Which Government Hospital In Abuja Is Better Than Wuse General Hospital?

Good evening Aunty Eya abeg no vex I know I've sent a lot of messages for advice but just bear with me. Pls ill need advice on when to start ante natal, my mil said I should wait till when I'm 3 months but someone advised to start now so I can start taking the drugs. 

pls I and hubby aren't too rich n ill like to have my baby in a Government hospital, one of my friends advised me not to go to the one in Wuse cos the
nurses are mean, the thing is I live in Wuse. Abeg which other government hospital close by can I go to?

 And please how soon can I start ante natal classes I just missed my period on the 2nd of this month. Thanks my WC family.


  1. Anonymous17:01

    Go to Maitama Hospital. Wuse nurses are truly mean though not all.

  2. Bisi18:25

    Maitama is the best

  3. Anonymous21:27

    if there are no issues, start antenatal at 12wks.

    1. Anonymous22:17

      My dear how do I know it's 12 weeks? I don't even know how to calculate the tin. The more I Google the more I get confused.

    2. Anonymous05:26

      I live in a country where pregnancy is calculated as due on the 40th week... so if so, u start to count from the first day of ur last period which in this case I presume is some time in november...
      but i think in naija its for 38 week so in this case u start counting two weeks from the 1st day of ur last period. from my calculation, I think u r about 6wks gone thats if its for 40 weeks, but if it is 38weeks then u are about 4weeks gone.
      All these depend on if u have regular period.

  4. Anonymous21:33

    Tah! abeg no talk so,una no dey rich but una dey live for wuse abi..to me o general hospital na general hospital weda its in wuse,maitama or asokoro.their services are d same.God will see u through

    1. Anonymous22:13

      Lol so na only rich pple de live for Wuse? My dear we just got married n all our money went on the wedding.

  5. Anonymous22:16

    So maitama it is. Thanks for all your advice my God also give u pple to help when your in need. Poster

  6. Dear poster pls I will like u to read supernatural childbirth by jackie. Just pray that you encounter good nurses when the time comes shikenan. Why leave a hospital that is close to you bcos of mean nurses? How are you sure that the maitama hospital you will meet good nurses when its time to deliver. Just pray and leave everything to God. Ask for kind hearted nurses and wisdom they will need to help you out.

  7. Anonymous12:30

    Garki hospital is better for now.

  8. Anonymous23:40

    Garki is very expensive o.

  9. go to Ferderal Staff Medical center, Jabi/airport road. its new with fresh facilities n affordable too.


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