Please I Need A Very Good Lawyer

Olivia Chisom, the baby we lost
Good evening Aunty Eya,My name is Maria (not blog name) your regular reader Merry Xmas and happy new year in writing this in tears bcos our xmas is black and full of story goes like this: My brother's wife and 2 children left abuja with the young shall grow Sunday the 22nd of december wit d hope of spending d xmas wit us but d devil struck and just one of them got to lagos safely through God's the young park the driver complained of his bus being overloaded but they didn't listen to him.

He left Abuja that way until he
got to a hill in Osun state mistakenly entered a pothole then d tire got punctured and he lost control that was the end because the excess luggage, he complained of took over and 3people died including my 8months old niece while the mum was in Coma since  Sunday she just came around yesterday. In which her left hand is badly damaged. Am writing this in tears because I want the whole world to know that when we went to meet them in their office they lied @ first that they were not aware of any accident then after accepting said the baby is not insured,the driver was in Coma woke up yesterday and started crying that he told them before leaving that the bus was overloaded.

He told my brother to sue them.. I want them to pay for the pains they have caused my family this period,my mother especially who's old expecting to see her granddaughter for the first time but never got the opportunity because of someone else's selfishness and love for money...please my WC family I don't want this case to die just like that,this is why I brought it to the house. 


  1. This is indeed sad, may God console you and your family.

  2. •Omalicha•12/27/2013

    Oh my God this is painful. Its just too painful. Services of a lawyer..I have never used one before.but my mum's lawyer is based in jos. I guess you need one based in lagos. Pls blog readers help.

  3. Anonymous12/27/2013

    1)Falana Chambers is on Adekunle Fajuyi way ikeja g.r.a 2)Law Metro solicitors is on 131 Obafemi Awolowo way alausa ikeja 08035068656

  4. Anonymous12/27/2013

    1)Falana Chambers is on Adekunle Fajuyi way ikeja g.r.a 2)Law Metro solicitors is on 131 Obafemi Awolowo way alausa ikeja 08035068656

    1. Well done Anony 9:16. I thought about Femi Falana too. Honestly people need to start taking some responsibility in Nigeria. Things are just going from worse to worst by the day. The other time it was over speeding, today it is over loading,all caused by over corruption and GREED.
      Poster, may God strengthen your family at this time. Only Him can comfort and give you peace. It is well.

  5. Anonymous12/27/2013

    There is Barr Ubani; he has a listeng ear n alwz ready to help; I thnk he is presently d president of Nig Bar Assoc Ikeja branch; u can add him up on fb; Ubani Monday Onyekachi n connect from dr; sorry for ur loss; may God giv u double for ur trouble; it is well; dos transport comp cld be so selfish! MrsAjayi

  6. Anonymous12/27/2013

    May God console u & d famly take heart, its well

  7. Anonymous12/27/2013

    You can contact fisayo aranisola through aunty eya.

  8. Anonymous12/27/2013

    na wa o. D devil is a liar! Its well wit ur family.

  9. Hey God, this is too sad... Which one is the baby is not insured... Meaning what nah! Haba!

  10. Anonymous12/28/2013

    I am a lawyer but am based in Abuja not lagos. Is there any way I can help? I really want to help

  11. So sorry about the loss

  12. A painful loss really. I sympathize with your family and pray that you find grace to forget this sad experience and move on.

  13. Anonymous12/28/2013

    You can contact Biodun Adeyanju on 08060566650. He is an Accidents Case Lawyer based in Lagos. He might be of good assistance.

  14. Accept my sympathy poster

  15. Anonymous12/29/2013

    So sorry about your loss.young shall grow needs to be sued.they are fond of overloading and not listening to passengers complaint.I used to travel from lagos to maiduguri with them.their conductor once brought out a knife and threatened to stab a passenger during a heated argument

  16. So sorry about the loss. Pray your family heals from the sorrow, and good health to the baby's mum.

  17. Anonymous12/29/2013

    So sorry about ur loss....
    My condolence..

  18. Awwwww! This is sad, may God console ur family.

  19. Anonymous12/31/2013

    Pls accept my sympathy on this great loss. Such a sad story! I pray u receive comfort from the Lord and the justice u seek!

  20. Anonymous1/01/2014

    Sorry abt d loss

  21. Rip in peace little one,I pray God grants this family strength to live thru this.sad stuff.accept my deepest condolences.may almighty God remember ur family for good.

  22. Anonymous1/01/2014

    Sorry about this loss. Pls contact Barr Ubani, I haven't met him b4 but his humanitarian service is all over. Almighty will comfort ur family.

    Aya Okanlomo


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