Thanks For Igbo Name Suggestion, God is gracious

When the post asking readers to suggest Godly Igbo names was put up, many readers gave beautiful names and yesterday I got this mail below from Emmanuel, he was the the poster:
Hello Eya,
My wife was delivered of

a bouncing baby boy yesterday. Both mother
and child are doing great. Indeed, The Almighty God has been gracious
to me for this precious gift of a baby boy. I am highly favored and my
year has ended with JOY UNSPEAKABLE. I named him "Giovanni,
Zikoranmachukwu" for "God is gracious". He's our first. Please let the
house join me in blessing the name of God.


  1. Anonymous12/18/2013

    Thank God for safe delivery, I also had my baby last two weeks, pls I have a question 4 wc family, pls I'm a new mum(first time) should I listen 2 my mum or should I listen 2 my doc? my mum wants me 2 give my baby water but doc advised me to do exclusive breastfeeding without water at least for 6months and dats wat I'm doing and my mum is not findiing it funny, my mum wants me 2 be pouring my breastmilk on my baby umbilical cord but my doc said I shld b cleaning it from d root every 2 hours till it falls off and make sure it stays dry and dats wat I'm doing though I'v put breastmilk on it for 2 days cos my mum insisted and I dnt want 2 appear stubborn afteral she has done a lot of omugwo's,she said d cord its meant 2 decay and fall off, now d cord is abt 2 fall(it myt fall today) and she is saying its not falling from d root and its my cause bcos I refused 2 stop cleaning it wit spirit, but I think its how its suppose 2 be cos d doctors at d hospital I gave birth are good and can't deceive me, my doc said I can b bathing d baby one in a day till he is one month cos d weather is cold dis period but my mum thinks I shld bath baby twice,infact all d things I was taught not 2 do at antenatal my mum is doing almost all of them like throwing d baby up, pressing d baby with hot water and co, but I just chose 2 ignore afterall she is not staying 4eva. infact my mum and I have been having issues since she came, she is angry wit hubby and I bcos we changed frm catholic 2 anoda church and I really like d church, she insists we have 2 do our baby baptism and child dedication in catholic and dats not our plan, my baby is not even up2 one month and she said she is travelling 4 xmas 2 come back 2 complete d omugwo in jan, infact I'm not happy with her, but I still love her cos she is my mum. U guys shld pls advise me.

    1. Anonymous12/18/2013

      Always follow your instinct as a mother. I gave my son water a few weeks in and water is what he loves to drink till date. I believe doing so helped him get use to the taste. I just cleaned the cord with water and he did have his bath 1-2 times a day, he was a winter baby as well. My mom did all this by the way. The way I look at it, she has raised many healthy children in less advanced circumstances so she can't be that off with her advices. I will say give him water but never as a substitute for his milk. As for the church, salvation is personal. Your child, your rules. .until he is old enough to make his own choices that is.

    2. Please ask God for wisdom and be patient with your mum. She might not be totally right but how you react to her beliefs matters o,coz trust me you won't like what might result when she perceives outright disobedience. Am telling you from experience.
      Talk with hubby and you both should tell her your decision on how to raise your child. Eg: Good evening mama, we know you might wonder why we all are here. We appreciate your great sacrifice to be here. We know you've done this many times in the past and we acknowledge your well of knowledge, however we have some areas we'd like to do things differently like breastfeeding(explain the benefits of EB), bathing baby(explain again for cold), etc.
      Please if she's an Igbo woman, render lots og praise to her. You might do this over suya and chilled malt.
      Someone might ask why the many protocol but I tell you this out of experience. Please take care coz this is delicate. Let your hubby do the talking
      You should sometimes bathe your baby. My mum did travel then coz she needed to go get a permit letter, that 1week + I did all there is to be done and by 9am we were already in the parlor. So let her decide that. Shouldn't be a problem if you have a helpful man

    3. Anonymous12/18/2013

      My dear your child is getting more than enuf water from your breast milk, no need giving him water for the moment, our mothers get frustrated when things are not don their way. But you are grown now and you have to do what is right by your own child. You may want to sit her down and tell her what bothers you..and as for the very hot water on baby, it does absolutely nothing but inflict pain on them..she did what was right by you her child, you should do same for your own can be very uncomfortable having relations around but just bear it as u said she isn't going to be with u for ever.. As for changing church you and your husbands decision is what matters, you are not a child anymore and you should let your mom know that.

    4. Please breast milk is the best food for babies. Science keeps evolving that means that what obtains last years does not hold true today. Years ago it was through that water, formula feed + breastfeeding was okay for a child but it has been found that only breastmilk is enough now.

      Mothers sometimes find it hard to understand. It is your duty to gently explain to her. So please do the explanation.

  2. hi left 2 me i wld say dat u shld listen to ur doc

  3. Anonymous12/18/2013

    Your doctor is very correct, I did not follow any old wives takle when I had my son, had my MIL around for just 2 weeks, I used only spirit on the navel and the cord fell off very fast, I did exclusive breast feeding for 6 months and my baby turned out very fine.
    Sometimes, it can be so overwhelming when you are a first time mum; advises here and there, don't leave the baby open( even when it is obvious the baby is hot), rub oil on his head, etc. just make sure you follow your motherly instinct and be gentle/firm when you disagree with your mums opinion.

  4. Anonymous12/18/2013

    Lstn to ur moda as dy noz best oly weigh d options of both sides b4 actin

  5. Congrats on your baby. God is Great!

  6. Anonymous12/18/2013

    Congratulation on the arrival of ur baby.

  7. Woohoo another WICON baby has arrived, congratulations Sir. You name him Giovanni (John)Do you live in Italy or parla italiano?
    I just tagged that name Zikora, it makes lotta sense to me.
    Please be sure to always tell your wife how beautiful she is, she needs lots of appreciation this period. Overlook many things and be there for her now, mostly emotionally.
    Ogadiriginma o nwanne

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  9. Anonymous12/19/2013

    my dear am a first time mother too and i understand how u feel. Lots of suggestions came in when i put to bed too. Just listen to your doctor. Mothers are right in some ways but when it comes to knowing how d body works, pls its d doctor. Spirit helps d cord stay clean and dry till it falls off. It kills off germs and co. I rubbed it on my baby's cord till it fell off and after it fell off until the belly button closed up. Just dont forget the hot water treatment after bath. My dear there was noting my Motherin-law didn't suggest back then but its mutual understanding that helped. Talk to mama she will understand. As for water i gave my baby water and breast milk. Now my boy loves water alot and that's okay. Let ur mother guide u but also let her know d doctor is right too. Pleas dont stop using spirit keep d cord dry, for your baby's good. Remember d cord is always covered up with cloths i beliv Dats enough heat already.

  10. Anonymous12/19/2013

    PLEASEEEEEEEEE,Someone in the house should help me with this using Ogun state as an example oooooo,abeg u.
    zip/postal code,state/province/Reg, Tel; country code-city code- telephone nos,( for Tel,it was telling me "Please enter Numbers and/or hyphens "-" and/or forward slashes "/" ) and finally mobile.
    Thanks ,pls help a sister ooooo


    2. Anonymous12/20/2013

      U are blessed,Debby

  11. Anonymous12/22/2013

    congrats on ur baby's arrival. ire a ka ri oh.amen.


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