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Made In China
So 2 weeks ago, my friends and I were sewing the costumes we will use for our Migration Day 2013 cultural presentation when the conversation veered to baby sex selection and how having a male child is very important to Nigerians, especially Nigerian men.
In the process, one of my
friends told us about the Chinese Baby Gender Predictioncalendar. And we left everything we were doing and rushed to the site to see what’s up.
You simply enter your date of birth and the date you conceived and bam, the sex of the baby will be displayed for you. You can also enter a future conception date so you can “plan” accordingly.
As this was my first time hearing about this calendar, the tiny myth buster in me was on full alert that day! :D I quickly entered my DOB sharp-sharp and entered 5th Jan 2014 (a random date) and the calendar told me I will have a girl if I conceived on that date. I tried other random dates in January (10th, 16th, 25th and 30th) and alas, I got the same baby gender for ALL random dates of the SAME month.
I was like, no way! The basics I know about baby sex selection is that you can conceive either a male or a female child in the same month, depending on the days around your ovulation that you do the deed.
We scrolled down and found a chart that actually confirmed that one can only have one baby gender for each month. That should make it super easy, right? You do not have to worry about the science of X-carrying spermatozoa or Y-carrying spermatozoa and how many days around your ovulation you need to aim for. So what this predictor is saying is that if all the ladies on Wives Townhall Connection were born on the same day and we all conceive in the same month, all our babies will be the same gender.
I entered the dates I conceived my 2 children and the gender predictor was correct on both instances. My friend that told us about the calendar also stated that she tried it for her own children and it was accurate in all cases.
So should we believe this chart or not?
If this prediction is tied to the date of a woman’s menarche (first menstruation), it will be more believable. But it is tied to a person’s date of birth which makes it superstitious in my opinion.
My mind also went to the one-child policy in China that is causing lots of Chinese women to have abortions when they find out their baby is the “wrong” sex. One thing is for sure, if this calendar works 99.9%, those abortions would not be happening at such alarming rate.
Still, the calendar is featured on many baby sites including so it must be popular. But has this to say about the Chinese Gender Predictor:
“There's no scientific proof that the Chinese gender calendar works, but since there are only two choices – boy or girl – about 50% of the time it should make the right call. At the very least, it's entertaining!”
I give it to the calendar; I and my friends were thoroughly entertained!
Since the world is not getting any closer to finding the perfect formula for baby gender prediction, when will we stop fretting over the gender of our babies and leave everything to the Almighty? He knows exactly what gender of children we will need and gives to us accordingly.
But then there is our culture which (in most cases) voids my previous statement. So if you need to plan for a specific baby gender, you may try the calendar for lack of something else to try but I wouldn’t put much hope in it. :)
Have a great day!

Hope it works this time because today is actually the Migration Day I talked about in the post so I am getting ready to go and dance. LOL

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  1. Anonymous12/14/2013

    its not showing

  2. Lol. A few friends n fam said this chinese baby gender chart is always accurate.
    When I found out I was preggy with my 2nd baby I went on the chinese baby gender website to work out the sex ofthe baby as I was praying to have a girl (1st is a boy). The chart predicted a girl and I was excited, scan said a girl and I had a girl.
    3rd pregnancy checked the chart it said a girl, scan said a boy, went to thechart to make sure I got the dates right and still said its a girl but I delivered a boy so I really don't think this chinese chart thing is accurate.

  3. Anonymous12/14/2013

    Not showing

  4. LOL Aunty Eya I think the post is "demonstrating" for you because you are calling it Made in Chinko! :D
    I can see 2 images but no text. Maybe try posting the text as a comment and see if that works. :)))

    1. Anonymous12/14/2013

      Hi Flo I love ur blog n also a big thanks 2 Aunty Eya.I'm a better cook bcos of u guys.Claire

    2. Claire I'm glad you find the recipes helpful! We thank God for Aunty Eya and all the women who share their recipes here because I'm learning a lot too. :)))

  5. Immaculate12/14/2013

    God is the giver of children, Chinese chart, I don't think is working

  6. Immaculate12/15/2013

    God is the giver of children, Chinese chart, I don't think is working

  7. The thing about Chinese Chart is it works for in cases and it fails in another.


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