Children By Sonny Giffin

1.) What is the most common cause of non-fatal choking incidents among young children?
A)   Food
B)   Toys
C)   Household Items

Shredded Chicken Noodles Without Sauce

Shredded Chicken Indomie Noodles
I just discovered on "African Weight Loss Facebook Page" that a pack of Indomie noodles contain about 342 calories. Now, we know that what the body needs per day is just about 1700 calories. I eat about one to two packs of noodles at

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ewa Agoyin Sauce By Lamide

Agonyin Beans plus sauce served with roasted Plantain
*(Ewa Agonyin used to be known as a Yoruba meal, these days, it is enjoyed by

How To Cook Nigerian Soups With Less

Cooking a healthy, good looking and tasty pot of soup can be quite expensive. There are a few tricks that can give us great results with less. For the step by step cooking recipes of all the soups on this page, visit here
 okra soup
 How To Cook Okro Soup With Less:

Nigerian Peppered Soft Brown Beans With Yam

 Nigerian peppered brown beans with salted boiled yam
Peppered beans with yam is a delicacy. The only time you don't enjoy it is when the beans is tasteless. Cook  beans very soft and not too thick, you are sure of

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Irish Potatoes With Egg, Sausages And Tasty Crunchies

 Irish potatoes with  sausages  crunchy vegetables and tomato ketchup
Irish potatoes can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For me, it all depends on the quantity served and what accompanies it. I fry and dry in serviettes because there is so much oil in them after frying. Another method I love is baking Irish potatoes

How To Teach Sex Education With Ease 2

This is not like a full post o. It is to inform all those who asked for the name of my Sex Education book, (not written by me) which I couldn't find on the shelf. I found it, updated the sex Education

Pasta Collage - Vegetable Pasta With Gizzard By Stellz

a serving of vegetable pasta with gizzard

Beans Recipe By Zinny

Corn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My beans recipe:

Beans 4 cups.
Medium sized tilapia.
Sweet corn.
Veg oil (optional)
Sweet potato (optional)

I usually parboil my beans just for 5minutes.
Then I wash and put back

Re: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns, Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi Resigns

 Between Men And Women,Who Is Quick To Resign ?

By nature, most men are not as patient and long suffering as the women folk. That is not to say that Pope Benedict XVI or, The Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi is  not patient enough,  Capital "NO,"  far from that. Just that, after reading about these two major resignations yesterday, I became so

Shredded Beef Gravy By Lamide

 Shredded beef with

Monday, February 11, 2013

Healthy Nigerian Meal Recipes So Far. Part 2

akara balls with akamu. For how to make simple
akara balls at home, Go HERE  and HERE and HERE    
 my kind of ekpang. For how I cook my own kind of ekpang Go HERE
 Rice with green vegetables served with

Healthy Nigerian Meal Recipes So Far

ogbono soup with lumpy egusi
Find Ogbono with

How To Count Calories With Nigerian Dishes

Help With Calorie Counting!

I got this mail and actually sent a reply before it clicked that readers may have some useful ideas to share:

Greetings Eya. Keep up the good work. Is it possible to count calories with our Nigerian dishes? Just

How To Cook Nigerian Fried Rice With Coated Chicken

 packed Nigerian fried rice with coated chicken
In Nigeria, Fried Rice is the  meal for great events like weddings, Festivals, Christmas celebrations, House-warming, New Car Washing, Child Naming Ceremonies, Child Christening/ Dedications,  and even Funeral Commemorations. It is much loved by Most Nigerians. Back in the days, not many
women knew how to cook fried rice. All we did was cook our "Rice and stew" or "Jollof rice" at home, and eat out whenever we craved fried rice. In food outlets, fried rice is the most expensive of  all rice meals on the Menu. Well, this is considering that I have never bought sushi.

Fried rice is loved by many. Children grin all through the cooking and never leave the kitchen anytime a mother announces that lunch is fried rice. With all the colorful vegetables in there, I am forced to think that fried rice is the most healthy of all rice meals.

There are other "methods of Cooking Fried Rice." There is the method where all the vegetables are added to the pot of rice and cooked before frying. There is also a method whereby the rice and vegetables are fried together while mixing. There may be other methods that I do not know of. 

One thing is

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mercy Johnson From Miss To Mrs To Mama

I am in the mood for some gossip this morning. All food and no work-out can leave us constipated and sick. This year 2013, I can't remember

Tuna Pasta And Vegetable Bake By Elizabeth Obaze

 Tuna, Pasta And Vegetable Bake

made this meal for my family last night but I only took

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Brown Akara Balls With Gingered Brown Akamu

Breakfast Ideas 7

 akara balls with guinea corn gingered akamu

Shredded Goat Sauce (Gravy) With Mixed Spaghetti Rice

 shredded goat sauce gravy served with rice and spaghetti
Shredded goat, chicken or beef sauces are a welcome change from the tomatoes stew. Sometimes it gets boring having to serve Rice, macaroni or spaghetti with red tomatoes stew all the time. 

Whenever I want to vary, sauces come

Valentine Special:Red Velvet Cakes, More By Ahdaizy Jayde

This is a "Do It Yourself" Valentine Baking!

Special valentine velvet Cakes

Something to wow the men in our lives this valentine. If you are one of those still thinking of what to present this valentine, think no

Breakfast Ideas 5 And 6

Breakfast Idea 5. Mutton Kebabs With Bread And Tea

 If you are  a lover of Suya with raw onion, then I think you will enjoy this breakfast. You can also eat without the onion. It can be served with any fruit or vegetable of your choice.
I like my mutton kebebs a

Friday, February 08, 2013

White Yam With Green In Tomatoes Egg Sauce. Method 1

 yam with green vegetables tomatoes and eggs
Boiled yam served with green vegetables in tomatoes sauce is a delicacy for my family. This is like one of Hubby's favorite dish. Many times, healthy meals are not really

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Breakfast Ideas 4. White Oats With A Side Of Sausages

Quaker oats with sausages

 Eating oats in the morning is a very healthy way to start the day. Especially for

10 Ways To Get Your Husband To Do What You Want Sent In By Maria Wells

"I live in a German family and feel wonde...
"I live in a German family and feel wonderful":  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting Him To Do What You Want Around The House

Some women are lucky enough to have married men who enjoy helping out around the house – or at least who help out without complaint. Others have men in their lives who